As the Lies Compound so Does the Body Count

Frankly I find it shocking how many Doctors have risked their professional reputation by appearing in Public and declaring the Vaccines safe.  There is no possible way they can know the vaccines are safe.  There is no history for these vaccines so we do not know about long term complications.  You cannot say that they are safe.  All a real scientist would say is that we have no data to indicate the Vaccines are not safe.

Unfortunately you can’t even make that blanket statement anymore.  It seems every day we are discovering different often very serious Vaccine side effects.  This study warns of Neurological problems.

That work seems to be very theoretical, but this issue is not.  Some young men are suffering heart inflammation.

Covid vaccine: CDC says heart inflammation in 16- to 24-year-olds higher than expected after second shot (

The CDC has convened an emergency meeting to begin studying this.  Apparently organ inflammation can lead to organ failure.  We could soon have teens and young adults on heart transplant lists.

If all of this is not frightening enough they have learned the spike protein can cause death.  This is a huge problem for a vaccine that programs your body to produce spike proteins.  Dr. Byram Bridle explains the problem below.


Dr. Bridal thinks we should stop using the vaccine.  This was the same conclusion that Dr.  McCullough came to.  So why are we still using the vaccines?  The answer is politics.  Once again politics trumps Science.  Politicians have too much invested in the Vaccines to stop using them.  They are backed in to a corner and now vaccines are the only option.

Politicians started lying about COVID last March.  They never found a convenient time to stop lying and they are stuck.  That is the problem with lies.  One lie often leads to another.  COVID has been a cascade of disastrous lies.

The first lie was that COVID was somehow different than any previous respiratory virus.  There were no effective treatments and everyone was at risk.  The only option was lockdowns.  Within weeks it was revealed that Doctors were already successfully treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine.  Instead of admitting the original lie, they chose to lie about and ban Hydroxychloroquine.  A second lie was told to cover for the first lie.  The “pandemic” was only a few weeks old and the lies were already compounding.

Even if there were no treatments for COVID the plan to vaccinate everyone was stupid.  COVID poses almost Zero risk to young people.  After 2 full seasons no one under 20 in Alberta has died from COVID.  Very few people under 60 have even died.  See the charts below.

You must use a logarithmic scale to even see the deaths for people under 40.

People over 80 are more than 500 times more likely to die than people under 40.  It makes sense to vaccinate people 80 and older.  The virus is an immediate risk and I doubt any of them are worried about complications 10 years from now.  You cannot say that about people in their 20s.  The Virus risk is almost non-existent.  Unfortunately they will have decades to discover the long term effects of the vaccines.

Lying about the virus led to the lockdowns.  Lying about treatment options led to denying access to effective treatments.  Those 2 lies together led to the vaccines.  Now they are lying about the risk/reward for young people and the vaccines.  Every lie has cost lives.  The lockdowns killed.  Denial of treatment killed.  Now Vaccines are killing. Politicians have already killed far more people than the virus ever will.  How many people must die before the lies stop?

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  1. Trevor Boyce
    Trevor Boyce says:

    The evidence is mounting that these “vaccines” are dangerous just like the animal trials showed. It may come to pass that “unvaccinated” people will be relabeled as “uncontaminated”.

    I wonder what is going to happen with blood donation services? Are we going to have a separate bank of blood for each vaccine type and the unvaccinated? If someone goes to all the trouble of avoiding getting a vaccine, they definitely won’t want to receive blood from a vaccinated person unless there is absolutely no other chance of remaining alive.

    I also wonder if the next “vaccine” drug they push on us is one to neutralize the first vaccines?

    Well, at least the vaccines have allowed people to go on one last vacation, so it’s all worth it, right?

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