Why are the Alarm bells silent?

It is normal for more people to die in the winter flu season than in the summer.  Even in light flu years more people will still die in the winter than the summer.  Excess deaths are deaths over and above what can be expected and takes in to account higher expected deaths during winter.  Summer deaths tend to be stable and predictable.  Winter deaths are very dependent on how bad the flu season is.  The extreme variability of winter flu seasons and the stability of summer mean that excess deaths if they happen, will all happen in the winter.  There are very few excess deaths in a normal summer.

If you plot cumulative excess deaths for a bad flu year you should see a sharp increase during the winter, no increase in the summer, and possibly another increase at the end of the year as winter approaches again.  That is exactly what we saw in 2020.

Even though government policy turned a benign virus deadly we still saw the same pattern.  All of the excess deaths happened during cold and flu season.  Government was able to increase the body count but that did not change the shape of the curve.

If you work in government, and your objective is to kill the largest number of people, the lack of excess deaths during the summer months (weeks 18 to 40) is a significant lost opportunity.  Even with government help Mother Nature just won’t kill enough people.  That’s why in 2021 Government turned to big Pharma for help and things have not been normal since.  The plot below is European excess deaths in 2021.

Vaccines caused significant excess deaths during the summer months of 2021.  The situation in 2022 is even worse.  Now that people are on their 3rd or 4th shot the bodies in the summer are accumulating even faster than they did in 2021.

Last winter was a lower than normal cold and flu season yet excess deaths in Europe are now higher than they were at this time in either 2020 or 2021.  The excess deaths due to COVID were front page news for over a year.  The vaccines have now produced more excess deaths than COVID and the media is completely silent.  The only people discussing this are independent journalists and bloggers.

COVID was not an emergency until the government blundered in and made it an emergency.  We are currently in the middle of an even larger emergency; again caused by government.  The bodies are piling up at an alarming rate.  The Alarm bells should be ringing off the wall everywhere yet no one is talking about it.

Greta Thunberg need not worry.  Climate changes will not cause our extinction.   A lethal combination of government, apathy, and pure stupidity will finish us long before the climate will.

Transforming Hospitals to Further the Narrative

In my post of 2 days ago I linked a study that concluded COVID deaths were a result of government policy rather than the virus.  That may seem hard to believe but in reality it is very easy for the government to produce COVID fatalities.

The net effect of government restrictions was to isolate seniors from their families and ration their medical care.  There is no way that this would not produce large numbers of deaths that could be attributed to COVID, but the government wanted more bodies than could be produced through simple neglect.  The Government found ways to make the virus more deadly through enforced medical malpractice.

We know that COVID was circulating for months before the government shut down the economy.  During that time there were very few excess deaths.  Does that mean that people were not getting sick?  Of course not, people were obviously getting sick they just were not dying.

So what kept them alive?  I can’t be certain but I suspect that the answer to that is proper medical treatment.  When a doctor is confronted with a new illness he/she really has no choice but to simply treat the symptoms because there is no established protocol.  The symptoms of acute COVID are the same as a severe allergic reaction.  South African doctor Chetty noticed this early on and had nearly 100% success treating COVID with steroidal anti-inflammatories.  I suspect many COVID patients were treated similarly and sent home to recover.

All of that changed in February/March of 2020.  Suddenly this new illness had a name, COVID.  Along with the new name came a treatment protocol that specifically outlawed anything that might work.  It did not take long for bodies to start dropping.  The new standard was Remdesivir and ventilation both of which make COVID worse and accelerate the onset of Death.  The only way to avoid death was to escape the hospital.

Escaping the hospital is not just hyperbole.  Hospitals became COVID death camps under the government’s direction.  Just read this woman’s harrowing account of how the hospital continually made her illness worse until her husband rescued her.

COVID is not over because the economy is not yet completely destroyed.  The economy needs to be on its knees for the great reset to happen so you can count on more tyranny this winter.  Hospitals will once more be converted in to death camps and this year Canada has a new twist.  Trudeau is hiring COVID security guards to prevent any future escapes.  Next winter the only way you get to leave a Canadian Hospital is in a body bag.



Vaccine Risk/Reward does not work for any age group

5 days ago Steve Kirsch revealed a leaked report commissioned by the liberal party of Canada.  The Trudeau liberals commissioned a team of statisticians to look at Ontario COVID data to determine vaccine effectiveness; this is what they found.

  • There is no benefit to vaccinating people under 60. The vaccines do not prevent either hospitalization or death.
  • The benefit to people in their 60s is marginal. Most of the benefit was seen in people older than 70.
  • Women of child bearing age suffer vaccine injuries far more frequently than any other group.

Frankly I am not surprised by these findings.  I have been saying the same thing on this blog for over a year.  COVID is a disease of ill elderly people.  If you are not ill and elderly the vaccines don’t offer you anything your innate immune system doesn’t already give you.  This is how the report authors characterized the risk of COVID.

COVID-19 is a disease of the elderly and immunocompromised and that this demographic had the most to gain from vaccination despite the risk of potential adverse events.

Vaccines should have been reserved for high risk groups only.  Something I have advocated for since the start of these ridiculous programs.  This report really adds nothing new to the debate but it certainly brings up some very interesting points and political questions.

  • The liberals have had this report for 2 months without publishing it or changing their policies. Had the report not been leaked it is doubtful this information would ever have been made public.
  • All of the data used by the statisticians was publicly available. I have been using it for months.  Why have no opposition parties commissioned their own reports?  Unfortunately I think we all know the answer.  Every political party in Canada supports mandatory vaccination.  Only the Trudeau liberals would be foolish enough to commission a report documenting what we all know to be true.  The COVID vaccines are worse than useless.
  • The people studiously following the science are somehow doing that while ignoring all of the science. The researchers point out there is a lot of available science and governments are using none of it.  They recommend that it might now be time to look at the science.

The wealth of scientific literature be reviewed and monitored on an on-going basis to substantiate or challenge COVID-19 vaccination data findings.

This report is a damning indictment of Canada’s COVID vaccination policies; no wonder the Liberals tried to bury it.  Despite how bad this report is, the incredible thing is it still makes the vaccines look better than they are.  By focusing narrowly on COVID they are avoiding the elephant in the room; all of the excess deaths since the start of vaccinations.

I have discussed many times how these vaccines work.  They provide temporary partial protection so theoretically if administered at the right time they can reduce COVID fatalities for high risk individuals.  Unfortunately that is not all that these jabs do.  The host of vaccine injuries also produces high numbers of excess deaths.  When only COVID is considered the vaccine appear to benefit seniors.  When all-cause mortality is considered they do not.  The plots below are from Euromomo.  With vaccines seniors in Europe are dying in higher numbers than they did during the pandemic.

2022 deaths are in light blue, 2021 is dark blue, and 2020 is grey.  If the vaccines are helping seniors why is 2022 at the top of both charts?

The vaccine narrative is changing because the data is that bad and getting worse.  In every age group the vaccines do more harm than good; so why are we still pushing them on children?


What our government is doing is indefensible.  They can’t even claim ignorance any more.

The Politics of Emergencies

Joe Biden just went on TV to tell the world that the pandemic is over.  I would assume that means that the emergency is over.  In reality their never really was a public health emergency but just for fun let’s play along with this liberal lunacy.  For the sake of this mental exercise we must accept a few liberal fallacies as true.

  1. Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president. He received more votes than any candidate in history as a reward for a grueling campaign schedule of taking naps in his basement.  The mysterious midnight surge in votes that no one actually counted is testament to his popularity.  Votes were literally delivered to him by god.
  2. Biden is actually in charge. His decisions dictate the direction of the country.
  3. Joe understood that he was being interviewed for television.
  4. COVID really was an existential threat. If we had not hid from the virus, forced people in to unemployment, demonized decenters, and agreed to alter our DNA, we all would be dead.

So if we suspend all disbelief and accept the above we must conclude that COVID was an emergency but the emergency is now over.  This also means that anything we were forced to do under emergency authorization is no longer valid or enforceable.  You know things like getting a booster, which after nearly 3 years is still only approved for emergency use.

Obviously, without an emergency, the vaccines no longer have any sort of approval.  It follows then, that vaccine mandates which were technically illegal during the emergency are now unquestionably illegal.  Maybe someone needs to sit down and explain to New York mayor Adams that it is not just stupid to fire unvaccinated teachers; now it is illegal.

Mayor Adams is a democrat so there is no debate that he agrees whole heartedly with the 4 statements above.  So why does a true Biden believer like Mayor Adams still cling to his mandates?  Could it be that this was never about an imaginary medical emergency?

In 2020 the democrats needed an emergency for the election.  Now having an emergency hurts them for the midterm elections so viola, the emergency is over.  Who knew that viral outbreaks follow election cycles so closely?  Someone needs to study this and get back to Joe after his nap.


COVID deaths were not Natural

Here is an interesting paper on excess deaths during COVID in Italy.  The paper finds that excess deaths correlate more closely to government policy than to viral outbreak.  Regular readers of this blog have heard this all before.  COVID was not a problem until government made it a problem.  All of the restrictions forced on us by our governments are detrimental to public health.  Masks, isolation, stress, all of these things weaken your immune system.  There was no way any of them can stop the spread of an airborne virus but every one of them negatively impacts your health.

In June of 2021 I took data from 2 different sources.  One was a paper on excess mortality and the other was a measure of lockdown stringency in each country.  I used that data to produce this plot.

The countries that used the lightest touch had the fewest deaths.  Most COVID deaths were not COVID deaths they were deaths due to government misadventure.  In June this is what I had to say about this extremely clear correlation.

Any Country that reacted sanely did not have much trouble.  COVID amounted to nothing other than a mild flu year.  COVID was only a problem in Countries where politicians made it a problem.  This cannot be stated too many times.  Lockdowns Kill.

As the linked article states there is evidence from multiple sources that COVID was circulating in the fall of 2019 yet we did not have large numbers of excess deaths.  In fact no one even noticed the existence of this novel virus.  The only thing that changed in February/March of 2020 that suddenly made this previously benign virus deadly, was the change in government policy.

Governments, not the virus, killed and this whole thing was intentional.  It is generally accepted now that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan China.  The myth is still that it was accidentally released and appeared first at the wet market a short distance from the lab.  Now we know that is not true because the virus was found in other countries long before the “discovery” in Wuhan.  In time I believe we will find that there were several releases and none were not accidental.

It appears the virus was released in multiple locations in the fall of 2019.  The virus was allowed to circulate without much fanfare.  This first release was necessary so that the virus would be easy to find when the plans were put in motion.  The second release came in February in Wuhan.  The virus was already circulating but the second release was necessary to provide a plausible origin story.

The second release was followed quickly by manufactured videos of people dropping dead in the street.  Suddenly the virus was discovered everywhere.  We were told this was due to how incredibly contagious this virus was when really it was just because the virus had a 5 month head start.  The fear factor was ramped up, society was shut down, and then the deaths started to happen.

Our governments did this to us as part of a grand plan to re-order the world.  It was intentional and millions died.  Are we going to let them get away with it?



More evidence that Government is not your Friend

A friend of mine sent me this video on the same day that I noticed a SubStack article by Steve Kirsch discussing the same thing.  Leaked video proves the Israelis government was aware of and tried to cover up serious COVID vaccine safety data.

Israel was the first country to adopt the COVID vaccines.  The Israelis cut an exclusive deal with Pfizer that gave them access to the vaccines before any other country.  Mass vaccination programs started in December of 2020 but they did not decide to investigate vaccine side effects until December of 2021.  In that 12 month period Israel administered 180 doses for every 100 people.  So after completely vaccinating almost every person in the country Israel finally decided to follow up and guess what they found.


The Israelis documented even more side effects than what Pfizer found in their trials.  Worse than that they found many of the injuries are not temporary as Pfizer claimed; they may be permanent.  This is exactly why you should never trust government.  The Israelis exposed their entire population to an experimental treatment with absolutely no safe guards in place.  Then after medical researchers documented how harmful the vaccines are, their first instinct was deflecting blame.

This is exactly why I could never work for government.  There is no way I would try something new without monitoring the results.  At the first indication of harm I would stop it.  I would not let more people be harmed while I was trying to figure out the best way to spin the results to cover my ass.  Frankly I would suck as a bureaucrat because no citizens would die, Pfizer would make no profit, the politicians would get no kickbacks, and I would never get promoted as punishment for limiting their income.

This whole enterprise is criminal.  Every injury prior to the study is negligence.  Every injury after the results were known is assault with a deadly weapon.  When will people start going to prison for this?



Reality always ruins the best laid Government Plans

In the spring of 2020 the world changed on a dime.  The Economy was the best it had been in decades. Life was very good and then western governments openly declared war on their own citizens.  The power of the state was used to destroy the economy and eliminate human rights for all but approved special interest groups.  Human rights were now government bestowed privileges.

Not only had the world changed but we were quickly told to get used to it.  There was no way we were going back.  This was the new normal; mandatory vaccinations, digital IDs in the form of vaccine passports, and restrictions were here to stay.  Lately, however, it seems the new normal may not be all that permanent.  Reality once again is intruding on the childish plans of the left.

The Hubris of the left is always their undoing.  Firm belief in their own divinity makes them incapable of doubt.  They believe that they can bend the universe to their will.  Any decision they make will result in only the utopian consequences they envision.  Unfortunately for these deluded morons the world just does not function like that.

Take the U.S. for example.  The permanent bureaucracy decided that the best way to prepare for a war with Russia was to purge the military of dangerous right wingers and vaccinate everyone to produce some sort of super soldier.  I know it would not have helped, but maybe someone should have explained a couple simple facts to these lunatics.  The dangerous right wingers you are purging are the bedrock of your military and injecting them with an untested substance that suppresses immune system function will destroy battle readiness.

As always with the left they must learn simple lessons the hard way.  They ran out all the healthy conservative farm boys to make way for the lefty soy boys.  Unfortunately it seems the soy boys don’t make very good soldiers.  It does not matter how many boosters you give them, at their core they are still soy boys.  This is a terrible conundrum for the bureaucrats.  How do you go to war with Russia without soldiers?  I am sure their first response is to pen an angry open letter to Vladimir Putin but in case Putin is unmoved by the woke ideology there is a plan B.  The most intelligent of this incredibly unintelligent group has decided it might not be a good idea to fire soldiers who are already battle ready.

Frankly I am a little surprised anyone in this group was able to figure out that highly trained military operatives might come in handy when your Allies are accelerating the onset of an unnecessary war.  War is the most extreme example of reality intruding on the thoughtless plans of the elite but it is by no means the only example.  When you institute incredibly stupid policies it is imperative that you control the narrative.  Western governments have spent huge amounts of time and money doing just so but their control over the media is not as complete as they think.  Main stream news media are now inconveniently discussing vaccine injures on live television.


This is a huge problem for government largely because there is so much to discuss.  Media organizations have so much material to work with they could make vaccine injuries a regular discussion topic on the evening news.  If they did this I might even watch Canadian news for the first time in decades.  I hope the first story will be on how school boards have acknowledged that gym class can be deadly for vaccinated children.


The left desperately wants to keep COVID but reality is spoiling their party.  Even the most woke least intelligent leader in the world is waking to reality.  The reality in this case is that Canadians like Pierre Poilievre a lot more than they like Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau does not mind killing people with vaccines he just does not like losing elections to people from Calgary.  Poilievre’s freedom message is resonating with far too many Canadians so Justin sent out his minions at the Toronto star to see if people will buy that Justin also likes freedom.

Of course Justin doesn’t like freedom any more than his father Fidel liked freedom but he will allow it if he must.  But don’t hold your breath waiting for this.  Justin won’t get around to allowing freedom until he finishes persecuting his political enemies.

No one on earth deserves to be slapped in the face by reality more than Justin Trudeau.  I am sure the last place on earth where the new normal collapses will be Canada but judging by how quickly it is unraveling elsewhere that day will come.  Justin’s Rendezvous with reality is inevitable.  I hope he gets what he deserves.



The Dam Breaks

Governor Ron DeSantis chose not to follow the herd.  Instead of following scientists he actually followed science, tempered with a good dose of common sense.  I like to think it was because he was reading this blog but that is unlikely.  You don’t need to read this blog to not be a moron.  It really was not hard to get to the right answer on COVID.  All you had to do was stop listening to the fake experts in the media and government bureaucracy.

DeSantis was vilified for going counter narrative but time has vindicated him.  He was 100% right and the “experts” were 100% wrong, something he takes great delight in remind people.


At the end of the day Ron DeSantis, is still a politician and careful about what he says.  He is being very charitable with his description of the experts by saying that they were wrong.  No one can be possibly be as stupid as these “experts”.  They were not wrong they were lying and that is a big difference.

For almost 2 years the media worked overtime to convince us that DeSantis was the one who was lying but this week that changed in a big way.  CDC director Rochelle Walensky of the CDC just admitted the CDC was lying for more than a year.  The CDC assured American they were monitoring vaccine adverse events and they were not.  Every time Walensky stated the vaccines were safe she was lying.  If she thought the jabs were safe she would not have deliberately avoided gathering data on adverse events.

It looks like Rochelle Walensky has chosen the lesser of 2 evils.  She would rather we believe she lied about tracking vaccine injuries than admit she knew the vaccines were unsafe.  Director Walensky is not the only person this week hoping to convince us that 2.5 years of Tyranny was just a series of unfortunate errors born out of ignorance.  The Globe and Mail in Canada, where the truth is a criminal offense, allowed 4 doctors to admit mistakes were made.  But of course the mistakes were made with the best intentions.

In summary, errors were made in the “pandemic fog of war.” There is now a chance to correct them and to change our course for the better.

Even a sliver of truth emerging from Trudeau’s empire of lies is shocking but not nearly as shocking as this.  The wicked witch of the south, Jacinda Ardern, now thinks we should respect other’s decisions.


Of course she is not talking about your decision to be unvaccinated.  She wants you to respect her decision to violate the rights of her citizens.  Nothing to see here now folks, COVID is over let’s keep moving and put this all behind us.  The events of this week would have been unfathomable even 1 month ago.  Politicians and bureaucrats admitting to lies and mistakes, what is going on?

You cannot hide the truth forever.  Eventually it finds the light but still I did not expect the dam to break so quickly.  Politicians and bureaucrats are working feverously to craft a new narrative because they know some damning data is about to be released.  If I had to guess I would say that data concerns the vaccines and is probably why Denmark has banned boosters for people under 50.

The data must be very bad for the boosters to be banned.  It would be much easier just to say that they will not be mandated.  The problem with that, though, is that many frightened people would still take them.  The Danish government is so concerned people will want boosters that they banned them. That tells you everything you need to know about the vaccines and what is going on currently.

A new study confirming what we should have known long ago

There is a new study showing the COVID jabs are far more dangerous than the virus when administered to young people.  The gateway pundit declared that jabbing young people was ethically unjustifiable.  Ethically unjustifiable is sugar coating.  Administering jabs to young people is criminal and we did not need to wait until now to know that.  In June of 2021, using Israelis data, I showed the Jabs would kill far more young men than the virus.

It was easy to see with data available 15 months ago, that the vaccines should not be given to young people yet we did.  Not only did we jab young people we forced them to take it.  They were banned from organized sports and education if they did not.  The people who did this are criminals.

One of the conclusions of the paper is that we should do risk benefits for the Jabs to which I say “no shit Sherlock”.  We jabbed billions of people without any idea if we were doing more harm than good.  That alone is “ethically unjustifiable” but it gets worse than that.  The limited test data we did have strongly indicated the jabs would do more harm than good.

In the Pfizer trials more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group.  With Moderna it was a wash; the same number of deaths in both groups.  That data alone indicated that there was no net benefit to vaccinations.  If you couple that with the knowledge of how these treatments work we should have been wary about giving it to anyone.

To start the jabs are not vaccines.  A traditional vaccine uses a weakened or a dead virus to provoke an immune response.  These treatments don’t do either.  They use only a piece of the virus, the spike protein, and for some bizarre reason it was not injected directly.  Instead cells in the body are “reprogrammed” to produce the spike program; something never before done to humans.

Using just the spike protein does not produce a full antibody response or any T-cell response.  That means the protection from the jabs is partial and temporary.  The partial antibody response at best just gives a head start on recovery.  It cannot prevent infection and therefore cannot prevent transmission.  So before the vaccine programs ever started the government had these 3 pieces of information.

  1. It is impossible for the treatments to produce immunity, prevent infection, or prevent transmission. Therefore there are no public health benefits to mass application.
  2. In short term trails there was no net benefit. Every COVID death prevented came at the cost of more than one death from vaccine injury.
  3. There is absolutely no long term safety data available.


If it was up to you, and this is the data you had in hand, would you force people to take the jab?  Would you even approve it for anyone?  Our governments did.  Either our governments are completely populated with idiots.  Which I admit is entirely possible.  Or, this is not about a virus.

How do you Defend the Indefensible?

Months ago the senile moron occupying the Whitehouse used the state apparatus to force vaccine requirements on companies with more than 100 employees.  Most companies dutifully complied and quickly experienced labor shortages.  Too many employees chose unemployment over the vaccines.  The solution to this artificial labor shortage is obvious and now Companies that did comply are now quietly removing vaccine requirements.

It is not just corporations that are dropping mandates under the cover of darkness.  The UK removed vaccine mandates for children.  They tried to downplay the decision by claiming to shift their focus to high risk groups.

“The main policy focus right now though … is to try to immunize those who are at highest risk of severe acute COVID as per the recent announcement on the autumn booster program.”

Isn’t that where their focus should always have been?

The UK is not alone in removing vaccine mandates for children.  Several European countries have already removed done so without any media attention.

Corporations have economic reasons to drop mandates.  Economics is not something that ever bothers government so why are the mandates dropping?  Just months ago everyone on earth would die if we did not jab children before cutting the umbilical.  Now jabbing children is no longer a priority.  These rapid turnarounds can only be caused by governments’ chief nemesis, the truth.

It is becoming impossible to cover up vaccine injuries among children.  The CDC’s new vaccine tracking system has already recorded over 1000 deaths.  In under 2 years we have gone from the vaccines are 100% safe to the admission the vaccines are killing children.  If they are willing to admit to 1000 murders, how bad are the real numbers?

The truth always finds a way to come out.  You cannot hide the bodies forever.  The vaccines have already killed far more adults than children but children’s bodies are particularly hard to hide.  The tide is slowly turning and vaccine mandates will be dropped everywhere, even in Canada where the sheep still say nothing.  Don’t expect a press conference or any fanfare when the mandates are dropped.  Government will never admit to being wrong, especially when those mistakes ended in dead children.