Covid and 2020 Were Very Good For Billionaires and Communists

In a previous post I linked an article about how the 44 richest people in Canada increased their wealth through the lockdown.  If you donate to the right politician cold and flu season can be a great excuse to hobble your competition.  We saw the same thing in the US.  The various governors have pushed so much business to amazon that amazon is expanding their air fleet.  In normal times buying new planes would have been very expensive.  These are not normal times.

Amazon buys 4 jets from WestJet and 7 from Delta to expand cargo fleet | CBC News

I am sure that WestJet and Delta were overjoyed to unload planes that the government will not let them use.  I am also sure if Amazon needs to buy new automobiles the federal government will ban use of personal automobiles so that Amazon can pick them up cheap.  Isn’t it interesting that WestJet is not allowed to fly to the Caribbean?  That freed up a lot of runway space for the Canadian government jets.  Serendipity, I guess.

The lockdowns have been very profitable for the super wealth and senior government officials.  This has all been at the expense of ordinary people.  Our Governments have used the excuse of a bad flu season to enrich their friends in high places.

There is no doubt that Jeff Bezos profited handsomely from Covid in 2020 but no one had a better 2020 than communist China.

2008 to 2016 was a very good period for communist China.  Barack Obama tried to save the planet from being warm by banning coal and drilling everywhere he could.  To move the US towards more “green” energy he offered billions in subsidies for solar panels and windmills.  Both sides of this equation were very good for China.  The increased energy costs caused US factories to board up and move to China where, coincidentally, all the solar panels and wind mills are produced.

Barrack Obama presided over a sharp decline in the US economy while China’s influence grew.  Everything was coming up roses for China; but then came Trump.  Donald Trump’s pro energy, pro America policies dramatically reversed China’s fortunes.  Trump followed this with a trade war.  China no longer had the most favored nation status they had under the Obama administration.  The long term outlook for China was suddenly very bleak.  Then in 2020 along came a virus and everything changed.

The Covid lockdowns ground the American economy to a halt dramatically changing Donald Trump’s re-election chances.  Covid 19 was also used as an excuse to fundamentally change the way some states ran their elections.  For the first time ever mail in ballots were used.  The resulting fraud resulted in Donald trump losing to Joe Biden.

Things could not have worked out any better for communist China.  Not only did they get rid of a president whose every policy was detrimental to China, they got Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Joe and the Ho are the Chinese dream team.  Creepy Joe’s drug addled son did $1,500,000,000 of business with communist China while his dad was Vice President.  Kamala’s husband is a lawyer for a firm that specializes in Chinese business.  His firm has 140 lawyers dedicated to facilitating American business with China.

I have heard of the luck of the Irish but this is ridiculous.  In one day China was rid of the most adversarial US president since the Vietnam War.  Now they get to deal with 2 politicians they should know quite well.  After all China has been subsidizing the lavish lifestyles of both Joe and the Ho for decades now.

2021 is the year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac.  I would suggest that 2021 needs a new zodiac, it should be the year of the virus.  The year of the virus is enormously good fortune for communists.

There are a few things in this tale of good fortune that I have failed to relay.  This Virus of good fortune originated in China; probably from a government lab.  The economy destroying lockdowns were an idea that was put forth by China.  The effectiveness of welding people in their homes was also data released from China.  Lastly many of the fraudulent ballots may also have been printed in China.  Was this good fortune or good planning?  You be the judge.



This Farce Would End Quickly if the Covidiots Would Turn Off Their TVs

The video below is an interview done by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.  I don’t know much about her other than my wife has found some of her videos interesting.  Laura interviews a man who is definitely not a Trudeau acolyte.  I don’t know him either.  The interview is rather long and you can see it here.

You’re Locked down, they are on Vacay! Plus BC Covid updates (

In the video her guest presents evidence that 3 Canadian government jets left Canada on New Year’s Eve.  Each jet found their way to a lovely Caribbean vacation spot.  Her guest speculates that Justin Trudeau was on one of the jets.  There are times when he gets a little tin foil hatty but these days the line between tin foil hat and reality is very thin.

Back benchers do not have access to these jets.  If these jets did leave Canada they were carrying Cabinet level politicians or senior bureaucrats.  The Prime Moron may or may not have been on one of these jets but there is no way he did not know about this.

Just another example of rules are for thee and not me.  No big deal right?  After all we have been inundated with stories of politicians flouting their own rules since the start of this Scamdemic.  Yes this is just business as usually.  You know what else is business as usual?  Journalists completely ignoring the bad behavior of politicians that they support.

These jets left 10 days ago.  Since returning (potentially) to Canada our prime Moron has taken the time to chastise Canadians that want to take a holiday.  Once more we are reminded that the new normal is 100% compliance with government and the media in Canada is ok with that.  It turns out you can buy a lot of silence with $600,000,000 of taxpayer money.

In Canada Journalistic integrity was bought by the government.  In The US they could not sell what they did not have.  What is going on in the US is truly astounding.  We are witness to a coup.  A successful coup of the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen is easily the biggest story of my lifetime.  Not only is the media ignoring the story of the century they are actively taking part in the coup.

The evidence of the fraud is overwhelming.  One state received 600,000 more ballots back than they mailed out.  Another state managed to count 200,000 more votes than were cast.  5 states changed the voting rules weeks before the election in violation of their own constitutions.  None of this was reported by the media.  It has all been uncovered by private citizens.

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?  If a coup happens and the press says nothing did it really happen?

I know you are wondering what this has to do with covid.  This farce has been able to continue this long because of media fear mongering.  Ignoring government hypocrisy hardly smacks of quality journalism.  Ignoring a coup is taking part in a conspiracy and just plain evil.  We will never get back to normal as long as the dishonest, evil, media is able to sway public opinion.

Think about it; has anyone in the traditional media reported on the things I have found using the government’s own data?  Here is a list of things they have been ignoring

  • Even though Alberta is seeing higher than average deaths there is only one week this year when deaths were outside the bounds of normal.
  • The Covid spike this spring in Canada was smaller than 4 of the last 10 flu seasons.
  • The covid spike in Canada only accounts for 50% of the Official Covid deaths over that period.
  • On average more than 700 people in Canada die. The covid deaths in April is the equivalent of 7 days.
  • If there truly is no influenzas in Canada this season and Covid accounts for 100% of the respiratory deaths, then the deaths we are seeing right now are below seasonal average.
  • Many countries reporting covid deaths are seeing nothing other than seasonal averages.
  • Some countries that have reported 10s of thousands of covid deaths have seen no excess deaths.
  • The PCR test was never designed to be a diagnostic tool
  • Up to 27 cycles the PCR test produces 20% false positives. Beyond 27 cycles the PCR test produces almost nothing other than false positives.
  • The PCR test does not test for the virus. It tests for a short strand of RNA that no one is sure belongs to the virus.
  • The strand of RNA the PCR test looks for is not unique to the corona virus. It occurs naturally in 100s of other things including some humans.

Ignoring this long list of rather important information is not a problem for a media willing to participate in a coup.  We will never get back to normal until people turn their damn TVs off



I am a New Convert. I agree it is Time to Defund the Police

So far this during this scamdemic we have seen police shutting down restaurants, attacking hockey players, dragging people from homes, and now this.

Toronto has assigned police officers to prevent tobogganing.

Below is the list of the worst crimes that you can commit in Canada in 2021

  • Eat Barbecue
  • Play Shinny on outdoor arenas
  • Have a drink with your friends
  • Toboggan

All across Canada we have assigned police resources to prevent these heinous crimes.  Apparently we have more cops than we need to police run of the mill crimes like;

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Theft
  • Illegally entering the country

As a taxpayer I have to say that if we have more police than we need for these traditional crimes then we obviously have too many police.  I guess I am a convert.  I am now firmly in the “defund the police” camp.

The Whole Truth is the Pandemic is Over; Why are We Still Under The Thumb Of Tyranny?

People die every day.  Life and death are a package deal one does not come without the other.  Almost 1000 people die every day in Canada during December and January.  All you have to do to take people’s rights away is to say that some of them died of Covid.  On January 4th I showed that the covid deaths in Canada are 40% lower than the normal respiratory deaths we see in the first week of January.  Covid is only alarming if those deaths are over and above the normal seasonal deaths.  Our government has been very careful to make sure we don’t have that data.

Governments never hide data that makes their policies appear sound.  They spend time and money manipulating data to try to support their policies however evil that policy might be.  When the data is so damning that it can’t even be misrepresented it is buried for as long as possible.  The only competence any Canadian government has ever demonstrated is the ability to tell half-truths.  That is why we know exactly how many people have died of Covid even though we don’t know how many people who have died.

There are a few countries willing to offer some transparency during this fake pandemic.  27 European countries have agreed to take part in a project called Euromomo.  These countries have committed to providing accurate weekly death statistics.  Think about that for a minute.  Most of these countries are more populous than Canada yet they can have accurate statistics weekly.  In Canada our death statistics are 8 weeks behind and even then are not accurate.  What do you suppose we are hiding?

The Euromomo data is available on line at  The way they present the data is not number of deaths but whether you are having more or less deaths than normal.  The zero line is normal that means for that week you had the average number of expected deaths.  The red line on each plot is one standard deviation above normal.  The two plots below are from Berlin and the province/state of Hesse in Germany.

You can see that there has been nothing out of the ordinary in either of these German districts in 2020.  Below are the official covid deaths.

Almost 1000 people are dying of covid every day in Germany and there is nothing out of the ordinary.  Classifying deaths as Covid rather than influenzas does not make it an emergency.


Sweden saw 2 peaks of covid deaths.  Here is the comparison to normal.

You can see the first peak circled in red but the second peak circled in green is not much out of the ordinary you can see the green oval in 2018 was just as large.  Sweden is the 11th oldest country on earth, 4.14% of their population is over 80.  Canada comes in at 22nd with 3.49%.  With its old population any new virus always hits Sweden hard.  Obviously a new virus went through Sweden in the spring but what is happening right now is simply normal.


Luxembourg officially has 840 covid deaths per million.  Twice as many as Canada (443/million) even though Luxembourg is a relatively young country (3% over 80).  Below are the Covid deaths.

Luxembourg had a huge surge in covid deaths, curiously you don’t see that in the total deaths below.

Nothing out of the ordinary is going on in Luxembourg during this apocalyptic pandemic.  840 covid deaths per million makes Luxembourg one of the deadliest places on the planet yet they don’t have any excess deaths.

Other countries

To be fair some countries saw very high peaks when the virus first hits as you can see below.

Any country that was hit hard in the spring is not seeing anything outside of normal now.  The virus has gone from epidemic to endemic.  Countries that got off lightly in the spring are still in the epidemic stage.  Many of the countries that saw very little last spring were praised for their “pandemic response” the reality is that the virus just did not get there before summer.

It does not matter what you do, the virus will find you.  After the initial first wave everything will go back to normal.  Despite what the dishonest media tells you most countries are already back to normal.  That does not mean people are not dying.  It is normal to see increased respiratory deaths in the winter.  Classifying everything as Covid does not mean we have a problem with a virus.  The only problem we have is with dishonest media and government.

The only exception to this is Italy who got hit hard in the spring and who have been hit hard again.  Italy is the 3rd oldest country in the world with 5.6% of their population over 80.  Italy also has one of the worst public health care systems in the world.  It is chronically underfunded and gets overwhelmed every winter.  Some of the most strict lockdown measures in the world were employed in Italy.  How many of the deaths in Italy are simply lockdown deaths?

Not a single thing that has happened should have been unexpected.  The pandemic is over.  It was over for most countries in April.  This is not about a virus.


Covid 19, Greasing the Wheels For Rapid Political Change

Communism once encompassed the globe.  North America, Australia, and Antarctica were the only continents untouched by communism.  The Free world openly opposed communism for decades.  Communism finally collapsed everywhere outside of far east Asia.  The western world grew very complacent after triumphing in the cold war.  That complacency has resulted in a generation of people who no longer recognize communism.  As a public service to that generation, below are 3 defining characteristics of communism.

Under communism the state decides what job you will have and what businesses are allowed to operate.


After your neighbors report you for antigovernmental activity, the police will show up and drag you from your home at night.


People living in communist societies eventually tire of the persecution and tyranny.  Many try to flee.  The government will quickly realize there will be no one left to run the economy if they allow people to leave.  The country will inevitably become a penal colony and people will be punished if they try to leave.


I have posted 3 clear examples of a communist government in action.  All of them are from Canada.  Somehow in the last year Canada succumbed to a communist revolution and not a single shot was fired.  People did die.  The government killed scores of people while saving you from a virus implementing communism.  This is quite rare for a communist revolution.  Usually the government shoots thousands of people.  I guess the SARs COV2 virus was a good way to conserve bullets.

The Whole Truth is Something We Never Get From Government

I have been waiting for the numbers for both Alberta and Canada to be updated.  This “pandemic” has officials very concerned but not concerned enough to update crucial data over the holiday period.  Updating all that data would certainly take time away from all the unnecessary travel by government officials.

Aloha, Allard: Constituents greet Alberta minister from Hawaii; another MLA confirmed to be travelling | CTV News

Because I did not have new data to work with I decided to compare the increasing covid deaths with what would be normal for the first week in January.  Below is a plot of Canadian Covid deaths according to john Hopkins.

Of course the media reports these numbers breathlessly every day and tell you that you that this is unprecedented.  So is it really unprecedented that we have 129 more people dying per day in January than we had during the summer?  Below is the average deaths/week/million population for Canada over the last 10 years.

It is normal in Canada for deaths to increase form a summertime low of 124.1 to a winter high of 157.  Based on the last census and increasing at the same rate from the previous census, Canadian population is 38.1 million.  An increase 32.9 deaths/million/week is an increase of 179 deaths per day.

Canada is experiencing 129 covid deaths per day after falling to near zero in the summer but it is normal for deaths to increase by more than that in the winter.  Are the Covid deaths then over and above the normal increase or are they part of the normal 179 death/day increase?  That really is the $64 question.

The media and the government are using a partial truth to scare us.  They tell us the Covid deaths but not the overall deaths.  I update the overall deaths regularly but they are 8 weeks behind.  The December update is so badly deficient that It is obviously wrong.  After I adjust the data up this is what it looks like.

Even after I adjust the data upwards using the amount of underreporting present in previous reports it shows total deaths far below average.  I doubt this is correct.  This data was released Christmas eve and most government officials were already somewhere tropical.  It is curious how we know exactly how many people die from covid every day even if we are unsure, and unconcerned, exactly how many people died 8 weeks ago.

The government wants us to believe the fiction that we have only 1% of normal influenzas right now.  If we are not seeing the normal level of known respiratory illnesses right now and it is all covid then the seasonal rise in respiratory deaths is 40% below average.

Could this be true?  Can we be in the middle of a world ending pandemic and our respiratory deaths are 40% below average?  I think it is entirely true that our total respiratory deaths right now are significantly below average.  I know it is not true that we are in the middle of a world ending pandemic.  Of course I can’t be certain because the government is carefully not telling the whole truth.

I won’t know what the total deaths were for another 8 weeks and even then I will have to adjust the numbers up and have nothing other than a good estimate.  In 8 weeks we will likely find out this winter is not at all abnormal.  How many rights will we lose and lives will we destroy before we know the whole truth?  There is a reason why in court it is not enough to tell the truth; you must tell the whole truth.  That is something that our government is simply not capable of.

Messenger RNA Vaccines Hand Bill Gates a License to Print Money

Jan 3rd rant

I saw this article this morning.

The District of Columbia is trying to vaccinate children without their parents’ consent.  Not only are they trying to bypass parental consent they are forcing the insurance company and medical staff to conceal it from the parents.  Insurance companies still have to pay for the inoculation but they cannot show the redemption on the parent’s statement.  The person who administers the vaccine is also not allowed to put it on the immunization record.  The government will stop at nothing to inoculate children from a virus that poses absolutely no threat to them.

This goes beyond evil.  Not only are they removing parental consent but they are administering a potentially harmful vaccine to children who do not need it.  No one under 20 in Alberta has died with Covid in this great world ending pandemic.  Children also don’t seem to spread the virus so you can’t even claim you are protecting others.  Even if you could make that claim, how is it ethical?  It is inevitable that some children will suffer serious consequences or death from the vaccine.  You are risking the life of a child in an attempt to prolong the life of a senior.  There is no benefit to the child for taking this risk.  Do you think the parents or the child would voluntarily make that trade?

This got me thinking about the vaccines.  All of the Covid Vaccines are messenger RNA vaccines.  Messenger RNA vaccines have been under development for quite some time.  This is the first time they have been approved for use.  Covid 19 was a very convenient excuse to get rapid approval for an experimental technology.

When I was in school we were taught that a vaccine is a dead or weaken virus.  Essentially they are designed to give you a very mild form of the disease to prompt your body’s immune response.  The messenger RNA viruses do not do that.

They are named messenger RNA because they use a strand of RNA to carry information, a message, to the cells in your body.  The “information” is a set of building instructions that tell the cells in your body how to build the Corona virus spike protein.  By now everyone has seen a cartoon of the corona virus with all the spike proteins sticking out of it.  The spikes allow it to attach to a heathy cell and work their way inside.  The messenger RNA vaccines cause cells in your body to produce the spike proteins.

Why would you want this?  Your body will see the spike proteins and build antibodies to attack the cells with spike proteins.  Then if you do get infected you will have the antibodies to attack the virus.  With my limited understanding of how the immune system works I can see one glaring weakness.  When a virus attacks the body it infects cells and uses those infected cells as factories to reproduce viruses which spreads the infection.  The immune system responds in 2 ways.  Your body produces antibodies and T cells.  Antibodies attack the virus and the T cells attack the infected cells; the factories that are producing the virus.  After the infection is done antibodies disappear quickly but T cells remain for years.

If the mRNA vaccines don’t produce infected cells they don’t produce T cells just antibodies that disappear quickly.  You will get no lasting immunity.  That is probably why we are told you have to be re-vaccinated every few months.  This sounds like we are just handing a license to print money to Bill Gates and Moderna.  Why did we choose to use a vaccine that won’t be much better than just administering hydroxychloroquine or Invermectin?  I can think of several reasons.

  1. They really are a license to print money. This is cradle to grave revenue from every person on earth.  This is how modern Pharmaceutical companies operate.  AIDS has been with us for quite some time now.  Almost no one is looking for a cure.  Everyone is looking to develop new drugs to manage AIDs.  Relatively speaking AIDs affects very few people.  If you cure it you make a one-time fee off very few individuals and then it is over.  If you develop drugs to manage it you get revenue from that patient for decades.  Plus your patient can infect others which just drums up more business.  There is way more profit in long term management than there is in eradication.
  2. People have been working on traditional vaccines for coronaviruses for decades with no success. If we were to suddenly announce that several different labs were able to do it people would be even more suspicious than they are now.  The mRNA vaccines give a reasonable explanation as to why we are able to do it now.
  3. The only way to produce a traditional vaccine would be to isolate and purify a SAR Cov2 virus; something that has never been done. If scientists had access to a purified sample you know at least one of them would do something crazy like introduce it to a lab animal to see if it really produces the covid 19 disease.  Another thing that has never been done.  All it takes is one honest scientist to prove that sars cov2 does not produce covid 19 and the whole farce comes crashing down.  If the government ever found out someone was trying to do this they would brutally shut it down.
  4. All Coronavirus have spike proteins. Again with my limed knowledge I would think this means that your body would recognize and attack any coronavirus.  Obviously the PCR test identifies more than just sars cov-2.  If your body is actively attacking all types of corona virus positive PCR tests will plummet.  This will be touted as irrefutable proof of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Almost no one on earth needs this vaccine yet everyone on earth will be forced to take it.  And I mean everyone will take it, even countries that don’t pay for it.  Our Prime Moron has ordered 150,000,000 doses for a country of 38,000,000 people.  Even if the government forcefully injects us every 3 months this is a whole year supply.  Do you really think we are going to keep a vaccine that needs to be refrigerated at -70C for an entire year?  Of course not.  The Prime Moron intends to donate most of this to other countries and force Canadians to borrow the money to pay for it.

In 2021 Why Don’t We Take Back Power From Government?

A reader sent me this a couple days ago.  This interview was conducted for the same documentary as the Catherine Austin Fitts interview that I posted 2 days ago.  The interview is very long but interesting so if you have time please have a look.


Pam Popper makes many good points most of which I have discussed before.  She makes 3 very good points that are worth repeating and discussing again.

  1. Anthony Fauci is a dangerous, duplicitous, self-promoting weasel who no one should ever listen to.
  2. Governments are deathly afraid of defending their covid restrictions in court.
  3. This is only happening because we are letting it happen.

Anthony Fauci

Pam discusses Fauci’s lethal involvement with AZT trials for AIDs.  It seems that the only reason Fauci was interested in AZT was that the patent was available and if it worked he could make money from it.  He was not at all fazed about human trials of a drug so toxic that no one bothered to patent it in the first place.  The slight chance of an easy profit was all it took for him to risk lives.

We have seen the same behavior during our current “pandemic”.  St. Fauci was very quick to dismiss promising trials of old inexpensive drugs (hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin).  He preferred to let people die until expensive drugs (remdesivir) and vaccines were available.  Expensive drugs leave a lot more room for some of the profits to show up in St. Fauci’s bank account.  St. Fauci is worth over 10 million dollars which you cannot explain on his $300,000/year salary.

Fauci has come down on the both sides of every issue since March but the Media only reports when Fauci says what they like.  He was highly critical when the WHO reported asymptomatic transmission was so rare that it is not a factor.  Then months later Fauci himself said that asymptomatic transmission has never been a big factor in any viral outbreak.  He said masks are symbolic until they became necessary because of the grave threat of asymptomatic transmission.  This little weasel constantly speaks out of both sides of his mouth and the media gives him a free pass every time he does it.

Governments are afraid of defending what they have done in court.

Pam Popper’s group have been violating Covid restrictions to test the government response.  They have not found a way to get arrested.  The government counts on the threat of fines to coerce compliance.  When they don’t get it they are leery about following through because they know what they are doing will not stand up in court.  As Pam points out the weak link in the governments armor is the emergency declaration.  If they can’t prove there is an emergency they can’t justify the suspension of constitutional rights.

We have exactly the same problem in Alberta.  Our Charter of rights says the rights are subject to the reasonable restrictions of government.  The evil Troll Kenney shut down Alberta using the public health act that allows him to do anything as long as he declares a public health crisis.  He has no obligation to prove that we have a crisis.  In fact on March 17th when this started we only had 1 case of covid.  How is that an emergency?

If we don’t have an emergency how can this be constitutional?  How can denying rights be reasonable when you don’t have to prove we have a crisis?  I think this is why we are seeing police in Alberta behaving like storm troopers.  They are hoping that people will be too afraid to challenge the rules and fines.  What the police in our province are doing is the equivalent of a cowardly bully puffing up his chest hoping no one calls his bluff.

This will only stop when we stop it

This is our fault.  The government has been slowly boiling us frogs and we refuse to jump out of the pot.  Worse than that we are complicit in the tyranny by pulling the few free thinking frogs back in to the pot.  In the video below 5 masked covidiots try to shame a woman in to wearing a mask.  Have a look.

At one point one of the masked Covidiots tells her that wearing a mask is no big deal.  How many times in the 1930s do you think that Jews were told wearing a yellow star was no big deal?  I asked that of someone once and they were quick to tell me that it was not fair to compare this to the holocaust.  He was right, there is one big difference between this and the holocaust.  When the persecution of the Jews started no one knew it would end in mass murder.  Everyone knows that stress and unemployment will lead to mass murder.  We cannot claim ignorance the way the German citizens did.

Pam Popper even recounts a story from Nazis Germany.  There was a church beside the rail road that carried box cars full of Jews to the camps.  The Jews in the cars were screaming for help.  In response the parishioners sang louder to drown out the noise.  How loudly are we singing our covid songs?  We should be ashamed of ourselves.

If you are hoarse from all the singing you did in 2020 I have a 2021 resolution for you.  Stop cooperating and obeying.  Stop wearing a mask.  Invite people to your home.  Travel unnecessarily.  There are 7,700 police officers policing almost 4,500,000 Albertans.  If only 5% of us disobeyed we would outnumber the police 30 to one.  We have all the power, the government knows it; even if we don’t.