The Whole Truth is Something We Never Get From Government

I have been waiting for the numbers for both Alberta and Canada to be updated.  This “pandemic” has officials very concerned but not concerned enough to update crucial data over the holiday period.  Updating all that data would certainly take time away from all the unnecessary travel by government officials.

Aloha, Allard: Constituents greet Alberta minister from Hawaii; another MLA confirmed to be travelling | CTV News

Because I did not have new data to work with I decided to compare the increasing covid deaths with what would be normal for the first week in January.  Below is a plot of Canadian Covid deaths according to john Hopkins.

Of course the media reports these numbers breathlessly every day and tell you that you that this is unprecedented.  So is it really unprecedented that we have 129 more people dying per day in January than we had during the summer?  Below is the average deaths/week/million population for Canada over the last 10 years.

It is normal in Canada for deaths to increase form a summertime low of 124.1 to a winter high of 157.  Based on the last census and increasing at the same rate from the previous census, Canadian population is 38.1 million.  An increase 32.9 deaths/million/week is an increase of 179 deaths per day.

Canada is experiencing 129 covid deaths per day after falling to near zero in the summer but it is normal for deaths to increase by more than that in the winter.  Are the Covid deaths then over and above the normal increase or are they part of the normal 179 death/day increase?  That really is the $64 question.

The media and the government are using a partial truth to scare us.  They tell us the Covid deaths but not the overall deaths.  I update the overall deaths regularly but they are 8 weeks behind.  The December update is so badly deficient that It is obviously wrong.  After I adjust the data up this is what it looks like.

Even after I adjust the data upwards using the amount of underreporting present in previous reports it shows total deaths far below average.  I doubt this is correct.  This data was released Christmas eve and most government officials were already somewhere tropical.  It is curious how we know exactly how many people die from covid every day even if we are unsure, and unconcerned, exactly how many people died 8 weeks ago.

The government wants us to believe the fiction that we have only 1% of normal influenzas right now.  If we are not seeing the normal level of known respiratory illnesses right now and it is all covid then the seasonal rise in respiratory deaths is 40% below average.

Could this be true?  Can we be in the middle of a world ending pandemic and our respiratory deaths are 40% below average?  I think it is entirely true that our total respiratory deaths right now are significantly below average.  I know it is not true that we are in the middle of a world ending pandemic.  Of course I can’t be certain because the government is carefully not telling the whole truth.

I won’t know what the total deaths were for another 8 weeks and even then I will have to adjust the numbers up and have nothing other than a good estimate.  In 8 weeks we will likely find out this winter is not at all abnormal.  How many rights will we lose and lives will we destroy before we know the whole truth?  There is a reason why in court it is not enough to tell the truth; you must tell the whole truth.  That is something that our government is simply not capable of.

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    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Thanks for your kind comment. I started this blog to make it easier for people to find real information. I want people to have the information they need to be confident enough to speak up. Governments are getting away with stripping us of our rights not because of a virus but because we are letting them. When people realize Covid is nothing more than a bad flu and that the PCR tests are not the gold standard we are told this will end quickly.

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