If We are Going to Close the Border, Can’t We Wait Until Trudeau is Out of the Country?

Yesterday the Prime Moron announced that we would soon see new travel restrictions for international and inter provincial travel.


Trudeau wants to put restrictions on people who come here legally when he has no problem with people who come here illegally.  This is not surprising since you cannot be a Trudeau without disdain for law abiding citizens.

I am not bothered by restrictions for non-citizens.  Citizens of other countries do not have a right to enter Canada without our permission.  However, the restrictions for interprovincial travel should bother every Canadian.  Even the ones named Trudeau.  Below are my top five reasons to oppose inter provincial travel restrictions.

  1. Every province in Canada has declining case counts.

This is not surprising.  Seasonal viruses normally peak somewhere between the 1st and 3rd week in January.  We are now in the 4th week and the peak of the infection is over.  The government and media want you to believe that infections are out of control everywhere but that is just a lie.  First there is no way to control an infection from airborne viruses, by definition, they are always out of control.  More importantly what we are seeing is completely normal.  We should have expected to see infections rise from September to December just as we should now expect infections to continue to fall.  If you do not work for government, none of this is at all confusing or cause for worry.  Below are the plots for every province.

  1. There are no hot spots in Canada.

Moving between spots where the infections are similar changes nothing.  Even if you are deluded enough to think that you can” control” a virus, you should still be able to understand that.  The plots below show that except for the Maritimes every province is the same.  How is crossing a provincial border any different from crossing a county line?

  1. This will drive the final nail in the coffin of tourism.

Many places in Canada rely completely on out of province tourism.  I was in a neighboring province 2 weeks ago.  The community relies on Alberta tourists.  My wife and I went for dinner.  As we left, we checked license plates in the parking lot.  Every single person dinning that night was from Alberta.  If you prevent cross border travel this restaurant will be forced to close and lay off all their workers.

The reason we are always given for any of these restrictions is that it is to protect others.  How am I protecting anyone by making them unemployed?  Why is someone else’s protection now my responsibility?  Who is responsible for my protection?  If I knew I would tell them to stop.  I do not want or need anyone to protect me.  I certainly do not want anyone to lose their job for my protection.  I cannot think of anything more selfish than demanding someone’s life destroyed for my protection.

  1. It violates the equality provisions in the charter of rights.

I have owned a property in British Columbia for 14 years.  Our Prime Moron and John Horgan want to deny me access to my property.  You would think this violates my property rights, but Canadian’s do not have property rights.  That probably surprises most Canadians.  The truth is that property rights are conspicuously absent from the Canadian Charter.  Property rights were purposefully left out.  Our Charter was written by a communist, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Communism and property rights can not co-exist.

I do not have property rights to violate but a ban on interprovincial travel does violate my rights to equal treatment under the law.  Some property owners would be denied access to their properties while others would not.  If the government can single out specific groups and deny them access to their property, then they can make their opposition homeless.

  1. It violates Charter mobility rights.

This is word for word out of our charter.

(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right

  • (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and
  • (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

I would say that is very self-explanatory.