Of course they knew

One theme that re-occurs regularly on my blog is that they knew.  The people who dictated our pandemic response knew what they were doing was wrong and they did it anyway.  I came to this conclusion long ago based on one simple premise; it is simply not possible for everyone in government to be that stupid.

Governments do stupid things all the time.  So much stupidity emanates from government that it is obvious intelligence is not a hiring pre-requisite.  Still not everyone in government is stupid.  There are some smart people.  Statistically speaking there must be.  It is simply not possible for everyone involved in government in every western nation to be as stupid as Justin Trudeau.

Granted my conclusion is based on a statistical improbability that could still be possible but I don’t think I am wrong.  Over the last 4 years I have found a lot of evidence that many people did know this was wrong.  The problem was they all had financial motivation to continue.

The COVID jabs are a perfect example.  All the vax advocates knew that the safe part of the safe and effective mantra could not possibly be true.  As Jessica Rose points out the dangers of lipid nanoparticles are well documented.


But still this is still in the “should have known” category so is there any evidence they did Know?  Well yes there is.  The first 10 minutes of this clip is an admission from people at Pfizer that they knew mRNA injections were dangerous and were also unlikely to work.


From Day one everyone understood the risk reward for the COVID jabs would be negative.  What we have learned after jabbing 5.5 billion people is that the jabs were all risk for no reward.  They knew.  They did it anyway.  This was a crime; a horrendous crime.

Slaying Canadian COVID dragons

Canadians are not that smart, or if you want to be more charitable you could say that they are unaware.  Whether it is lack of intelligence or willful ignorance it does not matter.  The net result is the same.  Canadians make incredibly poor decisions and the worst decision of all time is Justin Trudeau.  Canadians ignored the consequences of their incredibly bad decision for more than 8 years.  That is all finally changing.  Reality can slap intelligence even in to a Canadian.

The reality is that Canadian standard of living is falling and the blame can be placed directly at Justin Trudeau’s feet.  His idiotic policies are making Canadians poor and he has finally worn out his welcome.  Polls consistently show the liberal party will face annihilation if they go in to another election with Justin as the leader.  But Justin does not care about his party any more than he cares about Canadians.  Justin only cares about himself and he is refusing to step aside.  He thinks he can win another election.

Justin’s refusal to go away is very problematic for legacy Canadian media that get paid to make Justin look good.  How do you polish a turd?  This is of course an impossible task.  But, since they took the money, the legacy media is trying to highlight Justin’s “accomplishments”.

Among his accomplishments are leadership through the pandemic in which Canada fared far better than the U.S. and many other developed countries, national childcare, dental and  pharmacare plans at various stages of development, legalizing pot and of course, his national carbon tax

Not a single thing on that list will be recognized by historians as an accomplishment.  I could explain why each one is not an accomplishment but the only one I want to discuss today is the one I bolded in the quote.  One of Justin’s favorite lies and easily his most repeated lie is that Canada had a superior COVID response.  It is way past time to slay this mythical dragon.

Canada’s COVID response did not produce better results than other developed countries.  The plot below shows Canada was right in the middle of the pack compared to these other developed Northern nations.

You do not need to see the plot to know that the statement had to be a lie.  Canada did exactly the same stupid ineffective things that every other country did.  How could anyone believe doing exactly the same thing would somehow produce better results just because it was done in Canada?

To be fair there are a few developed countries I left off the plot the most notable being the US and the UK.  Canada did do much better than those countries but that is only because Canada took a more passive approach to killing seniors than either the US or the UK.  5 states in the US increased the body count by placing infected seniors back in to nursing homes.  The UK’s approach was to euthanize seniors with Midazolam.  The only truthful thing that can then be said about Canada’s COVID response is that it was not as deadly as countries that were more determined to cull seniors.

Everything Justin Trudeau says is a lie.  Everything the legacy Canadian media says about Justin Trudeau and his “superior” COVID response is also a lie.  Canadians need to stop deluding themselves.  There is absolutely nothing good about Justin Trudeau or what happened in Canada during COVID.

Life lessons from COVID

The COVID scamdemic was one of our government’s most successful programs of all time.  In 4 short years senior politicians and Bureaucrats transferred billions of dollars from ordinary people into the hands of their wealthy friends. I have no doubt that a significant portion of the stolen tax money was also handed back to the people in government who facilitated the theft.

The plandemic was not just financially lucrative for the self-appointed elite it also must have been a source of endless amusement.  I am sure they laughed their ass off every time someone got assaulted for not wearing a mask.  They also must have shook their heads in disbelief as people lined up for an experimental injection that everyone knew did not work and would ruin or take the lives of millions.

The COVID abusers were enriched, entertained, and even educated by COVID.  They learned that people are far more gullible than anyone suspected and that the useful idiots far more useful than they could have imagined.  How else do you explain that people accepted house arrest for the crime of being healthy.  Or, that people would agree to regular injections as a condition of parole from their house arrest.  In short the elite learned they can steal with impunity and have a lot of fun doing it.

The general public also learned lessons from COVID.  Although, the lessons were far more painful than what happened with the elite.  Anyone who was paying attention had the opportunity to learn;

  • The government is not your friend.
  • Things done for your safety never make you safer.
  • Your neighbor will turn on you if the government tells them to.
  • Patient welfare is not even a passing consideration for many health care professionals.
  • Public health will be sacrificed for private wealth.
  • Even though you pay the police they do not work for you. They work for the government.
  • Disagreeing with government gets you arrested or trampled with horses.
  • The “science” somehow always justifies what the government wants even when the government suddenly reverses direction.

I think it is safe to say that overall COVID was an enlightening experience for everyone and the lessons are not over yet.  The supreme court of Canada handed Canadians another harsh lesson a few days ago when they refused to hear an appeal.

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided not to hear an appeal by several churches that fought Manitoba’s COVID-19 restrictions.

The Supreme Court of Canada, as per its usual practice, did not disclose details as to why it has decided not to hear the case.

Of course the Supreme Court did not explain their decision.  Why would they? Supreme Court appointments are for life.  Job security means never having to say you are sorry or explain your decisions to anyone.  Regular readers of this blog know I am no fan of the Canadian Supreme Court.  It is stocked full of partisan political hacks that collectively have a history of ignoring law and common sense in favor of progressive ideology.  So people may be shocked to learn I think, legally speaking, the court did the right thing by refusing to hear this case.

This is the hard lesson the Supreme Court is trying to impart upon Canadians.  COVID restrictions did not violate Canadians’ rights because Canadians do not have rights.  The last time Canadians were stupid enough to vote for a man named Trudeau he left us with a nasty parting gift.  When he signed into law the Charter of rights and freedoms he actually eliminated rights that Canadians held previously under British common law.  He did this by inserting a clause that says everything in the document is subject to legislation.  What that means is that nothing in the document is actually a right.  The charter is just a list of things the government might allow you to do if you behave.

the rights and freedoms in the Charter are not absolute. They can be limited to protect other rights or important national values.

Do you get it yet?  The government does not care about your health or your safety.  They certainly don’t care about your rights since you don’t have any for them to care about.  The only thing the government does care about is your money.  They care so deeply about your money that they go to great lengths get their hands on it.  The sociopaths in charge will fake an emergency, force you in to unemployment and even force medical treatments upon you if it gives them an opportunity to steal.  The police and the courts will never stop them because both institutions are designed to facilitate this theft.

The only thing that can stop the criminal enterprises of government is you.  When you finally say no it is over.  Your continued compliance will not solve anything.  It just ensures the abuse and the theft will continue.  More people need to understand the obvious lessons from the last 4 years.

The inaction of police is shameful

A few days ago I posted about Andrew Bridgen’s letter to the police asking for a meeting so that he could present information about crimes committed under the guise of COVID pandemic response.  At the time I noted that it seemed Bridgen published his letter in order to shame the police in to doing their damn job.  Now it seems Dr. Mike Yeadon is also putting pressure on the police by publishing his letter.  I do not have Dr. Yeadon’s medical background but the things he details in the letter come as no surprise to me.  It was easy for even a layman like me to see that there was no pandemic and the Jabs are not vaccines.

Put simply, there has been no pandemic. There was the normal range of illnesses in the early part of 2020 as in any other year. What was different about 2020 was that all governments, lead by the WHO, engaged in coordinated lying to their citizens.


The materials that are being called “covid1U vaccines” are obviously not vaccines. Note, there has been no pandemic.

COVID was an entirely manufactured emergency.  People died but the vast majority of them died at the hands of government.  Waste water samples have shown conclusively that the virus was around for months without producing any noticeable excess deaths.  Excess deaths did not happen until after governments stepped in with the most draconian and ineffective pandemic response in history.

Although you will never get me to say that governments are smart, the COVID response was not born from stupidity.  It was carried by stupidity.  Useful idiots inside and outside government are always eager to support stupid even dangerous things but they require direction.  The direction came from a handful of sociopaths such as Anthony Fauci who knew exactly what they were doing.

The COVID emergency had two purposes;

  1. Shut down the US economy and give a pretext for mail in ballots. Both of these were done to remove Donald Trump from office.
  2. Sell mRNA injections as vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies had spent billions developing this technology that under normal circumstances they would never be able to sell.  The only way to recover their investment was to sell these dangerous, ineffective, products under an emergency use authorization.

COVID from start to finish was a crime.  It was mass murder done for political and financial gain.  Murder for profit, had it not been committed by government, would attract intense police scrutiny.  The fact that police must now be shamed into action is a sad commentary on the true nature of modern policing.

Fortunately they lack the competence to sustain tyranny

Canada’s federal health minister, Mark Holland, recently gave his opinion that Canadians should not be allowed to use private health care.  Let’s put aside for a minute that health care is a provincial responsibility and there should not even be a federal health minister and consider his justification.

“Going and paying your way out of your circumstances creates a terrible malady for our system. Because what it means is that private carriers will take the cases that are the most profitable ones, leaving the public system eviscerated,” Holland said at a media conference. “And that is a circumstance we cannot allow.”

So Mark Holland thinks that people who do not use our public health system are destroying the system even though they still pay taxes to support the system they are not using.  If this sounds stupid to you it is because it is stupid.  Mark Holland is stupid.  You can’t become a Liberal Cabinet minister if you are not stupid.  Trudeau learned his lesson with Jody Raybould.  Cabinet ministers who are not stupid might try to stop you from doing stupid things which would derail his entire agenda.  So since the Raybould disaster Trudeau has shuffled his cabinet to ensure he has assembled the least intelligent team possible.

It is not then surprising that Mark Holland said something stupid but the question is why?  Even stupid people have reasons for speaking.  What point was Mark Holland trying to make?  What Mark Holland was trying to say is that if people have options the government has no control.  Socialized health care is not about health, it is about control.  When the government gets to choose whether or not to treat you they can make you comply with anything they want.

Supporters of public health care will be offended by what I just wrote.  They will be adamant that the government would not deny health care to anyone even though they routinely deny access.  To explain what I mean I must disclose that I am one of those terrible people destroying Canadian Health care by not using it.

I needed a new hip.  Routine activities were uncomfortable and I had both an xray and an MRI (which I also paid for out of pocket) that both showed I had no cartilage and needed a replacement.  My doctor immediately referred me to a surgeon.  A few weeks later I got a letter from AHS telling me what to expect.

  • I could not see a surgeon for 18 to 20 months.
  • Once I did see the surgeon he would decide whether or not I qualified for surgery.
  • 50% of patients do not qualify for surgery
  • If I was one of the fortunate 50% then I would wait another 18 months to get my surgery.

So nobody is denied service right?  You just have to wait.  Except that is not true, 50% are denied service.  It is either that or I must believe that family physicians and pain specialists only get the right answer 50% of the time.

Rather than wait and live with my 50% odds I found a private clinic to give me a new hip.  Or, as many Canadians would say, I jumped the queue.  But I really did not do that either.  I removed myself from the public que that I have been paying for my entire life.

That is the point of all of the government services.  Government takes your money through taxes and holds it hostage.  You only get it back in the form of services if your government deems you to be worthy.  This is a great strategy for enforcing Tyranny but currently it is falling apart.  The flaw in the strategy is that it is carrot and stick.  Comply and you will be rewarded by getting some of your money back.  But you lose your leverage when there is not money to give back in the form of services.

Progressive politicians are destroying their own control system by wasting the money it takes to run it.  The tax dollars taken hostage are gone.  The cupboard is bare.  Increasingly Canadians are paying for service that is not just denied to some it is denied to all.  Toronto residents are paying for policing that they are not allowed to use.  It has gotten so bad that police are advising that surrendering to criminals is your best option.

Toronto Police Service Constable Marco Ricciardi said, “To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your [key] fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else.”

Soon government will tell us we are on our own for everything.  We must provide our own policing, health care, roads, and education.  At that point even Liberal supporters will question the need for taxes and government.  Progressive politicians are so incompetent they can’t even get Tyranny right.


Pandemic Manufacturing

Creating a pandemic is way easier than you think.  All you need is a virus and some dead people.  Remarkably the virus is actually optional.  All you really need are deaths that can be blamed on a virus and people die every day.  It is also not that difficult to increase the number of people who die.  All you need are the right drugs and absolutely no moral compass.


From start to finish the COVID pandemic response was nothing more than murder for profit.  They knew the virus would kill but released in anyway.  Lockdowns, Remdesivir, and mRNA vaccines were also known killers.  Every one of them was used anyway.

Since March of 2020 our governments chose to kill people in order to fake a pandemic.  They turned hospitals in to death camps.  If you went to the hospital you would not be helped if you could be better used as a statistic.

The government was even able increase hospital traffic by preventing people from saving themselves.  Exercise, vitamin D, HCQ, and Ivermectin all saved lives.  Every one of those things was ignored, discouraged, or outright banned.  At no point during in the last 4 years did our governments recommend or implement a single measure that would have saved lives.  This was not the result of stupidity or an accident.  The entire plan relied on the public being fearful and therefor compliant.  It was all staged, fake, and completely reprehensible.  It was mass murder.

To the tyrants humans are pawns

Lately an American friend and I have been discussing the chaos happening in the U.S. which to a lesser extent is also happening in Canada.  The United States is dealing with a flood of illegal immigration while Canada is being flooded with legal immigrants.  This rapid influx of people has been fueling inflation especially in housing costs.  In Canada where the government wants us to believe that inflation is less than 3% rent prices are up over 10.5%.

Canadian citizens are struggling to afford housing because the government is giving special consideration to non-Canadians.  This is fueling resentment of immigrants in a country that was once the most welcoming place for immigrants in the world.  Inflation and resentment are also not the only problems with this uncontrolled migration.  Crime is up in both countries.  It turns out that people who ignore or circumvent immigration laws don’t have much respect for your other laws either.

The governments of both countries would like you to believe that the problems from unrestricted migration can’t be solved because unrestricted migration can’t be solved.  This like everything else that comes from our governments is a lie.  Borders can be controlled.  Trump did it and he did not need any new bills with increased Ukraine spending to do it.

Humans are animals.  Like all other animals we repeat behaviors we are rewarded for.  To stop mass migration just stop rewarding people from entering illegally or under false pretenses.  Don’t give them housing and social assistance.  Turn them around at the border and deport the ones that evade border patrols.  Why would any migrant pay a Mexican cartel or purchase a plane ticket if they knew they would not be allowed to stay?

Unrestricted migration and the chaos it brings are ridiculously easy to stop.  So why won’t politicians do it?  Because the chaos is not a byproduct it is the objective.  Governments obviously want the chaos.  Not only do they allow it they actively encourage it.  Releasing criminals with no bail, cutting police, and preventing citizens from filling the policing void, has only one logical end point; more crime and more chaos.

The legislation would prohibit:

  • Publicly patrolling, drilling or engaging in harmful or deadly paramilitary techniques.

  • Interfering with or interrupting government proceedings.

  • Interfering with the exercise of someone else’s constitutional rights.

  • Falsely assuming the functions of law enforcement and asserting authority over others.

  • Training to engage in such behavior.


None of this is happening by accident.  They are actually using a blueprint drawn up nearly 60 years ago.

The four steps of the Cloward-Piven Strategy:
1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
2. Have Chaos Ensue
3. Take Control in the Chaos
4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force

When it comes to all things government I use what I call my evil-stupidity scale; almost every politician and senior Bureaucrat falls somewhere on it.  Most are on the stupid end of the scale while a handful is truly evil.  The truly evil ones use the stupid ones to advance their agenda.  Their agenda is always more power and more control.

The Ultimate for power and control is a totalitarian society.  A totalitarian society requires some sort of martial law but you can’t just impose martial law on a previously free society until they ask for it.  Once things become dangerous enough for the average citizen they will accept the militarization of their society or at first their subway.

Bad things are already happening.  What is happening underground in New York will soon be above ground.  We will have military on the streets but it won’t be for our protection.  The protection is for the tyrants orchestrating the destruction of our society.

We may not be able to turn this around but the first step is removing politicians who won’t enforce border controls or recognize that immigration is not a right and countries are not charities.  We have no obligation to citizens of other countries.  A country has the right to choose who they allow in.  We used to do this and immigration used to be a good thing.  We need to get back to that.


State secrets or arrogance?

According to the CDC myocarditis after COVID vaccination is rare.

Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have rarely been observed after COVID-19 vaccination in the United States

The CDC knows that myocarditis is rare because they have a 148 page study that tells them so.  We will need to take the CDC at their word because the study is a little difficult to read.  The difficulty does not lie in the technical jargon.  The study is difficult to read because before releasing it the CDC redacted every single word in the study.

Documents get redacted to protect identities, trade secrets, or national secrets.  Do you think the entire document was just names and addresses of people?  Surely there were at least a few words in the document that discussed myocarditis.  Or are we to believe that myocarditis itself is some sort of trade secret?  I sincerely doubt that the report contained identity information or trade secrets.  I do not doubt that the report contained national secrets.

National secrets typically are intelligence or weapons capabilities.  Casualty and mortality estimates of a secret bioweapon would certainly be a national secret.  By redacting every single word was the CDC accidentally disclosing that the COVID vaccine is a bioweapon?  Or is it just a bunch of arrogant overpaid government employees raising their middle finger to the people who pay their salaries?

Either way it is not a good look.

When is the Ottawa renaming ceremony?

Justin Trudeau has an unhealthy admiration for communist Tyranny and he is a very big fan of China.  Justin is such a big fan of China Beijing and Ottawa have become synonymous.

Who calls the shots in Canada, Ottawa or Beijing? It’s becoming harder to tell, especially after this week’s shameful performance by the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

So, just how close are New Beijing and Old Beijing?  It is really hard to tell but this story certainly indicates Trudeau’s close ties with China are hard to distinguish from Treason.

Michael Spavor has reached a settlement with the Canadian government over his detention in China.

Michael Spavor was one of the two Michaels who spent 3 years in a Chinese jail for espionage.  It turns out China did have a reason to detain him.  Spavor was not a spy but he did unwittingly divulge sensitive Chinese information.

The Globe and Mail reported in November that Spavor was threatening to sue the government and Kovrig. That report suggested Spavor was alleging he was detained because he unwittingly provided information on North Korea to Kovrig, who then gave the information to Canadian intelligence officials.

Don’t you find it odd that Canada is offering a payout to someone who did break Chinese law?  He may not have intended to but he broke Chinese law and the Chinese were well within their rights to imprison him.  So why are we compensating him for something the Chinese did?   Well, that is where the treason comes in.

Spavor gave information to the other Michael, Michael Kovrig.  Korvig gave that information to CSIS.  The minute the information got to Ottawa China somehow knew about the breach and arrested both Michaels.  Gee, I wonder how China got that information so quickly.

Spavor is not receiving a payout because of what China did.  He is receiving a payout because of what Trudeau did.  Like a good boy Trudeau let President Xi know what happened and where he could pick up both Michaels.  This explains why Trudeau did nothing to try and get the Michaels back.  Now that they are back he needs them to stay silent.

I wonder if part of the payout is VIP treatment at the ceremony when Ottawa is officially renamed New Beijing.  I am sure the ceremony will be well attended.  There will certainly be more liberals at the renaming of Ottawa than you could ever find at a Canada day celebration.

Justice is remote but still possible

Just a few days ago I posted about Andrew Bridgen giving up on parliament and going directly to the police.  Something similar is happening in Alberta, Canada but in Alberta the police are also being bypassed.  The case is going directly to civil court.  Rath and Company has kicked off a class action lawsuit against the Alberta government on behalf people injured by the COVID jabs.

Rath & Company, a law firm in Alberta, has initiated a Class Action lawsuit alleging claims of “unlawful, negligent, inadequate, improper, unfair, and deceptive practices” against both the province of Alberta and the federal government. The allegations are tied to the “warning, marketing, promotion, and distribution of the Covid vaccines.”

It is a smart choice not to bother with the police.  It would be a huge waste of time.  There is not a single police force in Canada that is actively involved in policing.  Officers are simply body guards for the regime.  Canadian courts are unfortunately not much better but the odds of success go up when you only need to deal with one corrupt institution rather than two.

The Alberta government Canada is being sued over their deceptive actions rather than the actual vaccine injury because Canada already has a vaccine injury compensation program but that program is a joke.  The maximum payout is only $275,000.  $275,000 does not even come close to the future earnings of a 40 year old with dependents who is killed by, or can no longer work due to, the jab.

The program is a joke that the government is trying to turn in to a tragic farce.  In the first 18 months only 50 cases were approved with an average payout of only $55,000.  At this rate it will take a century to compensate everyone they have injured.  By then thanks to Trudeau the Canadian dollar won’t even be worth the paper it is printed on.

The most encouraging thing about these latest developments is that people have finally stopped waiting for the government to help.  They are now willing to take matters in to their own hands.  With a little luck we might just see Nuremberg tribunals but this time they won’t be run by governments.  This time governments will be the defendants.