Giving COVID Vaccines to Young People should be a Criminal Offence

On Monday I was vax shamed.  A young man I know but had not seen in weeks asked me if I had been vaccinated.  It was the first thing he said to me.  He knew the answer without asking the question.  A couple months ago we were discussing lockdowns.  He was all for them.  He knows I think that this “threat” is overblown, and the mitigations measures have been largely irrational and ineffective.

When I answered that I had not been vaccinated because I had no compelling reason to get vaccinated the shaming started.  Apparently, I was preventing society from reaching herd immunity and I should be more concerned about asymptomatic transfer.  As you might imagine I was unmoved by either argument.

In my young friend’s defense, he is a very bright and has looked at some data.  His problem is just that he is young.  Our Public school system indoctrinates children to believe in the benevolence of government.  It takes many years of separation from that before most people realize that the government is not your friend.  By the time you get to my age you understand how often the government lies and how egregious those lies can be.

The data my friend looked at was on lockdown effectiveness.  After the first lockdowns there were papers published that purported to show lockdowns were effective.  The problem with all those papers was the lack of data.  Many countries that appeared to have success with lockdowns really did not.  Their success was simply because the virus did not get established before the arrival of spring.  The next fall they employed the same strategies without success.

He did more than most; at least he looked.  He just did not look close enough.  Since his early skepticism he has been drinking the Kool-Aid without question.  That is unfortunate because it led him to the Vaccine, and he is still in his 20s.  In my opinion is should be a criminal offense to give the COVID Vaccines to anyone under 30.  To explain my point let us consider data from Israel.

I have discussed Israel before.  Israel had one of the world’s most aggressive vaccination programs.  They were vaccinating twice as fast as most other western countries.  Israel got there first so not surprisingly much of the data on adverse side effects is coming out of Israel.  Israel was one of the first to notice the problem of heart inflammation in young males.

Now data is coming out of Israel showing Higher than normal deaths among young men.  The deaths start to occur after the second dose.  See below.

Here is a plot showing the cumulative impact compared to the average of the previous 5 years.

The mantra is that the risk of the virus is less than the risk of the vaccine.  Is that true?  Would the virus have killed more than 50 young men?  I could not find demographics of COVID deaths in Israel.  I can find them for Alberta.  In Alberta 0.48% of COVID deaths were People under 30.  All had serious health conditions.  If I apply the same percentage to Israel, then approximately 29 people of both sexes have died with COVID.  60% of COVID fatalities are men so approximately 17 Israeli men under 30 died with covid.  Presumably, they were all in poor health prior to contracting COVID.

The COVID Vaccines have already killed 3 times more young Israeli men then the virus.  Still these young men died to save others, right?  No, they did not.  Israel had already reached herd immunity naturally before the vaccination even began.  There was no one left to save.

What if Israel had not reached herd immunity?  Would it be ethical to sacrifice 50 young men to prolong the lives of seniors?  You might think it is heartless to say we are trading one life for another but that is exactly what we are doing.  Worse we are doing it without any guarantee it will save anyone.  What we are doing is no different than throwing people into the volcano to appease the COVID gods.

We have not yet seen this in Canada because we just started administering second doses to young people.  There are 4 times as many people in Canada.  If we have the same experience as Israel, we can Expect 200 men under 30 to die from the vaccines.  I hope my young friend is not one of them.

If COVID Vaccines are so Wonderful why Bribe People to take Them.

Since March of 2020, Jason Kenney has gone full Tyrant.  He has used a heavy hand to silence all dissent even using police to harass religious leaders who speak out.  Now in a bizarre twist he wants to be Mr. nice guy.  On Saturday he released this video.

Jason is all smiles as he talks about giving away money.  He is very pleased with himself indeed.  Of course, it is not his money he is giving away it is your money.  I have never seen a politician who was not orgasmic about spending other people’s money.

So why after 16 months of brandishing a stick has Jason decided to try a carrot?  Maybe he has finally discovered not everyone can be beaten into submission.  The Vaccine roll out proceeded exactly how I thought it would.  There would be an initial rush as nervous and panicky people lined up to be injected.  After the rush it would taper off.  You will never get to 100%.

When Alberta unveiled their 3rd (or is it 4th, it is so hard to keep count) re-open plan it was dramatically different from the previous plans.  Previous plans had milestones based on infection and hospital rates.  They were junked because they were too easy to achieve and simply would not keep us locked down long enough.  The Truth would not set us free, but Spring certainly would.

To keep this farce going longer Jason needed to shift the goal posts again.  The latest re-open plan targets vaccination rates.  Stage 3 requires 70% vaccination.  70% is a very aggressive target.  Especially in Alberta where some polls indicated 25% to 30% would not take the Vaccine.  It turns out the polls were right.  Vaccine demand peaked 4 weeks ago.  The plot below is from the Alberta government website.

Under normal circumstances these numbers would be heralded as a success.  The government was able to vaccinate quickly and efficiently everyone who wanted it.  Unfortunately achieving success depends on how you define success in the first place.  The government should have defined success as making the vaccine available to everyone who wanted it.  Instead, they chose an arbitrary number of 70%.

Alberta is now very close to the government goal; We are at 68.8%.  The problem is that almost no one is showing up for their first dose anymore.  Getting the last 1.2% will not be easy so Jason has decided to change gears.  He is hoping his lottery will convince about 50,000 to go get vaccinated to reach his target.

The chance at $1,000,000 will probably be enough to swing 50,000 people but that is not certain.  By now people’s positions have become quite entrenched.  I know mine have.  You have either drank the COVID Kool-Aid or you are still capable of independent thought.  I am not vaccinated.  I have many reasons for making that choice.  After 16 months of government abuse, I have 2 reasons that have nothing to do with the vaccine and how safe or effective it might be.

  1. I refuse to play along with Jason Kenney’s demented little game. There was no emergency or existential threat.  I refuse to become a statistic Jason can use to justify his illegal actions to combat a near non-existent threat.
  2. I am old enough to know better. For almost 6 decades I have been lied to and mistreated by all levels of government.  Anything the government, especially this government, wants me to do this badly cannot be good for me.

The Great Reset is Right on Schedule

The COVID assisted great reset is plowing ahead at breakneck speed.  In Australia they are now building COVID Concentration camps.


Don’t you find the timing of this a little odd?  The existing COVID hotels have been operating for months now without causing outbreaks.  Even if they were, isn’t the pandemic over?  Vaccines are readily available everywhere.  What problem are they trying to solve with these concentration camps?  Oh yes, I forgot.  These prisons are just for those filthy anti-vaxers.

The citizens are happy that unvaccinated travelers will be removed from sight.  Just like Germany citizens were happy to see Jews isolated in Ghettos.  But the COVID camps are not like that right?  Look how pleasant the sketch of the accommodation appears.  I am sure they will be the height of luxury.  I am also sure they will have orchestras that assemble and play any time the Red Cross comes to inspect.  Just like the Nazis controlled Jewish Ghettos.

70 to 80% of people will demonstrate compliance and get vaccinated.  People who will not comply could be a serious long term problem.  The Great Rest will be very difficult to finish without complete obedience.  Australian politicians are very forward thinking by getting rid of inconveniently independent thinkers.

The Vaccines have been a far better tool for identifying noncompliance than masks.  You can fake compliance by wearing a mask.  With Vaccine passports and apps it is difficult to fake being vaccinated.  Although I am sure there is already a market for fake Vaccination records.

With plans firmly in place to deal with the cognizant, governments are free to move forward with the plan.  The next step in the plan is supply chain disruption.  In a way this step has already been running a parallel path.  It started last March when governments started rolling shut downs of small business.  The destruction of these businesses should have caused a surplus of labor but the opposite happened.  In the US there are millions of unfilled jobs because the government is paying people not to work.

In May there was also an artificial Gasoline shortage.  The official story is that a cyber-attack caused the Colonial pipeline to be down for 6 days.  The company was powerless to do anything and was forced to pay the ransom.  There is no way the official story is true.  I am familiar with pipelines and electronic control systems.  These systems can be bypassed and the system can be run manually.  That line could have been operation in less than 24 hours.  They chose to leave the line down for 6 days.  The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they are conditioning people to accept that these things happen.  Especially when you let private enterprises control something as important as energy distribution.

Governments have created labor shortages and are conditioning citizens to accept nationalization of energy infrastructure.  That is not enough to reach the end zone.  The fly in the great reset ointment is still private property.  Not to worry Blackrock has got that covered.  BlackRock Investments is buying up residential property everywhere.  Some reports say that 25% of all residential real estate purchases now are being done by BlackRock at prices 20 to 50% above market.

On paper BlackRock is an investment company that takes money from ordinary individuals and invest it.  Their largest clients are pension funds.  The fund is supposed to provide returns for the investors.  I have a stupid question.  How does overpaying for assets provide a return for BlackRock investors?

Over paying for assets normally leads to bankruptcy.  Unfortunately these are not normal times and BlackRock is not a normal investment company.  BlackRock is the largest investment company in the world and they have friends in high places.

BlackRock is so intertwined with government that in May of 2020 Bloomberg called them the 4th arm of government.

BlackRock and the Biden administration are buying homes so that others can’t have them.  They are using cash entrusted to them by ordinary citizens in a plot to prevent ordinary citizens from owning homes.

We now have artificial shortages of labor, energy, and residential housing.  How long are we going to sit on the sidelines and watch this “reset” happen?  I don’t know about you but I will not be happy when I no longer own anything.

COVID Masterpiece Theatre

This is a video of the leaders arriving in Cornwall for the G7 Summit.  The person who posted this thinks it is funny.  I think it is ominous.  You decide.


These are the leaders of the wealthiest western countries.  The Clown greeting them is Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England, and the meeting host.  Boris has already had COVID.  Everyone else in this video would have been prioritized for the Vaccine.  The smart ones probably chose not to be vaccinated.  Trudeau has probably been vaccinated 6 or 7 times already.

The ones who chose not to vaccinate would have faked getting vaccinated.  As far as the public knows, no one in that group is at risk.  There was no need for an arm bump and a socially distanced picture.  This was intentional.  Everything these people do is carefully choreographed.  They are sending a clear message.  Do not expect things to go back to normal after you are vaccinated.

Like I said, this piece of theatre is ominous.

As the Lies Compound so Does the Body Count

Frankly I find it shocking how many Doctors have risked their professional reputation by appearing in Public and declaring the Vaccines safe.  There is no possible way they can know the vaccines are safe.  There is no history for these vaccines so we do not know about long term complications.  You cannot say that they are safe.  All a real scientist would say is that we have no data to indicate the Vaccines are not safe.

Unfortunately you can’t even make that blanket statement anymore.  It seems every day we are discovering different often very serious Vaccine side effects.  This study warns of Neurological problems.

That work seems to be very theoretical, but this issue is not.  Some young men are suffering heart inflammation.

Covid vaccine: CDC says heart inflammation in 16- to 24-year-olds higher than expected after second shot (

The CDC has convened an emergency meeting to begin studying this.  Apparently organ inflammation can lead to organ failure.  We could soon have teens and young adults on heart transplant lists.

If all of this is not frightening enough they have learned the spike protein can cause death.  This is a huge problem for a vaccine that programs your body to produce spike proteins.  Dr. Byram Bridle explains the problem below.


Dr. Bridal thinks we should stop using the vaccine.  This was the same conclusion that Dr.  McCullough came to.  So why are we still using the vaccines?  The answer is politics.  Once again politics trumps Science.  Politicians have too much invested in the Vaccines to stop using them.  They are backed in to a corner and now vaccines are the only option.

Politicians started lying about COVID last March.  They never found a convenient time to stop lying and they are stuck.  That is the problem with lies.  One lie often leads to another.  COVID has been a cascade of disastrous lies.

The first lie was that COVID was somehow different than any previous respiratory virus.  There were no effective treatments and everyone was at risk.  The only option was lockdowns.  Within weeks it was revealed that Doctors were already successfully treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine.  Instead of admitting the original lie, they chose to lie about and ban Hydroxychloroquine.  A second lie was told to cover for the first lie.  The “pandemic” was only a few weeks old and the lies were already compounding.

Even if there were no treatments for COVID the plan to vaccinate everyone was stupid.  COVID poses almost Zero risk to young people.  After 2 full seasons no one under 20 in Alberta has died from COVID.  Very few people under 60 have even died.  See the charts below.

You must use a logarithmic scale to even see the deaths for people under 40.

People over 80 are more than 500 times more likely to die than people under 40.  It makes sense to vaccinate people 80 and older.  The virus is an immediate risk and I doubt any of them are worried about complications 10 years from now.  You cannot say that about people in their 20s.  The Virus risk is almost non-existent.  Unfortunately they will have decades to discover the long term effects of the vaccines.

Lying about the virus led to the lockdowns.  Lying about treatment options led to denying access to effective treatments.  Those 2 lies together led to the vaccines.  Now they are lying about the risk/reward for young people and the vaccines.  Every lie has cost lives.  The lockdowns killed.  Denial of treatment killed.  Now Vaccines are killing. Politicians have already killed far more people than the virus ever will.  How many people must die before the lies stop?

The Covid Narrative is Collapsing

By now everyone has heard about Fauci’s emails.  Here is tucker Carlson discussing them.


This is the offending email.

This email is proof that if you catch Anthony Fauci before his morning coffee, he might accidentally tell the truth.  Later in the day when the cameras are rolling is a completely different story.  St. Fauci loves attention, but he has made it clear he does not like the attention he is getting now.  According to St. Fauci an attack on him is an attack on the entire church of science.


Criticizing Anthony Fauci cannot possibly be an attack on science.  If you want to find Fauci and Science in the same room together you must look before 4 AM.

In a rare moment of candor St. Fauci might admit masks don’t work but the CDC still clings to them.  They just published this study.

Mask Use and Ventilation Improvements to Reduce COVID-19 Incidence in Elementary Schools — Georgia, November 16–December 11, 2020 | MMWR (

Notice masks get top billing even though proper ventilation was far more impactful.  Like Anthony Fauci the CDC is more adept at politics than science.  They wrote a paper in support of masks without answering one very important question.  If masks worked in schools how come they never worked anywhere else?

They did not work in Kansas.

Or in Tennessee

Or Florida.

Eventually we will discover how the CDC manipulated the data to make masks look effective. One point the CDC did concede on was plexiglass barriers.  The study showed plexiglass barriers were not effective and could make things worse because they can inhibit proper ventilation, which is highly effective.

It took 15 months but now the whole phony Covid narrative is rapidly falling apart.  In the last 2 weeks the media has been forced to admit that masks and plexiglass do not prevent the spread of this Chinese manufactured virus.  That makes the SARS CoV 2 virus the first reliable product ever manufactured in China.

The rapid appearance of the truth has made it a very bad week for all the empty headed COVID virtue signalers and yesterday it got even worse.   It turns out Trump was right again.

The Narrative is falling apart so quickly that you now have major media personalities saying things on air that would have been unthinkable just a month ago.  Here is Martha MacCallum discussing plexiglass on the Gutfeld show last night.  Martha predicts that in time we will be forced to admit that nothing we have done worked.  She also predicts historians will look back at this time and wonder how we could have been so stupid.

After seeing this rapid change in narrative, I must wonder.  How long will it be before the Vaccine narrative falls apart?

Smart Phone Vaccination Apps are a Tyrant’s Wet Dream

With COVID politics trumps everything; including science.  There is absolutely no correlation between lock down severity and lower mortality, but a strong correlation with political ideology and lockdown severity.  The further left the Government the harsher the lockdown.  Our entire country remains locked down for one simple reason.  We do not have a single right of center “leader” in Canada.

We are seeing the same ideological divide with Vaccine passports.  Republican states in the US are banning them.

Democrat states on the other hand are implementing them; they just do not call them passports.  Leftists Tyrants will always disguise their true intentions.  If they did not people would likely hang them and drag their bodies through the streets.  In New York Vaccine passports are a smart phone app called an excelsior pass.

On May 23rd I posted that Vaccine passports were inevitable in Canada.  I predicted that they would also come in the form of a smart phone app.  With COVID I pray that my predictions are wrong.  If I am correct, it means that our politicians are just as evil as I think they are.  Once again it pains me to be right.

It is full steam ahead for Vaccine passports in Canada.  Of course, this applies only to Canadian citizens.  Visitors and illegal immigrants will still be allowed to enter and move around unhindered.  That is just how communism works.  Your citizens need to be carefully monitored and controlled.  Visitors and immigrants, on the other hand, are great propaganda tools.

The Chinese and Soviets both scored Propaganda victories when a prominent Canadian by the name of Pierre Eliot Trudeau came to visit.

Pierre did not even try to hide his admiration of history’s greatest killers.  It is to our country’s Shame that Pierre Trudeau went on to be our second longest serving Prime Minister.  Even from the Grave this disgusting piece of human garbage haunts us.  His biggest sin might not be what he did to Canada but what he is doing to Canada now by siring this moron.

The apple did not fall far from the Tree.  Justin loves Communists just as much as his father.  Do not take my word for it.  Get it right from the horse’s Ass.


This video was from 2013.  We knew that Moron had tyrannical aspirations 8 years ago.  Since that time Canadians have voted for him TWICE!

It should be no surprise what is happening in Canada.  Justin is using COVID as a tool to accelerate his agenda.  He is not even hiding it, check out the 2-minute mark in this Video.


If you tell anyone that politicians are using COVID as an excuse to push the great reset agenda, you are mocked as a conspiracy theorist.  Justin admits he admires tyranny and during this speech he is very clear about his intentions.  Why is it a conspiracy theory to believe exactly what he says?

There is a reason why Canadians continue to be locked down after 2 very ordinary cold and flu seasons.  Now the government wants an app on our smart phone that can track our every movement.  None of this is good for Canadians.  Canadians better wake up before they find themselves in a re-education camp.

COVID Vaccines Clearly Violate the Nuremberg Code

All roads lead to the Vaccine.  But the Vaccines are experimental.  Almost 100 years ago a group of German scientists conducted multiple human experiments on people who were compelled to participate.  Those scientists were tried and convicted in 1946 at Nuremberg Germany.

The things these scientists did were shocking.  So shocking that the judges in one trial published a 10-point code of conduct as part of their decision.  That 10-point Code is now known as the Nuremberg code.  It is now universally accepted that all human experiments should follow the Nuremberg code.  Since the COVID Vaccines are experimental they are obligated to follow the code.  I thought today I would look at how well our governments have complied to international law.

The Nuremberg Code’s goal was to create universal standards to protect humans from enduring the cruelty and exploitation the prisoners endured in concentration camps. The 10 elements of the code are:

  1. Voluntary consent is essential. (Very Big Fail)

Coercion is not consent.  I know several people who have taken the Vaccine.  When I ask them why I get similar answers from all of them.  They want to travel, not wear a mask, or avoid some other government restriction.  None of these people were afraid of the virus.  They were all afraid of what the government would do if they did not get vaccinated.  Fear of the Government is not consent.

  1. The results of any experiment must be for the greater good of society. (Pass)

Messenger RNA vaccines are a new technology that could be very useful to society.  Proving this technology would be a benefit.

  1. Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation. (Fail)

Previous animal experiments with mRNA vaccines were disastrous.  To avoid this problem animal trials were effectively skipped this time.  I know I have just triggered internet fact checkers everywhere with that statement.  Officially the animal trials have not been skipped they are running concurrently with the ongoing human trials.  This, however, does not comply with the code.  Previous means before not during.

It is even debatable that the trials are concurrent.  I was unable to find the date that the animal trials started.  I did find one very interesting article though.  They are still searching for another animal that is affected by COVID.  I guess it is not unexpected that a virus specifically engineered to be dangerous to humans might not be deadly for non-humans.  I would think this calls in to question the effectiveness of any animal trial.  A vaccine test on an animal unaffected by the virus might not mean anything.

  1. Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury. (Fail)

The mental suffering was caused previously by the lockdowns.  Without that no one would have wanted the Vaccine.  The vaccine itself has dozens of documented side effects that cause physical harm.  Sometimes permanent physical harm.

  1. No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability. (Fail)

Belief has nothing to do with it.  They know this Vaccine kills.  It is already the deadliest Vaccine in history.  Other vaccines have been banned for producing less than 1% as many deaths.

  1. The risks should never exceed the benefits. (Fail)

Most governments have now started Vaccinating 12-year-olds.  In Alberta no one under 20 has died from COVID.  There is no way you can argue the Virus poses more risk than the vaccine to a 12-year-old.

  1. Adequate facilities should be used to protect subjects.   (Pass)

We have hospitals and they are in pristine condition.  They should be, no one has been allowed to use them for 15 months now.

  1. Experiments should be conducted only by qualified scientists.  (Doubtful)

It is possible that this experiment will be conducted by qualified scientists.  Unfortunately, If I judge by the “experts” in charge now, I sincerely doubt there is a qualified scientist involved anywhere.

  1. Subjects should be able to end their participation at any time.  (Fail)

These treatments are a one-way street.  Once you are injected there is no way back.  You cannot end your participation.

  1. The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur.  (Fail)

The scientist has no more power to end this experiment than the participant.  Once the Genie is out of the syringe you have no control over it.


Judged against this code, the COVID vaccinations fail miserably.  They clearly violate 7 of the 10 guidelines.  Nazis were sent to prison for this.  When will Canadian politicians who are forcing this on us face prison?

Follow the Numbers not the Politicians

The Media outside of Canada is slipping.  Some are starting to publish rather than ignore the truth.  I wonder who got fired when this story somehow got past the editors.

It is not all that surprising that lockdowns did not work in Germany.  After all, 81% of Germans were already immune.

SARS-CoV-2 T-cell epitopes define heterologous and COVID-19-induced T-cell recognition | Research Square

This is just one more study confirming what the infection numbers indicate.  4 out of every 5 people were already immune when this farce started.

Lockdowns were a bad idea right from the start.  We should not have expected quarantining healthy people to have made any difference.  The whole thing becomes even more ridiculous when you realize 80% of those people were already immune.

I am sure the average person would be shocked to learn that 80% of people had existing prior immunity.  Why would government tell them everyone was at risk when 80% were not?  The government would not lie, would they?  People who seek public office are dedicated public servants and paragons of virtue, right?

It is still disappointing that few people realize how deceitful Canadian governments are.  Our federal government uses taxpayer money to buy allegiance from the media.  The government and their media employees did a very skillful job of distorting the truth.  They managed to convince Canadians that we were in the middle of the black plague even while publishing numbers that said otherwise.

Only 3.7% of Canadians have tested positive for COVID.  90% of those cases had no symptoms.  So, after 2 full seasons 0.37% of Canadians became ill with COVID.  The Government convinced us to surrender our rights and destroy millions of livelihoods for a virus that will make 0.19% of the population sick every year.  Isn’t it time that we believe the numbers and the science rather than politicians?

Queen Deena Hates Christians

The Alberta Government is continuing it persecution of Christians.

Unfortunately this is not unusual in Jason Kenney’s Alberta.  It is becoming common to read stories about the dangers of dissent in Alberta, especially by Christian pastors.  Our Spiral in to Tyranny is almost complete.

So why did this story catch my eye then?  Isn’t it just another dog bites man story?  For me this one line from the story was important.

“continued to disregard public health measures required by law under order of the chief medical officer of health.”

Before Jason Kenney there was a process for adopting new laws in Alberta.  Any proposed new law was debated and voted on.  Bills were subject to 3 separate readings, debates, and votes.  Now laws in Alberta are dictates from the chief medical officer of health.  Deena Hinshaw can create new laws on a whim and send the police out to enforce them.  The police now take orders from Deena.  She is now a monarch.

The power to pass and enforce new laws used to be reserved for elected officials.  People who, theoretically, could be removed from office.  Those days are over.  In Alberta the Bureaucrats now reign supreme.  Any deranged Lunatic, like Deena Hinshaw, can work their way up through the bureaucracy assuming as much power as they want along the way.

In the last 15 months we have seen the provincial medical bureaucracies replace our legislatures.  Doug Ford admitted that every Canadian Premier has abdicated their responsibilities to the chief medical officers.  There are no checks and balances.  The lunatics are running the asylum.  Not a single elected official in Canada has tried to oppose these unelected Tyrants.

At least we can look to Florida again for some sanity.  Governor DeSantis thinks it is high time to hold rogue bureaucrats accountable.


How can Canada, a country of 38 million people, not produce one honest politician?