Politicians are Terrified of Black Swans

Governments are starting to coerce people in to taking the COVID Vaccines.  In Greece Unvaccinated people must wear masks and stores must declare it they will even serve unvaccinated people.


The UAE has opted for a more heavy handed policy.  Unvaccinated people are not allowed in any public space.


What does this say about these governments?  How can so many anti-vaxxers be in charge?

At this point you might be asking yourself what the hell I am talking about.  Why do I call these law makers anti-vaxxers when they are forcing people to be vaccinated?  Well, to me they are anti-vaxxers because they obviously do not believe in vaccines.  If you believed the vaccines worked you would never institute these laws.

Think about it for a minute.  If the Vaccines work unvaccinated people are no threat to vaccinated people.  Vaccinated people do not accept any risk by allowing the unvaccinated among them.  The only people at risk are other unvaccinated people.  Vaccines are now readily available in every wealthy country.  Anyone who has not been vaccinated obviously does not want to be vaccinated.  It is just as obvious they have consciously accepted infection risk.

Neither vaccinated nor unvaccinated benefit from these laws.  Even health care systems do not benefit.  If we did not overwhelm our hospitals when no one was vaccinated, how will we overwhelm our hospitals when almost everyone is vaccinated?

These laws do not protect anyone so why institute them?  Who benefits?  2 small groups are the beneficiaries, politicians and vaccine manufacturers.  The benefit to Vaccine manufacturers is clearly financial, they get to sell more drugs.  The benefit to Politicians is more esoteric.

For 17 months politicians have justified extinction of our rights by the existential threat of the virus.  To avoid rebellion they desperately need the public to believe it is not possible to survive without being vaccinated.  Nothing kills a great narrative more completely than physical proof.  Unvaccinated people are black swans.

Swans in Europe and Asia are white.  Prevailing belief among biologists was that all swans are white.  That story was disrupted when Europeans discovered black swans in Australia.  The Current prevailing belief is that the pandemic cannot be survived unvaccinated.  The last thing a politician wants right now is for unvaccinated people to exist.

If politicians allow people to remain unvaccinated the myth is at risk.  Vaccinated people will realize that vaccines were not necessary, then they will question everything.  Lockdowns, social distancing, and masks will all come under scrutiny.  None of these things will survive that scrutiny.  If the public realizes none of this was necessary it will not be safe for politicians.

Political survival is ensured by eliminating all black swans before they are discovered.  Vaccinating a black swan turns it white and preserves the narrative.  Unvaccinated are an existential threat but only to politicians.  The consequences of a mass public awakening could be deadly for them.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    What a great analogy. Your analyses are spot on. It feels to me, IRL, that those in my life who have taken the vaccine have “moved on.” That is, they are caring less about whether I take it, or not. They want to get back to regular life, which does not involve thinking about a vaccine (which is good but also bad in a way.)

    But the NEWS. “Coronavirus News UPDATE…Coronavirus TRACKER…” What they heck will the news do without covid to obsess on? Today from an ABC7 online news article: “Now could be the most dangerous time to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 as the delta variant spreads rapidly around the world.. it’s more infectious, more dangerous….even though the total number of people with COVID continues to go down, the percentage of delta cases are going up….if you’ve been on the fence, your wait is over, and now is the best time to get vaccinated says the NYC health commissioner…..” Yes, MUST keep turning those black swans white!! The pushiness is coming from the TV, Dr. Fauci, the news, the government….but IRL people are not so pushy. I have come out to some of my clients to let them know I’m not vaccinated and most seem to still have a live and let live attitude….It’s the powers that be that are trying to infect us with nastiness and judgement, to encourage businesses to separate HEALTHY people form one another with these passes and passports. I’m trying to hang on to hope. My eyeballs have been so blown open by the past year that I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. The situation does seem worse in Canada and I can feel the anguish in these last few posts. For everyone’s sake, let’s keep on keeping on. Thank you for this great blog. Found it by accident when I typed “myth of asymptomatic transmission” into duckduckgo (not google). Lucky day for me.

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