An open letter to Travis Toews and his Supporters

I am a member of the United Conservative party.  I joined the party specifically to vote against the current leader in the spring leadership review.  As a result of that vote the current leader, Jason Kenney, is stepping down and the party is in the throes of leadership contest.

As a party member I get inundated with emails extolling the virtues of one candidate or another.  Many of the candidates are members of Jason Kenney’s cabinet.  Other than the Trudeau liberals there is not another group of people I detest more than Jason Kenney’s cabinet.  When I get emails from these cabinet minister’s campaign teams I usually respond explaining that there is no way in hell I will vote for anyone who supported Jason Kenney.

I recently received another email from a former cabinet minister, Travis Toews.  The Establishment desperately wants to replace Jason Kenney with a former cabinet minister.  As I mentioned in my last post the man they want is Travis Toews.  With Travis they get another globalist WEF stooge who will continue with the great reset.

Once again I responded to the email explaining bluntly that I will never vote for Travis.  Since I am certain that no one reads my responses I thought I would print my latest Response to Travis Toews here as an open letter.  The campaign email and my response follows but first I think I should give some background information for readers unfamiliar with Canadian and Alberta politics.

The first thing that you need to understand is that Alberta is not like the rest of the country.  Canada has completely succumbed to the lunatic left.  There are very few Canadians that are not useful idiots.  Every province has some people who are not useful idiots but they constitute a small minority.  Alberta is also inundated with useful idiots but the percentage of independent thinkers is far higher in Alberta than in other provinces.

This unusual, by Canadian standards, concentration of independent thinkers made things very difficult for Jason Kenney.  Jason Kenney is a communist poorly disguised as a libertarian.  Kenney knows how to say all the right words even though he understands none of them.  Still just saying the right words was enough and Albertans gave him an overwhelming majority in the last election.  The honeymoon ended abruptly with COVID.

When COVID hit Kenney was forced to choose between his fake libertarian persona and his real identity as a card carrying WEF globalist.  Kenney chose to follow the instructions and use the fake emergency of COVID to condition Albertans to accept their rights are secondary to “public safety”.  Why wouldn’t he?  Every premier in Canada did the same thing with great success.  The more tyranny they imposed the higher their approval ratings went.  They all had an advantage over Jason Kenney though, they were not premier in Alberta.

Jason Kenney watched in amazement as the exact opposite happened in Alberta.  With every escalation in COVID tyranny his popularity dropped.  Albertans, in contrast to most other Canadians, do not appreciate being abused by government.

So that brings us to today.  Jason is on his way out and his number one man, Travis Toews, the finance minister wants to pick up where Jason left off.  Jason’s former cabinet are stubbornly stupid.  For some bizarre reason they think cooperating with 2 years of tyranny makes them a shoe in for the top position in a province where the people just threw out the last little tyrant.  This is the latest email I received from Travis Toews’s team.





If you’re ready to unite our party and defeat the NDP, there’s only one name you need to mark on your UCP leadership ballot — Travis Toews.

He’s the candidate endorsed by the majority of our UCP caucus — 29 of us have signed on to support his campaign.

He’s ready to lead as Premier on Day 1 — his work as finance minister shows he’s ready for the top job.

And he’s ready to do the hard work to win the next election and strengthen Alberta.

I’m supporting Travis Toews because he’s the serious, reliable, and proven leader we need.

He’s balanced the budget and grown our economy — he’ll keep Alberta on track.

He’s a proven winner and our best chance to win the next election.

Together, we’re going to unite our party and defeat the NDP — are you with us?




Whitney Issik

UCP MLA, Calgary-Glenmore


And here is my response




If you think this argument will work on me then you are seriously overestimating how much I value the opinion of the current UCP Caucus.  This is the same group of people who supported Jason Kenney when he decided eliminating individual rights and increasing unemployment somehow combined to form a potent ant-viral.  The support did not waver even when he forced an 80 micron cloth filter on the faces of children to somehow stop them from inhaling a 0.1 micron airborne virus.

In spite of the obvious damage to the economy and mental health you allowed this unscientific nonsense to continue for 2 years.  Not a single member of the current UCP caucus has a lick of common sense.  In fact I think the entire lot may be functionally brain dead; they must be if they think I will believe that Travis Toews balanced the budget.  Travis Toews did not balance the budget, $100 oil balanced the budget.  A child can balance Alberta’s budget when oil is $100/bbl.

 I am sick to death of living under the moronic edicts of the current UCP caucus.  I will not vote for Travis Toews nor would I vote for any of the current caucus for anything.  As far as I’m concerned this is the least capable group west of the Trudeau cabinet.


If someone from the UCP stumbles across my blog, please give my message to Travis and whoever is pulling Travis’s strings.  Albertans do not want Jason Kenney or anyone who supported his damaging 2 years of utter stupidity.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Excellent post Richard. You are correct the UCP somehow seem to not understand that most Albertans aren’t sheep like most Canadians.

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