We Need to Ask More Questions About COVID Vaccines

Here is another interview with Dr McCullough.  In the last interview that I posted Dr. McCullough questioned many things about the COVID narrative.  He pointed out that almost everything we have done has no basis in medical science.  In this interview he goes beyond just questioning.  He is very blunt; this is bioterrorism.


Dr. McCullough makes the incredible claim that he has whistleblowers inside the CDC.  These sources claim that Vaccine deaths are 10 time higher than what is being reported.  I don’t know if this is true but I am convinced that Vaccine deaths are underreported.

Very early in the “pandemic” doctors were given very specific guidance on what deaths should be classified as COVID deaths.  If there was even a chance of COVID exposure it was a COVID death.  Even if it was a suicide.  So, what is the guidance for when a death is a vaccine death?  It seems a person must die with the needle still in their arm for it to be a vaccine death.

This is a very interesting video showing how Vaccination programs correlate with increased deaths.  All these deaths are being classified as COVID deaths.


Correlation is not causation.  You can argue that the increased COVID deaths only coincidentally correlated to the Vaccinations.  Although you must admit there were an awful lot of coincidences.  One thing that is clear from this video is that Vaccinations failed to improve the situation in any of those countries.

If the vaccines are not making things better, why are we using them?  It is way past time for us to answer that question.