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My wife brought my attention to this article

I don’t have to even read the article to get triggered.  The headline does that on its own.  If the media coverage is failing how can that not be the fault of the media?  That’s like saying the firemen who stood around smoking are not at fault for the fire spreading.  Seriously what kind of editor would even print this headline?

Reading the article does not improve my impression either.  Just when you thought journalists could not be any more useless along comes Vitor Marciano.  The entire article is Vitor complaining that the government does not give him enough information.  He openly admits that the information he does get is useless but he hungers for more.

Not once does Vitor talk about finding other sources of information.  He is OK with the Government as the sole arbiter of truth.  Vitor is not upset that he is being fed government propaganda; he is upset he does not have enough to fill his paper.  Vitor is lazy and stupid.  That combination makes him the gold standard of useless.

This will come as quite a surprise to Vitor and most other journalists in the world but there is a lot of information available about Covid.  The government does not provide it because it does not support their policy decisions.  Vitor could find it himself but that would mean actively seeking the truth.  Obviously Vitor spent enough years in government to know how dangerous it is to give people the truth.

The Truth really is out there and it is not that hard to find.  With the help of a few like-minded friends I have been able to find a lot of information about Covid.  For Vitor’s benefit here are the 4 most important things I have learned about Covid.

  1. The government is lying when they say this is a close contact virus.

This is an airborne virus.  There is no way for millions of people to get infected otherwise.  Close contact viruses like the first SARs virus infect thousands and don’t spread quickly from one country to the next.  Airborne viruses like influenza infect millions and rapidly spread from country to country.  There is simply no way 90 million people can get infected by a close contact virus.

This is the single largest lie told by government during this farce.   The implications of this simple fact are enormous.  Indoors the virus remains active and airborne indefinitely.  The safest place to be is outdoors yet the government locked us indoors.  Once the virus is in a building staying 6 feet apart does nothing.  You do not have to go to the virus.  The building HVAC system will bring the virus to you.  Shopping at Walmart is no safer than wrestling with someone.

  1. Surgical and cloth masks do not work

Masks have not made a difference anywhere they have been tried.  This is not surprising since all of the available science shows that masks cannot curb viral transmission.  Viruses are too small to be caught by the weave of a surgical mask.  Surgical masks are designed to catch Bacteria which are 10 times larger.  Cloth masks are not designed to catch anything.

  1. Lockdowns do not work.

As with Masks, lockdowns have not made a difference anywhere.  If I gave you an unmarked plot of daily infections you would not be able to tell me when, or if, any restrictions had been applied.  The restrictions made no difference to the spread of the virus.  Places that did not lock down are completely indistinguishable from places that did.  There are now 23 scientific papers published that confirm this.

Unemployment is not an antiviral.  The idea of lockdowns came from a high school science project.  The Chinese communist party successfully promoted lockdowns as a way to curb the spread of a virus.  Their motivation was not about curbing the virus.  I have discussed their motivation in other posts and won’t do it again here.  It is enough to say they did not do this for our benefit.

Lockdowns do not work for 2 reasons.  First it is impossible to completely lockdown a modern society.  People still need groceries and many live in apartments where the air circulates freely between units.  The second reason is that Lockdowns curtail the movement of healthy people.  You cannot spread what you do not have.  Contrary to what the government tells us, healthy people don’t really spread the virus.  It is possible for a healthy person to inadvertently spread the virus on their clothing, but this is not a major source of infection.  If there is not enough on their clothing to make them sick it won’t make you sick either.

Asymptomatic viral spread has never been a major factor in any previous viral outbreak.  This is something that even the duplicitous weasel Fauci admitted on camera.  Rigorous contact tracing in the spring also confirmed this.  The risk of Asymptomatic spread is the second largest lie that the government has promoted during this “pandemic”

  1. There is no second wave

Viruses simply do not do that.  After the epidemic phase viruses become endemic.  They never go away and sadly do continue to cause deaths for centuries.  The only thing that makes Covid different is that it hit in the spring.  Some countries were hit late.  The arrival of summer curbed the spread before many people were exposed.  Any country that was hit hard in the spring is now seeing normal seasonal death totals.  Countries that got off lightly in the spring are still in the epidemic phase and are now seeing excess deaths.

The Sars Cov2 virus like all other corona viruses is seasonal, it will return each winter.  We are now in the second season of Covid and it is ridiculous that we are keeping running totals that encompass more than one season.  If we did that for influenza the total death count would likely be approaching a billion by now.

If Vitor wasn’t so damn lazy maybe he could have done what Joe Rogan did.  Seek out people with knowledge and ask them real questions.

What does it tell you when Joe Rogan is one of the few real journalists in the world right now?  I don’t think he even sees himself as a journalist.

In previous posts I have presented data to support all of my arguments.  I have not reproduced that data in this post.  If you are new to my blog sorry but you will have to read the old posts to find the data.  I dealt with each issue more than once in separate posts.  Whether you are a new or old friend thanks for reading.  Please spread this information.  Knowledge really is our only defense.

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    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      You are so right Jason. Joe Rogan proves that it is not difficult to bring information to light and discuss it. The question is then if it is not difficult why does almost no one in the media do it? I can’t count the number of times some talking head in the media has told me masks are essential to our “pandemic” response. I can count the number of time that they have had a discussion about how effective masks really are. That would be zero.

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