Rules For Thee, Not For Me

One of my friendly helpers sent me this.


Did you get that?  It bears repeating.  The rules do not apply to government.  I think we all knew that.  I am just shocked that they now admit it on camera.  These leftist tyrants are so firmly in control that they can throw their hypocrisy in our faces with impunity.

Notice the reason given for why the rules do not apply to government.  Government does not need rules imposed on them because they are able to regulate themselves.  This implies a couple of things.

  1. Citizens are unable to regulate or control themselves.
  2. That people in government have some sort of innate superiority that makes them capable of regulating themselves.

Seriously have you ever met anyone who works for government?  Did you think they were clearly a superior human being to the rest of us?  I have met people in government who truly believed they were superior to me, but I have never met any that were superior to anyone.

If people in government are so superior how do you explain that

  • Deena Hinshaw cannot count.
  • Jason Kenney is incapable of telling the Truth.
  • Justin Trudeau cannot compose a 12-word sentence without 6 of the words being “UGH”.

Everything that these superior beings touch turns to stone.  Can you name a single thing that government does efficiently other than waste money?  Did shutting down our economy and foisting misery on millions result in a single life being saved?  Remember these superior beings in government are proud of their “effective” pandemic responses.  They are proud of the way they exploded what should have been a small manageable problem.

In my lifetime, every time I have seen the government ride to the rescue it was to solve a problem that they caused themselves.  Every elected official in this country has bragged about their part in getting Covid relief checks quickly into the hands of the unemployed.  These people are not unemployed for some mysterious reason.  They are unemployed because of the incompetent actions of government.

How does showering people with tax dollars help solve the problem when the problem is the government that collected those taxes in the first place?  The Government does not have an income.  All the money that they have handed out will have to be recovered in the future through increased taxation.  The government has not helped anyone.  They have just given people a portion of their future income to cover up government incompetence and malfeasance.

In ancient times there was the divine right of kings.  Royalty was given the authority and ability to govern by god.  They were superior Human beings; some even claimed to be gods.  This lasted for millennia but eventually people realized just how ordinary royalty really was.  Some royals, like the house of Windsor, were smart enough to steal what they could and get out of the way.  Others tried to hold on and lost their lives.  Violence and blood ushered in democracy.

Democracy was a grand experiment.  It never managed to take hold everywhere and lasted for about 300 years.  It is now gone.  We have entered the era of the divine right of government.  Most countries, including Canada, never fully embraced democracy.  I say that because most countries have constitutions that spell out the rules for citizens.  They are rules handed down by government for the citizens to follow.  How is that not feudalism?

One country had a constitution that spelled out the rules for government.  These were the conditions under which the citizens would allow themselves to be governed.  That country was the United States.  It disappeared yesterday.  They coronated a king that was chosen by the other royals and not by the people.

Covid 19 was not much of a health crisis.  So far it has amounted to nothing other than a couple heavy flu seasons.  In one year due to the threat of cold and flu season we have lost rights that it took thousands of years to attain.  We are not in the middle of a health crisis we are in the middle of a civilizational crisis.