Which One is the Weapon, The Virus or the Vaccine?

A friend sent me this video.  It is a very good interview with Dr. Lee Merrit.  She covers a lot of the same ground as Dr. Gold.  It is still worth hearing the same thing from a different source.  Please take the time to watch.


Note: It only took YouTube 24 hours to take this video down.  Dr. Merrit was in the military.  In the military they have a saying “you know you are over the target when you are taking flack”.  What do you think that says about YouTube trying to keep you from hearing what Dr. Merrit has to say?  The Video is still available on Instagram in 2 parts.  you can find them here.

Just Nicky on Instagram: “#drleemerritt exposes the truth behind #covid19 #phizer #moderna #antivax Everyone needs to hear and understand this, she lays it all out…”

Just Nicky on Instagram: “Part 2 (see part 1 in next post first) #drleemerritt exposes the truth behind #covid19 #phizer #moderna #antivax Everyone needs to hear and…”

Dr. Merrit does make a couple of new very important points.  The first is that there is a lot of literature on the strong antiviral effects of a class of drugs originally developed to fight parasites.  Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are 2 examples.  The most startling thing is that they do not teach this in medical school.  Medical schools still stress that the only defense from viruses are vaccines.

The last point she makes is quite disturbing.  There has been a lot of speculation that the Sars Cov-2 virus is a genetically engineered bio weapon.  I have discussed this in the past and always dismissed it for one simple reason.  A virus that does not kill military age people is not much of a weapon.  I might be missing the point.

Dr Lee points out that the Vaccine is a far better weapon than the virus.  You don’t need the virus to produce a lot of deaths you just need it to produce fear.  The fear allows you unleash the far more lethal weapon.  People will line up to be exposed to the real weapon.

This might sound a little tin foil hattish but that is so 2020.  Already in 2021 we have witnessed a coup in the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen.  Not only that we watched people cheer about losing their democracy.  2021 really has re-defined what requires a tin foil hat.