Messenger RNA Vaccines Hand Bill Gates a License to Print Money

Jan 3rd rant

I saw this article this morning.

The District of Columbia is trying to vaccinate children without their parents’ consent.  Not only are they trying to bypass parental consent they are forcing the insurance company and medical staff to conceal it from the parents.  Insurance companies still have to pay for the inoculation but they cannot show the redemption on the parent’s statement.  The person who administers the vaccine is also not allowed to put it on the immunization record.  The government will stop at nothing to inoculate children from a virus that poses absolutely no threat to them.

This goes beyond evil.  Not only are they removing parental consent but they are administering a potentially harmful vaccine to children who do not need it.  No one under 20 in Alberta has died with Covid in this great world ending pandemic.  Children also don’t seem to spread the virus so you can’t even claim you are protecting others.  Even if you could make that claim, how is it ethical?  It is inevitable that some children will suffer serious consequences or death from the vaccine.  You are risking the life of a child in an attempt to prolong the life of a senior.  There is no benefit to the child for taking this risk.  Do you think the parents or the child would voluntarily make that trade?

This got me thinking about the vaccines.  All of the Covid Vaccines are messenger RNA vaccines.  Messenger RNA vaccines have been under development for quite some time.  This is the first time they have been approved for use.  Covid 19 was a very convenient excuse to get rapid approval for an experimental technology.

When I was in school we were taught that a vaccine is a dead or weaken virus.  Essentially they are designed to give you a very mild form of the disease to prompt your body’s immune response.  The messenger RNA viruses do not do that.

They are named messenger RNA because they use a strand of RNA to carry information, a message, to the cells in your body.  The “information” is a set of building instructions that tell the cells in your body how to build the Corona virus spike protein.  By now everyone has seen a cartoon of the corona virus with all the spike proteins sticking out of it.  The spikes allow it to attach to a heathy cell and work their way inside.  The messenger RNA vaccines cause cells in your body to produce the spike proteins.

Why would you want this?  Your body will see the spike proteins and build antibodies to attack the cells with spike proteins.  Then if you do get infected you will have the antibodies to attack the virus.  With my limited understanding of how the immune system works I can see one glaring weakness.  When a virus attacks the body it infects cells and uses those infected cells as factories to reproduce viruses which spreads the infection.  The immune system responds in 2 ways.  Your body produces antibodies and T cells.  Antibodies attack the virus and the T cells attack the infected cells; the factories that are producing the virus.  After the infection is done antibodies disappear quickly but T cells remain for years.

If the mRNA vaccines don’t produce infected cells they don’t produce T cells just antibodies that disappear quickly.  You will get no lasting immunity.  That is probably why we are told you have to be re-vaccinated every few months.  This sounds like we are just handing a license to print money to Bill Gates and Moderna.  Why did we choose to use a vaccine that won’t be much better than just administering hydroxychloroquine or Invermectin?  I can think of several reasons.

  1. They really are a license to print money. This is cradle to grave revenue from every person on earth.  This is how modern Pharmaceutical companies operate.  AIDS has been with us for quite some time now.  Almost no one is looking for a cure.  Everyone is looking to develop new drugs to manage AIDs.  Relatively speaking AIDs affects very few people.  If you cure it you make a one-time fee off very few individuals and then it is over.  If you develop drugs to manage it you get revenue from that patient for decades.  Plus your patient can infect others which just drums up more business.  There is way more profit in long term management than there is in eradication.
  2. People have been working on traditional vaccines for coronaviruses for decades with no success. If we were to suddenly announce that several different labs were able to do it people would be even more suspicious than they are now.  The mRNA vaccines give a reasonable explanation as to why we are able to do it now.
  3. The only way to produce a traditional vaccine would be to isolate and purify a SAR Cov2 virus; something that has never been done. If scientists had access to a purified sample you know at least one of them would do something crazy like introduce it to a lab animal to see if it really produces the covid 19 disease.  Another thing that has never been done.  All it takes is one honest scientist to prove that sars cov2 does not produce covid 19 and the whole farce comes crashing down.  If the government ever found out someone was trying to do this they would brutally shut it down.
  4. All Coronavirus have spike proteins. Again with my limed knowledge I would think this means that your body would recognize and attack any coronavirus.  Obviously the PCR test identifies more than just sars cov-2.  If your body is actively attacking all types of corona virus positive PCR tests will plummet.  This will be touted as irrefutable proof of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Almost no one on earth needs this vaccine yet everyone on earth will be forced to take it.  And I mean everyone will take it, even countries that don’t pay for it.  Our Prime Moron has ordered 150,000,000 doses for a country of 38,000,000 people.  Even if the government forcefully injects us every 3 months this is a whole year supply.  Do you really think we are going to keep a vaccine that needs to be refrigerated at -70C for an entire year?  Of course not.  The Prime Moron intends to donate most of this to other countries and force Canadians to borrow the money to pay for it.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Until they come around with the police and guns and threaten to kill me, I won’t be taking that vaccine. As soon as 5% feel that way we won’t have to take it.

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