Canadian Governments are now Imprisoning Christians and Political Opponents

 “It’s very satisfying to arrest the leaders, but there will be other people who step up, I understand. All we can do as individuals is to do the right thing and to do right by our neighbors and to obey the Government.”

I would be willing to bet that this has been said by every Nazis who ever lived.  So which Nazis said it this time?  Well, that would be Calgary Ward 9 Councilor Gian-Carlo Carra.  I confess I did use my poetic license to clarify the quote a little.  Below is the unedited quote.

“It’s very satisfying to arrest the leaders of these congregations, but there will be other people who step up, I understand. All we can do as individuals is to do the right thing and to do right by our neighbors and to obey the restrictions.”

What was Herr Carra so satisfied about?  Well, his Buddy Jason was up to his old tricks.  Alberta just used thousands of tax dollars to arresting a Pastor again.

This Pastor was such a hardened criminal that Jason sent a helicopter to find him.  His crime this time was holding an outdoor church service.  Even the CDC admits that the risk of outdoor transmission is low.  Their numbers say it is less than 1% but the CDC are a bunch of left wing ideologs so they can only bring themselves to say that it is less than 10%.

Anyone attending this super spreader event carelessly relied on the more than 99% certainty that they would not become infected.  Anyone under 60 who did become infected would then run a 0.09% chance of death.  When you put those numbers together you realize how frighteningly close to death theses crazed lunatics came.  Jason stepped in decisively to prevent these poor misguided souls from accepting a risk of death that was less than 1 in 100,000.

All I can say is God bless Jason Kenney for saving these people from certain death or at least their 1 in a million chance of death.  I am sure tomorrow Jason will send police to drag people out of doughnut shops to save them from their 1 in 10 chances of diabetes.  With the police occupied at doughnut shops perhaps Jason can turn to firefighters.  Afterall they are trained to rush into buildings and drag people to safety.  Jason could dispatch them to rush into fast food restaurants to save people from their 3 in 10 chances of Obesity.

This is Canada now.  When we are not arresting Christians, we are arresting opposition politicians.


Isn’t it comforting to see all these provincial premiers protecting us from dangerous Christians and politicians who value our charter of rights?  This country is way better off without the inherent peacefulness of Christianity or raucous results of free speech.

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  1. Trevor Boyce
    Trevor Boyce says:

    I wanted to clarify your numbers to illustrate the story. Although 1% of all cases are from transmission outdoors, it is NOT the case that someone will get Covid 1% of the time at an outdoor event. There are millions of outdoor events everyday of various sizes and there are only 10s of Covid cases. So although 1% of all Covid cases come from outdoors, it is probably closer to 1/10,000 people get sick at an INDIVIDUAL outdoor event. So with a 99.91% survival rate once you did get sick, the chance of dying of Covid from attending one particular church service would be approximately 1/100,000,000. That is 1 in a hundred million. I repeat, ONE in 100 Million! That number doesn’t mean much because it’s just a big number. So let’s put it this way…..If you were to attend that church, faithfully, every Sunday, you would have approximately a 10% chance of dying from Covid In the next 190,000 years.

    This is what we are being protected from.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      You are very correct Trevor. South Dakota did extensive tracing after the Sturgis bike rally. they had about 460 cases after an event attended by more than 460,000 people. that is 0.1% a little higher that 1 in 10,000 but you must remember that the event is not completely held outdoors and many of the riders travelled for days staying in hotels and stopping in restaurants along the way. I think if you looked close enough you would find your 1/10,000 number is not far off, it might even be too high. As I have said from the beginning when you look at the numbers it is clear how ridiculous all of this is. Numbers don’t lie which is irrefutable proof that politicians can’t count.

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