An easy way to end the Debate

Media and academia continue to contort themselves in to pretzels trying to explain that all the excess deaths could not possibly be caused by the COVID vaccines.  In the linked article Stuart McDonald, head of Demographic Assumptions and Methodology at Lloyds Banking Group states.

We cannot 100% rule out any impact of the vaccine on these excess death figures. But there are so many stronger hypotheses than that one.

The stronger arguments he puts forth are longer ambulance response times and people missing doctors’ appointments.  I have a couple simple questions for Stuart to answer with his stronger arguments.

  1. What is causing the increased need for ambulances that has increased response times so dramatically?
  2. Do you think this 20 year old hockey player died because he missed a doctor’s appointment?

This whole argument that it is anything but the vax is ridiculous and it is ridiculously easy to resolve.  It you want to prove that it is not the vax, simply stop vaccinating.  Most of the people being vaccinated don’t need it anyway.  Fit healthy 20 year old hockey players certainly never needed to be protected from a disease that kills ill seniors.

The simple solution is always the best solution.  Stop vaccinating people who do not need it and see what happens.  I guarantee one thing that will not happen is increased COVID deaths.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Does anyone know if there is anything such as a Sudden Adult Death Syndrome support website? Would like to check that out and see what’s being said.

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