We Have All the Power, It is Time to Use it.

A friend sent me this and asked me if I knew anything about it.

I confessed that I had not heard anything about it so I set about searching the internet for confirmation this had happened.  First I tried google and all I found were stories about Italian restaurants opening with restrictions after the spring lock down.  Then I tried Duckduckgo and I got a bunch of blogsites that all linked the same 2 videos.  I still could not be sure this was real.

I thought this was odd.  If 50,000 restaurant owners were openly defiant of a tyrannical government isn’t that big news?  Then I remembered that it was 2021.  In 2021 the media could not be bothered to cover a coup in the most powerful nation on earth.  50,000 restaurant defiant owners are small potatoes compared to that.

I was lamenting to my wife about how utterly corrupt the media have become when she told me she saw something on Breitbart.  Sure enough here it is.

Delingpole: Italian Restaurants Open in Mass Protest at Lockdown Rules (breitbart.com)

I don’t know how I missed this because James Delingpole is one of only 2 writers I read on Breitbart.  Note the date on the report; Jan 17th.  Italians started to revolt against Covid tyranny on a grand scale 2 weeks ago and I had trouble finding even one story about it.  Like I said 2021.

So what did the Italian government do about these flagrant covid rule breakers?  Absolutely nothing.  There really is strength in numbers.  If one restaurant opens the police can charge in and throw handcuffs on everyone.  When 50,000 restaurants open the police can do nothing.

This is exactly what we need to happen all over the world.  A small number of brave owners in Alberta are starting the revolution.  Below is a list of business that have opened in defiance of The Evil Troll’s nonsensical rules.

These People are truly brave and they need our support.  They don’t have the numbers so they are at risk.  So far the Police have resorted to quiet intimidation.  They are outside on the street recording the license plates of the customers.  I say it is time we put cancel culture to work for us.  Patronize these businesses.  If you see a police officer trying to intimidate customers take his/her picture.  Go inside get everyone to come out and have everyone take pictures of the police.  Then let the police know that their business is no longer welcome anywhere in town.

No doubt when the officers find out that they will be ostracized for their actions they will fall back on the “I was only following orders defense”.  That does not cut it with me.  The police do not have to enforce rules, they have proven that themselves.  For years before marijuana was legalized police turned a blind eye to it.  They could have made arrests and they chose not to.  When an officer drags someone out of a house or attacks a hockey player they have chosen to do that.  You are not righteous when you enforce tyranny.

This is not moot if Jason Kenney does start to lift restrictions.  There should be no restrictions and anything short of that is still tyranny.  If a restaurant choses to open at full capacity, support them.  No business or individual should be constrained by these ridiculous and arbitrary restrictions.  It is time politicians in the country get reminded who really has the power.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Attention all politicians- Elections are coming! Your career will be over. As John Galt says: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!

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