If COVID Vaccines are so Wonderful why Bribe People to take Them.

Since March of 2020, Jason Kenney has gone full Tyrant.  He has used a heavy hand to silence all dissent even using police to harass religious leaders who speak out.  Now in a bizarre twist he wants to be Mr. nice guy.  On Saturday he released this video.

Jason is all smiles as he talks about giving away money.  He is very pleased with himself indeed.  Of course, it is not his money he is giving away it is your money.  I have never seen a politician who was not orgasmic about spending other people’s money.

So why after 16 months of brandishing a stick has Jason decided to try a carrot?  Maybe he has finally discovered not everyone can be beaten into submission.  The Vaccine roll out proceeded exactly how I thought it would.  There would be an initial rush as nervous and panicky people lined up to be injected.  After the rush it would taper off.  You will never get to 100%.

When Alberta unveiled their 3rd (or is it 4th, it is so hard to keep count) re-open plan it was dramatically different from the previous plans.  Previous plans had milestones based on infection and hospital rates.  They were junked because they were too easy to achieve and simply would not keep us locked down long enough.  The Truth would not set us free, but Spring certainly would.

To keep this farce going longer Jason needed to shift the goal posts again.  The latest re-open plan targets vaccination rates.  Stage 3 requires 70% vaccination.  70% is a very aggressive target.  Especially in Alberta where some polls indicated 25% to 30% would not take the Vaccine.  It turns out the polls were right.  Vaccine demand peaked 4 weeks ago.  The plot below is from the Alberta government website.

Under normal circumstances these numbers would be heralded as a success.  The government was able to vaccinate quickly and efficiently everyone who wanted it.  Unfortunately achieving success depends on how you define success in the first place.  The government should have defined success as making the vaccine available to everyone who wanted it.  Instead, they chose an arbitrary number of 70%.

Alberta is now very close to the government goal; We are at 68.8%.  The problem is that almost no one is showing up for their first dose anymore.  Getting the last 1.2% will not be easy so Jason has decided to change gears.  He is hoping his lottery will convince about 50,000 to go get vaccinated to reach his target.

The chance at $1,000,000 will probably be enough to swing 50,000 people but that is not certain.  By now people’s positions have become quite entrenched.  I know mine have.  You have either drank the COVID Kool-Aid or you are still capable of independent thought.  I am not vaccinated.  I have many reasons for making that choice.  After 16 months of government abuse, I have 2 reasons that have nothing to do with the vaccine and how safe or effective it might be.

  1. I refuse to play along with Jason Kenney’s demented little game. There was no emergency or existential threat.  I refuse to become a statistic Jason can use to justify his illegal actions to combat a near non-existent threat.
  2. I am old enough to know better. For almost 6 decades I have been lied to and mistreated by all levels of government.  Anything the government, especially this government, wants me to do this badly cannot be good for me.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    The 24/7 non stop vaccine marketing campaign in nyc has been so bizarre, so off putting. They were sending vans out at night where young people were out enjoying themselves: “a shot for a shot”. Yes a free shot of booze if you get an injection. This was official city outreach paid for with my tax dollars. How does this not ring alarm bells? And this 70% benchmark must equate to a kickback because it’s universal: this guy, cuomo, Biden…why do we need to reach this number?? Had NOTHING to do with “science” it’s arbitrary. Herd immunity is defined as the point at which the rate of new infections is stable, not when a certain number of ppl are vaccinated…but does anyone in the media call Cuomo out (oh now we’ve reached the magic number and king cuomo says we can “lift restrictions”) or ask questions about the “science” behind this?? 70% is when Andrew will “feel comfortable” lifting them. Ah, SCIENCE!!

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      I guess de Blasio and Cuomo got tired of killing seniors in nursing homes. Now they use alcohol to entice young people to experiment with drugs. It is quite a world we live in. I think giving this vaccine to young people should be a criminal offence. Tomorrow I will post data from Israel to explain why I think that.

    • Trevor Boyce
      Trevor Boyce says:

      Thanks for reading and thanks for posting a comment. It lifts my spirits to know there are some other sane people in the world. I had not heard that news about NYC bribing people with a $1 shot of alcohol. It’s Mind boggling that a young person could change their mind about taking a potentially deadly drug with no benefit to them for a lousy buck.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    I work and live in a very liberal area in a very liberal city. There is an aura of oppressiveness that discourages questioning and dialogue, but here and there random people have “come out” and “confessed” that they have deep concerns about the direction things are taking. They feel relief because “you know in this neighborhood you cant talk about this”. So there may be more of us that we think…

    On the other hand, it was shocking to me in January how many people I knew unquestioningly just took the shot. My sister says it was to “reclaim her life”. how scary that in her mind her family”s freedom hinged on taking what is an untried and untested medical injection. It blew me away when pregnant people I knew took it…there were no pregnant people in the trials!! And now kids, test for a few weeks on a few thousand kids and that’s good enough?? But that’s the level of manipulation. It’s mind boggling. It’s scary. They still trust these institutions on some level. They shouldn’t, they have clearly violated our trust. But people want to believe….

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