The Great Reset is Right on Schedule

The COVID assisted great reset is plowing ahead at breakneck speed.  In Australia they are now building COVID Concentration camps.


Don’t you find the timing of this a little odd?  The existing COVID hotels have been operating for months now without causing outbreaks.  Even if they were, isn’t the pandemic over?  Vaccines are readily available everywhere.  What problem are they trying to solve with these concentration camps?  Oh yes, I forgot.  These prisons are just for those filthy anti-vaxers.

The citizens are happy that unvaccinated travelers will be removed from sight.  Just like Germany citizens were happy to see Jews isolated in Ghettos.  But the COVID camps are not like that right?  Look how pleasant the sketch of the accommodation appears.  I am sure they will be the height of luxury.  I am also sure they will have orchestras that assemble and play any time the Red Cross comes to inspect.  Just like the Nazis controlled Jewish Ghettos.

70 to 80% of people will demonstrate compliance and get vaccinated.  People who will not comply could be a serious long term problem.  The Great Rest will be very difficult to finish without complete obedience.  Australian politicians are very forward thinking by getting rid of inconveniently independent thinkers.

The Vaccines have been a far better tool for identifying noncompliance than masks.  You can fake compliance by wearing a mask.  With Vaccine passports and apps it is difficult to fake being vaccinated.  Although I am sure there is already a market for fake Vaccination records.

With plans firmly in place to deal with the cognizant, governments are free to move forward with the plan.  The next step in the plan is supply chain disruption.  In a way this step has already been running a parallel path.  It started last March when governments started rolling shut downs of small business.  The destruction of these businesses should have caused a surplus of labor but the opposite happened.  In the US there are millions of unfilled jobs because the government is paying people not to work.

In May there was also an artificial Gasoline shortage.  The official story is that a cyber-attack caused the Colonial pipeline to be down for 6 days.  The company was powerless to do anything and was forced to pay the ransom.  There is no way the official story is true.  I am familiar with pipelines and electronic control systems.  These systems can be bypassed and the system can be run manually.  That line could have been operation in less than 24 hours.  They chose to leave the line down for 6 days.  The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they are conditioning people to accept that these things happen.  Especially when you let private enterprises control something as important as energy distribution.

Governments have created labor shortages and are conditioning citizens to accept nationalization of energy infrastructure.  That is not enough to reach the end zone.  The fly in the great reset ointment is still private property.  Not to worry Blackrock has got that covered.  BlackRock Investments is buying up residential property everywhere.  Some reports say that 25% of all residential real estate purchases now are being done by BlackRock at prices 20 to 50% above market.

On paper BlackRock is an investment company that takes money from ordinary individuals and invest it.  Their largest clients are pension funds.  The fund is supposed to provide returns for the investors.  I have a stupid question.  How does overpaying for assets provide a return for BlackRock investors?

Over paying for assets normally leads to bankruptcy.  Unfortunately these are not normal times and BlackRock is not a normal investment company.  BlackRock is the largest investment company in the world and they have friends in high places.

BlackRock is so intertwined with government that in May of 2020 Bloomberg called them the 4th arm of government.

BlackRock and the Biden administration are buying homes so that others can’t have them.  They are using cash entrusted to them by ordinary citizens in a plot to prevent ordinary citizens from owning homes.

We now have artificial shortages of labor, energy, and residential housing.  How long are we going to sit on the sidelines and watch this “reset” happen?  I don’t know about you but I will not be happy when I no longer own anything.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    New prime minister in Israel. Coalition got Netanyahu out. He was going full on dictator Great reset with the covid passports. It looks like the people rejected that. Hopefully the new government coalition with Bennett as leader is a step forward for that country. Boris and Kenney were paid off stooges so hopefully that’s not what the Israeli people are getting.

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