We are Approaching the End Game

I came across this article yesterday.  Some Swedish Doctors are speaking out.


Either the Swedish doctors have been reading my rants or I have been shamelessly plagiarizing them.  All of their 14 points reproduced below have been the topics of multiple posts


The points in the open letter – Covid Facts

  1. There is no significant increase of total deaths during 2020 compared with the last 20 years.
  2. In 2009 the WHO (World Health Organization) changed the definition of a pandemic from being based on deaths to being based on cases.
  3. During the winter season 2020/2021 the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) reported almost zero cases of influenza.
  4. PCR-tests done at 35 or more cycles give 97% false positives. In Sweden, 45-50 cycles are used in the lab.
  5. Facemasks do not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Facemasks increase the risk of bacterial airway infections.
  6. There is a clear connection between vitamin D deficiency and the risk for hospitalization and death from covid-19.
  7. Ivermectin works as prevention and treatment of covid-19, however, Swedish doctors are not able to prescribe this medication.
  8. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin is an effective combination treatment of covid-19.
  9. Lockdowns have no scientific evidence showing any decrease in the spread of covid-19. On the contrary, lockdowns cause financial harm, mental illness, and even delayed diagnosis of cancer and heart disease.
  10. Healthy children do not die of covid-19. There is no need for children to receive the experimental injection.
  11. The covid injection is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, rather a form of gene therapy where the individual can still be infected.
  12. Normally vaccine development takes 5-15 years. Since February 2021 there has been an increase of covid deaths parallel with people taking the injection.
  13. We are now in a combined phase 3 + 4 experimental trial without informed consent, which is against the Nuremberg Code.
  14. Vaccine passports will lead to an apartheid system and further loss of individual freedom.

I am neither Swedish nor a doctor.  Frankly, you did not need to be a doctor to see through this Farce.  All you need is a little common sense.  This “pandemic” has reeked from the start.  No one around me was getting sick let alone dying.  What the media spewed was so far away from my own experience that I could not help but doubt.  When I looked at the governments own data and put it in context, I found government’s actions were not justified.

It has been apparent for a long time that this has nothing to do with a virus.  The Virus is just the curtain the wizard is hiding behind.  Evil politicians have been positioning us to accept a dramatic “reset” of society.  Their plans have been going so well that politicians are already looking beyond the reset.  They are now concerned with how to maintain control after the reset.  That brings us to Point 14.

In my post with the Dr. Peter McCullough interview, I agreed that all roads lead to the vaccine.  This perplexed me for a long time.  Politicians desperately want everyone to be vaccinated.  What is in it for them?  At first, I could not see how politicians benefited from this.  Politicians never do anything that does not benefit them personally.  There had to be something that I was missing.

I have finally realized what I was missing.  All roads do not lead to the vaccine they lead to the vaccine passports.  Or more specifically a smart phone vaccine app.  The smart phone app is the evolution of the Chinese social credit system.  The government will mandate that you cannot enter any public building without scanning your phone.  If you step out of line your vaccination records will disappear.  You will be denied entry everywhere.

The only way to rejoin society will be to get vaccinated again.  Each time you get re-vaccinated your vaccine complications will get worse.  Like any Pavlovian dog you will eventually learn the correct behavior.  The great reset will be enforced without gulags and guns.  This time it will be smart phones and needles.

The domino not yet fallen is mandatory vaccinations.  I believe that they are on the horizon and that the public will demand them.  The public will also demand proof of vaccination and a convenient smart phone app.  Governments will be only too happy to oblige.  The first round of vaccinations have already set the stage for this.

Despite what you have been told, the numbers are clear.  COVID did not produce significant excess deaths.  The main reason is the high level of pre-existing natural immunity.  In the absence of politicians COVID would have been very rare next winter.  The politicians and their vaccines have swung the odds back in COVIDs favor.

COVID vaccines provide only temporary benefits while destroying natural immunity.  By the fall vaccinated people will have no protection or natural immunity.  Next winter could be very bad indeed.  Millions of people will fall ill and the media will ignore that all had been vaccinated.  The “4th wave” will not be blamed on the vaccines they will be blamed on variants.  Variants will be blamed on the unvaccinated.

Useful idiots will demand mandatory vaccinations and proof of vaccination.  Our descent in to Tyranny will be complete.  I hope I am wrong.  I really do, but at this point I can’t see it happening any other way.  It is not a large step from demanding others be unemployed for your protection to demanding others be injected for you protection.

Last year when Karen demanded that others must sacrifice for Karen’s protection we should have said no.  We should have told Karen to take her paranoid fears and F%&k off.  We did not.  Governments will re-trigger the Karen army this winter and we will lose our rights permanently.

Joe Biden was half right.  Fighting governments with guns is difficult but not because the government has F18s and nuclear weapons.  The government’s most effective weapons against insurrection are Karen and the media.  In my Utopia neither one exists. Engineers are not supposed to be dreamers, but I can’t let go of that one.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    I hope this turns out to not be true. Sadly, there has been reporting that the Delta variant harms more vaccinated than unvaccinated in UK and India By quite a large percentage. The media is out frantically spinning that narrative so the sheep will get a different story…

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