The WHO Accidentally gets close to the Truth

Yesterday the WHO announced that COVID Vaccines need to be studied more before they are given to children.

Their statement was reported in the news, but I cannot find it on their website.  They have buried it deep enough for deniability in case China tells them to reverse it.  I am surprised that the WHO might skirt so close to the truth, but not surprised that people are starting to question COVID Vaccinations for children.  Afterall, the country with the most Vaccine experience was warning about this In April.

The WHO downplayed the significance of their new guidance by pointing out children are low risk.

The WHO is the cop standing in front of an accident waving people by with a “nothing to see here folks”.  They want us to know this is not a big deal because Children are low risk and can be vaccinated later.  I do not agree; this is a very a big deal.  We are staring to question why a child needs to die for the remote chance of saving a senior.  This is the first crack in the “no one is safe until everyone is safe narrative”.

For 16 months governments have been forcing people to do things detrimental to their own health to improve “public health”.  Think about that for a minute.  How does the public get healthier when everyone gets less healthy?  We increased stress through unemployment and isolation.  Mandatory masks restricted breathing and trapped toxins to be inhaled.  Physical fitness was degraded by banning sports and exercise classes.  None of this was good for anyone’s health.

The last indignity was forcing medical treatments on people who did not need it.  Very few people need to be vaccinated and we are finally starting to admit that.  The truth has a way of finding the light.  It just does not always happen in time to save people for government malfeasance.  Historians will look back at this period and wonder why we let any of this happen.