Silly me I thought diplomatic immunity was for diplomats

Pascal Najadi is a prominent Swiss citizen who was injured by the COVID vaccine.  He has released this short video calling for the prosecution of the people behind this obvious crime.  We are starting to see more of this and it is hardly surprising to me because I have been calling for criminal prosecution for a very long time.  What I found more interesting in his statement was the very special status the Swiss government has given the WEF and the WHO.


WTF the WEF has diplomatic immunity?  That is something that a country normally only grants diplomats working in foreign embassies.  What country does Klaus Schwab and the rest of the WEF minions represent?  I have the same question about the WHO.  Why do they merit diplomatic immunity?  The WHO is an arm of the UN and UN diplomates do get diplomatic immunity but the WHO performs no diplomatic duties and receive funding from billionaires that have their own agenda.

When Trump pulled US funding from the WHO the gates foundation became the highest donor.  So you had a private citizen controlling an agency with diplomatic immunity.  This same private citizen also has his tentacles in national regulatory agencies that approve products recommended by the WHO.

Experts are concerned the Gates Foundation could have undue influence over the FDA’s regulatory decisions of these countermeasures, according to a report from the Brownstone Institute.

This is just more evidence that the conspiracy theorists got it right again.  There really are a small group of psychopaths trying to control the world and they have help from governments that they have successfully planted their people in.  If you want proof of that you can just look to Canada.  Klaus Schwab told everyone on camera that he controls Justin Trudeau and Trudeau has not done anything to make anyone doubt that.  For 8 years Trudeau has systematically adopted every WEF policy.  These destructive policies have Trudeau’s approval rating plummeting yet he continues.  The latest is Universal Basic income, UBI.

The bill is actually being pushed by the senate, a highly unusual occurrence in Canada but this is just a smoke screen.  Everyone knows where this is coming from.  Trudeau has been conditioning Canadians to accept UBI for a very long time.

Trudeau is using the media to get Canadian’s accustomed to the idea of UBI before he announces it.  Canadians are about to get UBI not because it works or because we can afford it.  UBI is coming because a struggling corrupt politician is running out of options.

The remarkable thing is not that Trudeau is about to do something stupid.  He does that all the time.  What is remarkable is that Trudeau is implementing another destructive WEF policy at a time when the Liberal party support is in freefall.  Polls indicate that if an election were held today the Liberals would be wiped out by the Conservatives.  Trudeau has lost what little support he had and it is damaging the party.  Canadians and his own party want him gone yet he refuses to step down or reverse any policies.

Trudeau is obviously not taking direction from Canadians.  Nor is he taking direction from his party.  So who is he taking direction from?  I know that is a rhetorical question.  Everyone knows Trudeau is taking his direction from a man who represents no country or government yet sits in Geneva with diplomatic immunity.  People should be alarmed by this.