Covid 19, Greasing the Wheels For Rapid Political Change

Communism once encompassed the globe.  North America, Australia, and Antarctica were the only continents untouched by communism.  The Free world openly opposed communism for decades.  Communism finally collapsed everywhere outside of far east Asia.  The western world grew very complacent after triumphing in the cold war.  That complacency has resulted in a generation of people who no longer recognize communism.  As a public service to that generation, below are 3 defining characteristics of communism.

Under communism the state decides what job you will have and what businesses are allowed to operate.


After your neighbors report you for antigovernmental activity, the police will show up and drag you from your home at night.


People living in communist societies eventually tire of the persecution and tyranny.  Many try to flee.  The government will quickly realize there will be no one left to run the economy if they allow people to leave.  The country will inevitably become a penal colony and people will be punished if they try to leave.


I have posted 3 clear examples of a communist government in action.  All of them are from Canada.  Somehow in the last year Canada succumbed to a communist revolution and not a single shot was fired.  People did die.  The government killed scores of people while saving you from a virus implementing communism.  This is quite rare for a communist revolution.  Usually the government shoots thousands of people.  I guess the SARs COV2 virus was a good way to conserve bullets.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Only in Canada!
    Trudeau’s advisor; “Canadians are getting restless and starting to tire of these lockdowns.”
    Trudeau; “ Let’s allow the NHL to begin to play again, these people will forget all about being restless, it worked with the World Juniors”
    Advisor; “ Surely to god they’re aren’t stupid enough to fall for it again are they?”
    Trudeau; “ Hold my marijuana”.

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