Another paper proving the Jabs kill

By the end of 2020 the German government reported 34,000 COVID deaths and high excess mortality for 2020.  There is a new paper out disputing both numbers.  The researchers found that both the WHO and the German government underestimated expected deaths by ignoring long term trends and population growth.  When the researchers used the long term trends in mortality and factored in population growth they found no excess deaths in 2020.  In fact 2020 was a lighter than average year.  Even seniors did not see much of an increase.

I have shown this many times on my blog.  Most countries did not see an unusual number of deaths during the great COVID plague of 2020.  The only countries that had unusually high deaths were countries where politicians went out of their way to infect and mistreat seniors.

2021 in Germany was another story entirely.  Every age group above 14 showed significant excess deaths.  The excess deaths did not start until the vaccinations started.  Every time you look you see the same pattern.  COVID was not an emergency, it was barely even a problem.  We did not have a problem until the politicians and Pharmaceutical companies came riding to the rescue with the non-vaccines.

In 2020 we should not have locked down the economy we only needed to lock up the politicians.  It is still not too late to do the right thing.

The Casualties indicate we are at War

I have seen several articles lately about the decline in average life expectancy in The US.  Every article is quick to blame COVID for the dramatic drop in life expectancy.  The linked article is very direct in their assessment.

Covid-19 deaths were the main reason for the decline. 

I am sorry but that dog don’t hunt.  Mathematically this is a ridiculous statement.  In Alberta the average age of a COVID fatality is 78 years old.  Most jurisdictions post similar data.  That is right on the average life expectancy.  COVID could kill every 78 year old in the country and it would not change the average life expectancy.  Removing the average from the average does not change the average.

The only way to produce a dramatic drop in life expectancy is by killing large numbers of young people.  That is exactly what happened during World War 2.

Every sane person knows what is causing this.  The COVID vaccines are killing Young people as effectively as a world war.  We shut down the entire world because we were afraid COVID would kill large numbers of seniors.  That never happened but now, faced with an actual pandemic of young people dying, we do nothing.  We don’t need to force masks on children, walk one way in store aisles, or shut down the economy.  All we must do is stop Jabbing people.  It is time to ask why the government won’t do that.