The fundamental problem with the left is Hubris

The federal conservative leadership race ended this weekend with Pierre Poilievre romping to an easy first ballot victory.  The mood in Canada right now is ugly.  Poilievre was able to tap in to this discontent and use it to coast to victory.

Poilievre scares the crap out of Canada’s leftist media.  In the lead up to the election countless articles were published explaining why conservatives should not vote for Poilievre.  Bruce Arthur from the Toronto Star took it upon himself to explain that conservatives really have no reason to be angry.  While Andrew Coyne, of the globe and mail, opined that it is crazy to be angry about government destroying the economy.  Bob Hepburn, also of the Toronto Star, opted for the Clinton Basket of deplorables approach.


Today in Canada, we don’t need to apologize for calling out Poilievre supporters who spout far-right, white supremacist, sexist, racist and anti-intellectual opinions.


Not only does Bob not like Poilievre supporters he is happy to live in a country that allows hate speech as long as it is directed towards people who do not agree with Justin Trudeau.

After reading these articles my first impression was wow!  I did not think it was possible to pack so much stupid into three otherwise empty heads.  Every time I read anything in a Canadian newspaper I am reminded of the Reagan quote “the problem with the left is they know so much that just is not so”.

People on the left are not stupid they just refuse to think which negates any intellect they might possess.  Their stubborn refusal to think is born from arrogance.  They are so convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority that they do not believe they can be wrong.  There is no reason to support their arguments with data.  If the data does not support the argument it is the data that is wrong so it is simply not worth discussing.

Bruce Arthur states unequivocally that the vaccines ended the pandemic and fear about the influence of the WEF is an irrational Phobia.  At no time does he present any data to support his arguments.  If Bruce wants me to believe that it was the vaccines and not omicron that ended the pandemic he must explain a couple sticky points.  Why did every country see COVID infections and deaths spike after vaccine roll outs?  Also why was their no change in infection fatality rate with vaccine use?

As for the his contention that there is no relationship between our federal government and the WEF he might want to explain why there is no difference between WEF policy and Trudeau liberal policy.  Is it just some cosmic coincidence that the WEF want to lower the average daily caloric intact and Justin wants to ban fertilizer?

The people infesting our media and government are ideologues who do not think.  They don’t believe they need to.  This problem is acute in Canada but it is not unique to Canada.  Take the Swiss for insistence.  The Swiss are suffering through an epidemic of sudden adult death syndrome but that has not kept them from demanding boosters.

Despite the fact that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome was unknown before the vaccines it cannot possibly be caused by the vaccines.  How do the leftist morons in Government know this?  Well that answer is easy.  The vaccines cannot be a problem because the left believes in vaccines and vaccine mandates therefore vaccines must be safe and effective.

If left unchecked the arrogance of the left will kill us all.

An easy way to end the Debate

Media and academia continue to contort themselves in to pretzels trying to explain that all the excess deaths could not possibly be caused by the COVID vaccines.  In the linked article Stuart McDonald, head of Demographic Assumptions and Methodology at Lloyds Banking Group states.

We cannot 100% rule out any impact of the vaccine on these excess death figures. But there are so many stronger hypotheses than that one.

The stronger arguments he puts forth are longer ambulance response times and people missing doctors’ appointments.  I have a couple simple questions for Stuart to answer with his stronger arguments.

  1. What is causing the increased need for ambulances that has increased response times so dramatically?
  2. Do you think this 20 year old hockey player died because he missed a doctor’s appointment?

This whole argument that it is anything but the vax is ridiculous and it is ridiculously easy to resolve.  It you want to prove that it is not the vax, simply stop vaccinating.  Most of the people being vaccinated don’t need it anyway.  Fit healthy 20 year old hockey players certainly never needed to be protected from a disease that kills ill seniors.

The simple solution is always the best solution.  Stop vaccinating people who do not need it and see what happens.  I guarantee one thing that will not happen is increased COVID deaths.

Government has one goal and it is not your Safety

In previous posts I have described climate change and COVID as grooming tools but they do much more than that.  They don’t just condition us to expect less they also damage the economy so that having more will not be an option.  Climate change rules make everything expensive and are forcing businesses in Europe into bankruptcy.  COVID rules damage the supply chain with travel restrictions and quarantines.

These things were done by government to make goods expensive and scarce.  Unfortunately western governments are not finished.  In their estimation goods are not yet expensive or scarce enough but that is easily solved by fertilizer bans and a war in the Ukraine.

Climate, COVID, War, and farming may all seem to be separate issues but they are not.  Every one of them has the same intended result and it is not what government has told you.

  • COVID restrictions are not about a virus.
  • Climate change policies are not about saving the planet.
  • Fertilizer bans are not about reducing Nitrogen Oxides.
  • The Ukraine war is not about preserving democracy or freedom.

Each one of these is to produce shortages of goods and most importantly shortages of food.  Our governments are trying to starve us.  This may seem like hyperbole now when we still have enough but every one of these things has the end result.  We are headed for serious shortages of the fundamentals of life.

At first I could not understand how the government thought this would work.  It is true that if you control food you control the people.  But how exactly would the government control the food and avoid the civil unrest that starvation will surely cause?  Then I saw this video and a light bulb went on.


Governments are not trying to avoid civil unrest they are counting on civil unrest.  Civil unrest will allow them to declare martial law and institute rationing.  They already have the solution to the problem they are intentionally creating.  Governments will wait until the civil unrest starts and then they will step in.  They will tell the rioters that they have every reason to be upset; it is not fair that rich people eat while others starve.  The only equitable solution will be for the government to ration supplies so that everyone gets the same.

Of course the only way to eliminate cheating will be to eliminate cash and link rations to your digital I.D.  With no cash rich people cannot buy goods on the black market.  Finally we will have equity.  Everyone will be equally poor.  Except government they will still live like kings as they do in every communist society.

We have been put in to a funnel; a funnel that ends with digital I.D.s, digital currency, and complete government control.  We are in the funnel because we did not have the courage or intelligence to just say no.  Government is the source of almost all problems, stop looking to them for solutions.  Government is not your friend; the people who work in government don’t even like you.

Why did we choose such a complex “Solution”?

Embalmers in the US are finding the same strange clots that Embalmers in England have been reporting for months.  I have posted data on this before so this issue is not new.  At first I was not going to re-post anything on these strange proteins but it triggered a burning question I have had for some time now.  Why was it necessary to reprogram people’s cells to produce foreign proteins (the spike protein)?

The Idea behind the mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) and adenovirus (J&J, AstraZeneca) vaccines is to teach your body how to make spike proteins.  Your body’s immune system will react and produce antibodies which will give you partial, although temporary, protection from COVID.  So if you boil it down the essence is to expose your body to the spike protein to provoke an immune response.  Why take such a circuitous route?

I have mentioned many times that I am an engineer.  I am often hired to solve a problem and one thing I have learned over the last 35 years is that the simple solution is always the best solution.  If you want to expose someone to the spike protein, why don’t you simply inject the spike protein?  Why mess with their DNA and hope their body produces the spike protein correctly?

Complex solutions have too many moving parts and therefore too many things that can go wrong.  As Dr. Yeadon points out, with these treatments there is no way to control which cells produce spike proteins, how much they will produce, or how long they will produce for.  Are heart complications caused by spike proteins produced in heart muscles?  Is long COVID a caused by continuous production of spike proteins?

The mRNA vaccines can’t even work without first suppressing the immune system.  How do you strengthen the immune system by weakening it?  I would be very wary of any proposed solution that was going to make the problem worse before it makes it better.  The only thing you can count on in that situation is step one where the problem gets worse.

I am not an immunologist so maybe this can’t be done.  If so, I would like an immunologist to post a comment and explain it.  I will even take your comment and turn it in to a post.

An open letter to Travis Toews and his Supporters

I am a member of the United Conservative party.  I joined the party specifically to vote against the current leader in the spring leadership review.  As a result of that vote the current leader, Jason Kenney, is stepping down and the party is in the throes of leadership contest.

As a party member I get inundated with emails extolling the virtues of one candidate or another.  Many of the candidates are members of Jason Kenney’s cabinet.  Other than the Trudeau liberals there is not another group of people I detest more than Jason Kenney’s cabinet.  When I get emails from these cabinet minister’s campaign teams I usually respond explaining that there is no way in hell I will vote for anyone who supported Jason Kenney.

I recently received another email from a former cabinet minister, Travis Toews.  The Establishment desperately wants to replace Jason Kenney with a former cabinet minister.  As I mentioned in my last post the man they want is Travis Toews.  With Travis they get another globalist WEF stooge who will continue with the great reset.

Once again I responded to the email explaining bluntly that I will never vote for Travis.  Since I am certain that no one reads my responses I thought I would print my latest Response to Travis Toews here as an open letter.  The campaign email and my response follows but first I think I should give some background information for readers unfamiliar with Canadian and Alberta politics.

The first thing that you need to understand is that Alberta is not like the rest of the country.  Canada has completely succumbed to the lunatic left.  There are very few Canadians that are not useful idiots.  Every province has some people who are not useful idiots but they constitute a small minority.  Alberta is also inundated with useful idiots but the percentage of independent thinkers is far higher in Alberta than in other provinces.

This unusual, by Canadian standards, concentration of independent thinkers made things very difficult for Jason Kenney.  Jason Kenney is a communist poorly disguised as a libertarian.  Kenney knows how to say all the right words even though he understands none of them.  Still just saying the right words was enough and Albertans gave him an overwhelming majority in the last election.  The honeymoon ended abruptly with COVID.

When COVID hit Kenney was forced to choose between his fake libertarian persona and his real identity as a card carrying WEF globalist.  Kenney chose to follow the instructions and use the fake emergency of COVID to condition Albertans to accept their rights are secondary to “public safety”.  Why wouldn’t he?  Every premier in Canada did the same thing with great success.  The more tyranny they imposed the higher their approval ratings went.  They all had an advantage over Jason Kenney though, they were not premier in Alberta.

Jason Kenney watched in amazement as the exact opposite happened in Alberta.  With every escalation in COVID tyranny his popularity dropped.  Albertans, in contrast to most other Canadians, do not appreciate being abused by government.

So that brings us to today.  Jason is on his way out and his number one man, Travis Toews, the finance minister wants to pick up where Jason left off.  Jason’s former cabinet are stubbornly stupid.  For some bizarre reason they think cooperating with 2 years of tyranny makes them a shoe in for the top position in a province where the people just threw out the last little tyrant.  This is the latest email I received from Travis Toews’s team.





If you’re ready to unite our party and defeat the NDP, there’s only one name you need to mark on your UCP leadership ballot — Travis Toews.

He’s the candidate endorsed by the majority of our UCP caucus — 29 of us have signed on to support his campaign.

He’s ready to lead as Premier on Day 1 — his work as finance minister shows he’s ready for the top job.

And he’s ready to do the hard work to win the next election and strengthen Alberta.

I’m supporting Travis Toews because he’s the serious, reliable, and proven leader we need.

He’s balanced the budget and grown our economy — he’ll keep Alberta on track.

He’s a proven winner and our best chance to win the next election.

Together, we’re going to unite our party and defeat the NDP — are you with us?




Whitney Issik

UCP MLA, Calgary-Glenmore


And here is my response




If you think this argument will work on me then you are seriously overestimating how much I value the opinion of the current UCP Caucus.  This is the same group of people who supported Jason Kenney when he decided eliminating individual rights and increasing unemployment somehow combined to form a potent ant-viral.  The support did not waver even when he forced an 80 micron cloth filter on the faces of children to somehow stop them from inhaling a 0.1 micron airborne virus.

In spite of the obvious damage to the economy and mental health you allowed this unscientific nonsense to continue for 2 years.  Not a single member of the current UCP caucus has a lick of common sense.  In fact I think the entire lot may be functionally brain dead; they must be if they think I will believe that Travis Toews balanced the budget.  Travis Toews did not balance the budget, $100 oil balanced the budget.  A child can balance Alberta’s budget when oil is $100/bbl.

 I am sick to death of living under the moronic edicts of the current UCP caucus.  I will not vote for Travis Toews nor would I vote for any of the current caucus for anything.  As far as I’m concerned this is the least capable group west of the Trudeau cabinet.


If someone from the UCP stumbles across my blog, please give my message to Travis and whoever is pulling Travis’s strings.  Albertans do not want Jason Kenney or anyone who supported his damaging 2 years of utter stupidity.

When Parasites grow Unchecked

We are where we are today because of government.  It is not climate change or COVID.  Those manufactured emergencies were just tools used by government.  They are both grooming techniques.  Climate change is to groom people not just to expect less but to want less in order to “save the planet”.  COVID is to groom us to believe that individual rights are a threat to public safety.  The only way to keep your loved ones safe is to surrender your rights and bodily autonomy to government.  Government is the sole arbiter of what constitutes the public good.

Despite what the fact checkers tell you this is the great reset.  The great reset uses a lot of talking points but at its core it is the expansion of government and therefore government control.  A friend asked me recently if I thought the great reset was inevitable.  My answer was that some sort of reset is inevitable but the reset we need is not the one Klaus Schwab wants.

The WEF advocates for a massive expansion of government.  All problems will be solved by tighter government control.   That philosophy is backstopped by incredibly poor root cause analysis.  How can more government be the solution when the root cause of most problems is government?

Government is a necessary evil.  There are some tasks that government must perform.  We do need some administrators to enact the will of the people.  When a community decides to pave a road or build a water treatment plant someone needs to manage those projects.  We do need some basic laws and some mechanism to apply and enforce those laws.  These things are a legitimate function of government and up until 1971 government performed these tasks reasonably well.  That is no longer the case.

As I pointed out in previous posts in 1971 the cancer that is government metastasized.  Spending was ramped up and government grew in influence.  That is the problem with government; it will always grow.  Government attracts sociopaths.  They cannot resist the allure of unlimited power and government has unlimited power if voters refuse to check its growth.

That is the problem with western society; government growth has been unchecked and it is still happening.  Since February 2020 private sector growth in Canada has not kept up with population growth.  At the same time government has grown by almost 10%.  The private sector is treading water while government is booming.  This is a recipe for economic disaster.  The government does not have an income or produce any value.  The government cannot spend any money without first taking it from someone else.  They are not part of the economy they are a parasite living off the economy.  No organism can survive with a parasite that grows continuously.

The reset we need is less not more government.  We need to turn the clock back to pre-1971.  Government needs a drastic and permanent downsizing.  More than 50% of all government positions need to be eliminated and the only way to do that is to rip the bandage off.  Trying to reduce the size of government through attrition will never work.  Government is no ordinary parasite, it is a parasite with teeth.  Government will do anything to protect itself.  Look at the persecution of Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has broken no laws.  Despite being under constant surveillance and investigation for 6 years no crimes have been uncovered.  Trump is not a threat to democracy he is an existential threat to government status quo and therefore must be eliminated.

Donald Trump is an anomaly by modern government standards.  He is an outsider who was not chosen by the party but by the people.  There was a time when that was called democracy.  What passes for democracy now is government insiders selecting the candidates that we can vote for.  We are only allowed to vote for candidates that have been pre-selected by unelected government insiders.  That did not happen with Trump and that is why the parasite is lashing out so violently.

This phenomena is not restricted to America.  Britain just got rid of Boris Johnson only to replace him with another swamp creature.  In Canada there are leadership contests for the federal conservatives and the Alberta provincial conservatives.  In both races the party, with the help of the media, is desperately promoting candidates that they know will preserve the status quo (Jean Charest and Travis Toews).  If their preferred candidates do not win you can expect harassment by the permanent bureaucracy to begin.

The parasites must go.  I don’t care how much Ivermectin that it takes.

When Politicians “Help”

Climate change was not a problem until now.  No we are not suddenly experiencing heat waves and hurricanes.  We are experiencing something far more dangerous and it is about to get worse; much, much worse.  What we are experience now is the cumulative effects of the combined stupidity of thousands of woke western politicians.

European politicians have been the tip of the spear.  For years they have saved their population from the dangers of CO2 by preventing the production of fossil fuels within their borders.  This does not mean they do not use fossil fuels or even produce less CO2.  It just means they buy all their fossil fuels from Russia.  Apparently fossil fuels produced in another country produce a different kind of CO2 that does not damage the planet.  We see the same phenomena in Canada where crude from Alberta is highly damaging but crude from Saudi Arabia is actually good for the environment.  That is obviously why our Prime Minister uses so much Saudi crude to fly around the world vacationing.

Oddly enough the C02 released by burning buildings is also far better than the CO2 released by diesel engines.  That is why Canada is switching to electric firetrucks so that fires will burn longer because the electric tucks pump 40% less water.  They also cost more so we can’t afford as many firefighters.  This will result in more CO2 being released but that is OK because it is the good CO2.  The people who die from these fires are a small price to pay for all that “good” CO2.

But back to Europe and all of that beneficial Russian CO2.  European’s have only recently discovered that being dependent on Russia for energy is not a good long term strategy.  More importantly, if you are dependent on one nation for energy it is a really bad idea to go to war with them.  European leaders, are clinically brain dead.  They are facing an energy crisis that they caused and have made worse at every step.  Now these same brain dead leaders are riding to the rescue with a solution.  Is their solution to make peace with Russia and work towards energy independence?  Well of course not.  The solution to a stupidity driven energy crisis is to outlaw the use of energy.

Politicians excel at solving problems that they caused themselves.  Their solutions always come with a different set of problems that are generally worse than the first problem they are trying to solve.  In this case the solution will result in unemployment, poverty, and death.  Only western leaders are stupid and uncaring enough to choose killing their own citizens over making peace with Russia.

This is the story of the last 50 years.  No problem exists that politicians and bureaucrats can’t make larger by helping.  Given their track record the last 2.5 years were inevitable.  COVID was a small problem.  It was affecting ill seniors who largely live in nursing homes.  This made COVID ridiculously easy to control.  You already knew where all the victims lived.  COVID didn’t become a big problem until the politician’s showed up to help.

Politicians turned a small problem in to a big problem by locking down everyone and forcing masks on children.  Masks from China that were toxic.  The virus was Engineered and manufactured in China.  China then intentionally infected their own citizens and put some of them on planes to scatter around Europe.  So China released a toxin and the solution was to purchase masks from China that were also toxic.  We then forced them on children, who were not susceptible to the virus in the first place.  This is the same level of stupidity demonstrated by the people who went to war with their energy supplier.

Unfortunately politicians were not done helping.  The solution to the problem of lockdowns is the vaccines.  The ‘final solution”, so to speak, was just to kill people with Jabs before they had a chance to die from COVID.  Why wait until someone becomes old and frail when you can kill them now?  Through all of this we have sat mute not asking the why politicians can’t just leave well enough alone.  COVID should be over now but it is not thanks to the politicians.  Instead of getting on with life now we watch mutely as people routinely succumb to the vaccines on live television.


Of course now the solution to the vaccines is boosters.  Are you tired of politicians helping yet?  I know I am.  This winter when the boosters are rolled out again don’t you think it is time to tell the politicians thanks but no thanks.  We don’t want, and certainly do not need, any more of their “help”.

Trudeau continues to lie about the Jabs

The Prime Moron of Canada took time from his busy schedule of destroying the country to lecture us on the best way to stay safe from COVID.


Only a few weeks ago Theresa Tam told us the definition of up to date meant a shot in the last 9 months.  In this video the man-child moves the target to 6 months.  It won’t stay at 6 months either since the national advisory committee on immunization is now recommending 3 months.  Frankly I would be surprised if by winter we are not all equipped with insulin pumps to continuously inject the latest formulation.

Justin drags out the old tired excuse of protecting hospitals.  Is it just me or does anyone else think that hospitals should protect us and not the other way around?  The vaccines are such an obvious solution that Justin is threatening lockdowns if 80-85-90% of us do not comply.  Justin will not tolerate any reduction in pharmaceutical profits, especially when they impact his own income.

Everything Justin says in the video is a lie.  This is not that surprising, Justin’s father was a murderous communist dictator, his mother was a drug addled lunatic, and his step father was an arrogant unrepentant liar; there was no chance that Justin would be a decent human being.

It is an irrefutable lie that the vaccines are the best way to keep people out of the hospital  The hospitals are full of vaccinated people; most governments stopped publishing this embarrassing statistic months ago.  Thousands of vaccinated people are being treated for either COVID or vaccine injuries.  Incredibly these people are the lucky ones, thousands more never made it to the hospital.

By far the best way of avoiding hospitalization from COVID is regular Ivermectin use.  A new study out of Brazil shows that regular use, defined as one pill per week eliminated COVID 19 hospitalizations and nearly eliminated COVID deaths.


Regular use of ivermectin led to a 100% reduction in hospitalization rate, a 92% reduction in mortality rate, and an 86% reduction in the risk of dying from COVID-19 when compared to non-users.


Ivermectin eliminated hospitalizations without causing a single injury.  Why the hell would we continue to use the jabs when Ivermectin is obviously the superior treatment?  Everyone should know the answer to that by now.  This is not and has never been about a virus.  Canadian’s need to wake up and smell the tyranny.

Finally the risk/reward of the jabs is being Questioned

A new study on Vaccine adverse events has just been published.  The following are their conclusions.

The excess risk of serious adverse events found in our study points to the need for formal harm-benefit analyses.

So the vaccines come with excess risk and a harm benefit analysis is needed.   In a sane world a harm benefit analysis would have been done before injecting every single soul on earth.  We do not live in a sane world, so of course we did not do that.  We did not because even now 2 years later the Pfizer and Moderna have not released the data.  Again from the conclusions.

Full transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial data is needed to properly evaluate these questions. Unfortunately, as we approach 2 years after release of COVID-19 vaccines, partici-pant level data remain inaccessible.

On the surface these conclusions seem quite tepid.  They basically recommend making the data available to do a risk reward determination.  All very standard stuff but with COVID nothing is standard.  These recommendations are very telling because they signal that the narrative is changing again.

When the vaccines came out we were told that they were 96% effective and 100% safe.  They were all reward and no risk.  This was a ridiculous assertion.  There has never been a medical intervention in history without risk.  The statement was obviously false yet people accepted it at face value.  Then vaccinated people started to get sick.

When breakthrough infections became undeniable the narrative changed.  The vaccines were still effective because the infections were mild and of course the jabs remained 100% safe.  Except of course they were not safe.  Thousands of people had been killed and injured. The narrative had to change again.

The mantra became the risks of the vaccine were less than the risk of COVID.  Now this study casts doubt on that.  In fact it points out no one has even done a harm-benefit analysis.  How could they without the data?  Eventually the truth always surfaces.  Sooner or later people will realize these injections were all pain for no gain.  They do not prevent serious infection and come with a host of potential, even deadly, side effects.

This farce can’t go on forever.

Repeating old Mistakes

I found both good news and Bad new today in Steve Kircsh’s Substack newsletter.  The Good news is that if you survived your vaccination and it was more than 5 months ago you probably won’t succumb to sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  More than one researcher has now found that Vaccine deaths seem to peak 5 months after vaccination.  The bad news is that vaccine injuries may be as permanent as vaccine deaths.

This is precisely why you do not give an experimental treatment to everyone on the planet.  No matter how much lab work you do, there is no way to know what all the side effects could be.  Thalidomide was an anxiety medication developed in 1953.  Different countries approved it at different time.  Like any new drug the doctors started to prescribe it to more people for more reasons.  One great reason was to relieve, anxious, expectant mothers.  This resulted in 10s of thousands of dead and deformed babies.

One by one countries started to ban thalidomide.  Most countries used thalidomide 5 to 10 years before banning.  The regulating bodies in each country assured everyone thalidomide was safe right up until the day that it was not.

We have failed to learn a hard lesson from the Thalidomide fiasco.  The COVID vaccines were a bad Idea right from the start, but we used them anyway.  Worse than that we are still using them.  Will there be another 5 month death peak after booster shots?  We simply do not know and that is a great reason to not get boosted.