Government Will Never Let COVID End.

COVID is the most political disease in history.  There is no correlation between the severity of COVID mitigation measures and reduced mortality.  There is an almost perfect correlation between politics and Lockdown severity.  The further left the government the greater the loss in human rights.  The COVID political divide exists even in attitudes about when this is over.

Poll: 57% Of Republicans Think The Pandemic Is Over — But Only 4% Of Democrats Agree | The Daily Caller

The left simply will not let go of COVID.  It fits their world view.  The left firmly believes that government must save us from ourselves.  Everything must be subject to government control, even cold and flu season.  That is the fundamental problem with left wing ideology.  No matter how many people government kill; people on the left still trust them.  They will not believe the pandemic is over until the government tells them it is over.

I have bad news for these poor deluded lefties. Governments have no intention of ever letting this end.  The Australian government is still building COVID concentration camps.

As far as the Australian government is concerned this is not over.  How can that be?  Every government in the world is telling their citizens that vaccines work, and you must be vaccinated.  Doesn’t this mean that the pandemic is over?  If the Vaccine is not the end point what is?

Readily available vaccines should have heralded the end of the Pandemic.  Yet they did not.  Let us have an electronic show of hands.  Who thinks any of this was about a virus?

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    It’s not about a virus. Not at all! Let’s consider this for a minute: if the government locks people down, strips away their rights and those people dutifully follow every rule the government throws at them over a mere flu virus, imagine what those same people would do if their country was invaded or attacked by a foreign attacker? Would they just cower and go into submission in hopes of getting their “ freedoms” back? I’m thinking so. What freedoms do you really have living like that? As someone once said “ I’d sooner live one year as a lion than 100 years as a sheep”. Canada is a nation of sheep and it’s damn embarrassing.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    No electronic hand raised here! I want to bring your attention to a YouTuber named Whatsherface. Don’t remember how I found her. She’s a young Canadian woman who I think did music “before” but over the past year pivoted to social commentary. She is so sharp and on point. Definitely NOT a Canadian Sheep…..

    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      I agree about Whatsherface. She is sharp and powerful. And proof not all Canadians are sheep. We have much more than our fair share of sheep here, but the bigger problem is the Canadian culture of being “nice” means those that aren’t sheep don’t speak up or debate their friends and family on the important topics. Too many good people just keep their mouths shut. It’s a real weakness we have developed as a country. A hundred years ago, in the two world wars, Canadians were feared as some of the most formidable warriors. Now we are a pathetic lot who just go along to get along. Our soldiers must be rolling in their graves.

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