Government has one goal and it is not your Safety

In previous posts I have described climate change and COVID as grooming tools but they do much more than that.  They don’t just condition us to expect less they also damage the economy so that having more will not be an option.  Climate change rules make everything expensive and are forcing businesses in Europe into bankruptcy.  COVID rules damage the supply chain with travel restrictions and quarantines.

These things were done by government to make goods expensive and scarce.  Unfortunately western governments are not finished.  In their estimation goods are not yet expensive or scarce enough but that is easily solved by fertilizer bans and a war in the Ukraine.

Climate, COVID, War, and farming may all seem to be separate issues but they are not.  Every one of them has the same intended result and it is not what government has told you.

  • COVID restrictions are not about a virus.
  • Climate change policies are not about saving the planet.
  • Fertilizer bans are not about reducing Nitrogen Oxides.
  • The Ukraine war is not about preserving democracy or freedom.

Each one of these is to produce shortages of goods and most importantly shortages of food.  Our governments are trying to starve us.  This may seem like hyperbole now when we still have enough but every one of these things has the end result.  We are headed for serious shortages of the fundamentals of life.

At first I could not understand how the government thought this would work.  It is true that if you control food you control the people.  But how exactly would the government control the food and avoid the civil unrest that starvation will surely cause?  Then I saw this video and a light bulb went on.


Governments are not trying to avoid civil unrest they are counting on civil unrest.  Civil unrest will allow them to declare martial law and institute rationing.  They already have the solution to the problem they are intentionally creating.  Governments will wait until the civil unrest starts and then they will step in.  They will tell the rioters that they have every reason to be upset; it is not fair that rich people eat while others starve.  The only equitable solution will be for the government to ration supplies so that everyone gets the same.

Of course the only way to eliminate cheating will be to eliminate cash and link rations to your digital I.D.  With no cash rich people cannot buy goods on the black market.  Finally we will have equity.  Everyone will be equally poor.  Except government they will still live like kings as they do in every communist society.

We have been put in to a funnel; a funnel that ends with digital I.D.s, digital currency, and complete government control.  We are in the funnel because we did not have the courage or intelligence to just say no.  Government is the source of almost all problems, stop looking to them for solutions.  Government is not your friend; the people who work in government don’t even like you.