Unexpected revelations from government tyranny

I have featured Jessica Rose many times on this blog.  Jessica is a medical researcher who found herself trapped due to the COVID travel bans.  To occupy her curious mind she started to research this brand new disease that disrupted her plans.  Like everyone else that bothered to look Jessica found that the media and government were lying.  The only difference between Jessica and the average sceptic was just how closely she looked.  Jessica delved into everything including the vaccines.  Here she is in a short clip discussing where her research journey led her.

I do not have Jessica’s medical background and I certainly did not look as closely as she did but I wound up in the very same place.  I don’t just question the COVID jabs, I now question all vaccines.

Like Dr. Rose I have been vaccinated for some less common things.  Several years ago I travelled to Peru for work.  To get into the country I had to be vaccinated for yellow fever and a couple other things I don’t even remember.  I did not think twice about it.  It was not so much that I was a big vaccine believer it was that I did not really think about it.  Up until this point I accepted that vaccines are safe and effective.  That was then this is now.

When my government tried to force injects me, I researched the COVID jabs.  In the process I found a lot of information on other vaccines that caused me to question not just the COVID jabs, which are not even vaccines anyway, but to question all vaccines.  Below is a list of things I discovered.

  • Better hygiene and nutrition caused a dramatic drop in viral infections long before the development of vaccines. Introduction of the vaccines can hardly be seen in the data.  These diseases were rapidly disappearing and vaccines may have had little or even nothing to do with it.
  • One of the most celebrated vaccines of all time is the polio vaccine but there are researchers who dispute that polio was caused by a virus. They make a compelling case that polio was due to chemical exposure.  It may have been better environmental controls that actually eradicated polio.
  • Not all vaccines are created equal. Some “dead” virus vaccines have been shown to have overall net negative health impacts yet we still use them.
  • Vaccines are not subject to the same long term testing required of other new drugs and treatments.
  • Vaccines are not just attenuated viruses as I learned in school. They also contain chemicals to enhance their effectiveness.  Many of these chemicals are known toxins.
  • The increase in asthma, autism, and autoimmune diseases correlate far more closely to the increasing usage of vaccines than they do to all the other factors they have been blamed on.
  • Communities like the Amish, that do not follow the early childhood vaccination guide have not seen the rapid rise in asthma, autism, and autoimmune diseases.
  • COVID vaccines are not vaccines. They cannot by their design produce immunity, prevent infection, or prevent transmission.  There is absolutely no public health benefit.  Your Jab does not protect anyone else.
  • And, the number one thing I have recently learned, although had always suspected, is that the Government knew the Jabs were likely dangerous and would likely not work.