In the west violent crime is acceptable, criticizing government is not

Yesterday German police showed their commitment to protecting women by harassing 45 people who said bad things about women.

Police raided homes and interrogated 45 suspects in 11 states early in the morning, German news agency dpa reported. None of the suspects were detained.

Like so much or modern policing the actions taken by police were influenced by politics and optics.

The raids were part of the annual “combating misogyny on the internet” day of action, which began in 2022 and comes one day before International´s Women´s Day.

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of this new headline seeking police work.  I much prefer the old school policing where people were arrested for doing bad things rather than saying bad things.  If I was a German taxpayer my choice would be to have the police focus on the explosion of rapes and gang rapes.  This will never happen though.  Solving the problem of actual violence against women would involve upsetting a protected identity group that views rape as a pious right.  In 2024 that is just not how police roll.  In 2024 police services, swollen with diversity hires, find it much easy to confront internet shit talkers than violent criminals.

The police have now settled into a comfortable policy of only pursuing thought crimes. Arresting thought criminals instead of violent criminals keep police safe and politicians happy.  It is far easier to govern the country when no one is allowed to say anything bad about what you are doing.  Arresting thought criminals is a tactic developed by authoritarian governments that has now been enthusiastically embraced by western democracies.  Western politicians enjoy it so much that they now use it far more than the people the media wants us to call tyrants.


Chelsea Russel did not criticize government policy so she received only house arrest.  If you actually criticize government policy in Britain you do jail time.

Britain is no longer a free country.” Such is the rash conclusion being drawn from the case of Sam Melia—an anti-immigration activist who late last week was sentenced to two years in prison for “inciting racial hatred.” His offence? Making and distributing stickers with slogans like “We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066” and “Stop mass immigration.” Other tags included “Reject white guilt,” “Stop anti-white rape gangs,” and “Love your nation.”

Thought crime arrests are also common place in Canada where Justin Trudeau is tanking in the polls.  In the grand tradition of “the beatings will continue until moral improves” Justin has decided to up his game.  His new internet safety bill will allow him to arrest anyone who worships anything other than government, or anyone who has ever said anything in their life that Justin does not like.

That sounds pretty harsh right?  Don’t worry the man how reveled in trampling seniors with horses was not about to stop at simply what you have said.  He has also added provisions in the law that will allow him to arrest you for what you might say; at a future date in an alternate universe.

Justice Minister Arif Virani has defended a new power in the online harms bill to impose house arrest on someone who is feared to commit a hate crime in the future – even if they have not yet done so already.

When it is more dangerous to speak up in Canada than Russia we have a problem.  When Canadians can be arrested for something the government thinks they might say we have tyranny.  Have you had enough yet?  Or, do the police need to arrest you for a pre-crime-thought crime, before you speak up?

A ray of hope or more disappointment?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been calling for COVID prosecutions for years.  From start to finish COVID was a crime.  A deadly pathogen was released on purpose and governments designed their mitigation measures to maximize the number of people who died.  This might be hard for some people to accept but it comes down to a very simple premise; no one could possibly be that stupid.  There is no way everyone in government could be stupid enough to think their mitigation measures could have done anything other than make things worse.

For a long time I was a voice in the wilderness and after 4 years I was resigned to accepting that it would never happen.  They were going to get away with it.  No one would ever be punished for the largest crime in history.  Then yesterday there was a glimmer of hope.


Andrew Bridgen is one of the few political figures in the world speaking out about COVID crimes.  For months he has tried unsuccessfully to get the UK parliament to take action.  It looks like he has given up on parliament and went straight to the police.  This is both encouraging and disappointing at the same time.  The police should not have needed prompting when so many people were dying.  Also it is telling that Bridgen has chosen to make the letter public 2 weeks after it was sent.  That could indicate the police were ignoring his letter and he is trying to pressure them to act.

Time will tell if this is just another disappointment but if it is going to work anywhere it will work in Britain.  The British government and medical establishment took a more active role in killing than most other governments.  When they weren’t directly euthanizing seniors with Midazolam they were illegally enforcing do not resuscitate orders.

Disabled Scots felt like their lives were ‘not worth saving’ during the pandemic after Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were secretly imposed on many of them, an inquiry has heard.

If western governments had not chosen to kill their own citizens no one would have even noticed COVID.  At worst we would have noticed a heavy cold and flu season.  Bad cold and flu seasons are not abnormal they happen almost every other year.  Despite the fact that criminals released an engineered virus it would never have rose to the level of an emergency without gross government interference and malfeasance.  There are thousands of politicians, senior bureaucrats, and even cooperating business executives that should be in prison.  Let’s hope Andrew Bridgen’s letter kicks off some long overdue justice.

Not safe, Not effective, and definitely not a Mystery

When ICUs in Canada started to fill up with Jabbed people Canadian governments chose to stop publishing statistics that referenced vaccination status.  It was very difficult to continue to claim the Jabs prevented serious illness when the ICUs were full of seriously ill people who had been foolish enough to trust government.  Thankfully the UK still has more integrity than Trudeau’s Canada and the office of National Statistics (ONS) still collects and publishes reports based on vaccine status.  The ONS has recently published a report with data up to Q1 2023.

One Problem with trying to decipher reports based on vaccination status is that the number of vaccinated people is known but the number of unvaccinated people is estimated.  Populations change.  The number of people in any demographic is affected by births, deaths, and immigration.  So, while the number of people who have shown up for vaccination is certain the number of unvaccinated people is based on current population estimates minus the vaccinated.  The current population estimates go back to the last census that is no longer accurate.  This tends to make the numbers look bad for the unvaccinated which suits the propaganda so governments make no effort to correct the numbers.

To get around this problem Will Jones of the Daily skeptic simply plotted the number of deaths in each age group with the % that were unvaccinated.  The government does not know how many unvaccinated there are but they do know how many unvaccinated died.  You can see the plots in his report here.

There are a couple very interesting things that can be concluded from the plots.  In each age group number of total deaths increased throughout 2021 while the % of those deaths that were unvaccinated fell continuously.  That means that the increased deaths were all among the vaccinated.  So as more people got vaccinated more people were dying.  This clearly shows the vaccines were killing people.

The other thing of note is that during the 2022/2023 winter deaths spiked as they always do in cold and flu season.  But, during this seasonal spike the % of unvaccinated deaths did not change.  You were no more likely to die if you were unvaccinated.  This shows vaccine efficacy to be zero just as I have been pointing out on this blog for almost 2 years.

If the vaccines don’t prevent infection but do prevent serious infection then infections may not go down but deaths should.  The ratio of deaths per infection should go down dramatically after vaccination programs start.  So did that happen?  No it did not

The ONS did not say it but they just proved that the vaccines are not safe and do not work.  Thankfully the public figured this out long ago and stopped taking these deadly shots.  Unfortunately for some people the damage is already done.  Highly vaccinated countries like the UK are still suffering increased deaths most notably from heart attacks.

‘Between 10 to 20 per cent of my heart attack patients are now under the age of 40,’ says Dr Martin Lowe, a consultant cardiologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Portland Hospital, both in London.

Even though the ONS just inadvertently proved that the jabs are deadly the medical establishment is still claiming to be baffled by the sudden rise in heart attacks.  According to them it is still a big mystery because there are so many possible contributing factors.

A number of factors are to blame, including poor diet and obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, an increase in the number of young people developing type 2 diabetes (which is associated with thicker and stickier blood which raises the risk of blood clots and, in turn, heart attacks), smoking and alcohol, says Dr Lowe.

There is of course one glaringly obvious omission form that list; the jabs.  Apparently the only thing the medical establishment knows for certain is that it cannot be the jabs.  Somehow a medical treatment known to cause blood clots and heart damage could not possibly be the cause of all the blood clots and heart damage.

No one believes this including the people who say it.  Every sane person knows this is from the Jabs but the medical establishment will not admit it because they participated in this crime.  They are all guilty of murder.  So many people need to be punished and it is look less and less certain that it will ever happen.  This is not good news.  If they are not punished they will do it again, and again, and again.

This has got to stop.  It never should have started in the first place.


Corrupt accounting did not save Capone either

The UK has a problem.  Like many western countries The UK has suffered 3 years of excess deaths ever since the COVID vaccines arrived to save Britons and every other person on the planet.  This is a problem that demands attention and the UK government has swooped in to fix it.  The UK now has much fewer excess deaths.  Such a quick fix is truly remarkable, after all government is much better at causing problems than fixing problems.  So how did the government fix this problem so quickly you might ask?  It turns out the problem is just accounting.


Astute readers might easily jump to the conclusion that this really did not fix the problem.  The same numbers of people are still dying, aren’t they?  Yes it is true that there are no fewer deaths but from the government perspective the problem is solved.  To Rishi Sunak and the UK parliament the problem was never that large numbers of people were dying.  The problem is that Andrew Bridgen would not shut up about it.

The UK government is playing accounting games in an effort to hide what they have done.  This is not at all unusual.  Governments all over the world do the same thing.  Theoretically governments exist to build infrastructure and provide security but that is not what actual governments do.  What governments do instead of things that might be beneficial to the public is create the illusion of an emergency by manipulating data.  The phony emergency is used by sociopaths within the government for their own career or financial advancement.  When or if the public notices, data is manipulated again to cover their crimes.

The largest crime any government has committed in the last 80 years is COVID and the COVID jabs.  This crime was not unique to the UK; they all did it.  That is why we can expect more countries to re-calculate excess deaths.  But, I doubt this will work.  The crime is far too large and people don’t need to rely on the corrupted accounting to see it.  Simply too many people know someone who has been injured or killed by the jabs.  The government can show negative excess deaths but it won’t change the number of funerals that people attend.

Someday accurate accounting will be done.  What it will show is that very few people died from COVID but millions died at the hands of government.  By far the most effective weapon any government wielded was the COVID jab.  That weapon was provided to the government by big Pharma whose executives must be very uneasy now.  Their entire existence is threatened by their part in this crime.

“I think when the real damage has been totally accounted for, honestly I’m not sure we’re going to even have a Pfizer anymore. I don’t think it’s going to actually look the same way. The harm that has been done by these vaccines…This is going to unfortunately go down as a very sad point in history,” Dr. Ladapo said recently regarding the DNA contamination found within mRNA vaccines.

Never trust government.  Especially when you are in bed with them the way Pfizer is.

More praise for Hot Drunken Hockey

In April of 2020 I wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper.  In my letter I detailed how the data did not support the COVID narrative and I asked if we are now going to lockdown every cold and flu season.  I was mocked for comparing COVID to influenzas.  The editor stated that if I thought COVID was just the flu I was not paying attention.  In one respect the editor was correct.  I was not paying attention.  I was watching the data and paying no heed to the fear porn disseminated by the media on behalf of the government.

COVID was nothing more than a new respiratory virus affecting people during cold and flu season.  I knew that 4 years ago and now even the CDC has admitted it.  The CDC now includes COVID among the list of respiratory viruses that all demand the same attention.

Each year, respiratory viruses are responsible for millions of illnesses and thousands of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States. In addition to the virus that causes COVID-19, there are many other types of respiratory viruses, including flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The good news is there are actions you can take to help protect yourself and others from health risks caused by respiratory viruses.

The CDC has made this admission just as a new paper has been published showing the few countries not stupid enough to follow the CDC guidance had remarkably good success.

Belarus’s beleaguered government remains unfazed by covid-19. President Aleksander Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, has flatly denied the seriousness of the pandemic, refusing to impose a lockdown, close schools, or cancel mass events like the Belarusian football league or the Victory Day parade.

Yet the country’s death rate is among the lowest in Europe—just over 700 in a population of 9.5 million with over 73 000 confirmed cases.

The world ignored Belarus but I didn’t.  I have mentioned Belarus and their remarkable success many times on this blog.  Belarus rejected all of the stupid guidance from all of the various health agencies and decided to combat COVID with saunas, vodka, and hockey.  Their choice to treat COVID as another normal seasonal virus saved thousands of lives lost in other countries to lockdowns.

Belarus did not prevent infections but then neither did the lockdowns.  What Belarus prevented was deaths.  They avoided excess deaths by avoiding lockdowns.

In reality Belarus did employ more than just hockey and vodka; they had a very robust COVID response.

Citizens began practising self-isolation early on. On 26 March a crowdfunding campaign “ByCovid19” was launched in order to buy safety equipment for hospitals across the country. The movement collected around $360 000 (£277 000; €304 000) in three months and, with the help of nearly 1500 volunteers, they purchased and distributed around 450 000 pieces of personal protective equipment, oxygen tanks, and other medical equipment.

Sick people stayed home and resources were provided to hospitals to treat critically ill.  The resources were provided free of any strings.  Doctors were allowed to use their own experience and judgment to treat patients as they saw fit.  In the spring of 2020 this approach was radical when compared to other countries.  But, at no time in history up until 2020 would this response have been seen as abnormal.  The 4 years of COVID hysteria is what was not normal.

Lukashenko, who is often portrayed as a ruthless dictator by the media, chose not to kill his own people.  That made him a notable outlier.  Most Western leaders chose the opposite.  They chose to kill in return for political and personal financial gain.  It is way past time to acknowledge this and to act on this knowledge.  These people need to be punished.  COVID was not a dangerous pandemic it was murder for profit.

The Clown Car destination is WW3

Recently several NATO countries including Canada, France, and the United States have openly mused about sending troops to the Ukraine.  Let’s put aside for one minute how laughably absurd it is to think Canada could send their woefully equipped, horribly understaffed military anywhere and ask the question why?  Why do we need to send troops to fight Russia?  This is the reason given by a senile old man installed in the white house by hacked voting machines and fake mail in ballots.

President Joe Biden delivered his sternest warning yet to congressional Republicans balking at approving more aid to Ukraine: Pay up now or you’ll pay more later, forced to send U.S. troops to fight Russian soldiers when an emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin moves in on a NATO member country.

So NATO troops must die because of something Joe Biden thinks Russia might do in the future.  This is shades of George Bush and the phony weapons of mass destruction.  I know supporters of getting other people killed will tell you if we don’t act it will be a repeat of Nazis Germany.  Putin will sweep through Europe invading country after country just as Hitler did.

There is one big problem with this narrative.  There is no evidence that Putin has any intentions of invading the rest of Europe.  When Hitler started his campaign he invaded without warning and with overwhelming force.  By contrast Putin invaded with a relatively small force.  The largest part of his army still remains in Russia indicating Putin expects to be invaded by NATO not the other way around.  There was also nothing surprising about Putin’s invasion.  He had been warning NATO for decades that he would not tolerate their interference in Ukraine.

No one can tell what another person thinks but judging by his actions Putin has no intentions of starting WW3.  That can’t be said about NATO.  Not only are they constantly beating the war drums but it seems some NATO countries already have boots on the ground in Ukraine.  An audio recording has leaked recently of 2 German officials discussing sending cruise missiles to the Ukraine and taking an active role targeting the missiles.  In the conversation they also discuss how the UK, France, and the US already have troops in Ukraine.

Gerhartz : Do you think it is possible to hope that Ukraine will be able to do everything on its own? After all, it is known that there are many people there in civilian clothes who speak with an American accent.

Apparently the leak came from a virtual meeting on an insecure platform.

German outlet Der Spiegel reported that the virtual meeting did not take place via a secure line, but via the Webex platform.

It seems incredible that a discussion like this could happen on an easily intercepted internet platform but the leak seems genuine because the German government is investigating how it happened.  This should alarm everyone.  It is alarming enough to find out that NATO already has boots on the ground but that is not what really scares me.  What scares me is that we are being pushed in to WW3 by people too stupid to use secure communications.

I have posted about this before.  The west is run by the largest collection of brain dead clowns in world history.  Our inept and corrupt political leadership have in turn corrupted all of our institutions.  The diversity hire generals and senior bureaucrats will lead our troops to slaughter.  These people are so stupid they can’t acknowledge that in 2 years they have been wrong about the Ukraine every single time.  They thought Russia could be defeated by sanctions that Putin was obviously prepared for.  Then they thought a smaller poorly trained Ukraine military would roll over Russia on the battel field.

Their perfect track record of errors has wiped out an entire generation of Ukrainians.  Now the same group of mentally deficient war mongers wants to send your son or daughter to fight.  I know what my answer will be when they come for my children.  You better decide what your answer will be.  WW3 is closer than you think.

The trail leads to Trudeau

A couple of days ago the New York Post finally acknowledged what has been obvious to any sane person from the very beginning.  The SARS COV-2 virus is not natural.  It was engineered in a Chinese lab.  As a member of the Legacy media the post is loath to tell the truth so they did not delve in to the most important details of the virus development.  The release was not an accident and China did not act alone.  China received financing from the Americans (Fauci) and technical support from Canada.


In January of 2021 the RCMP arrested 2 researchers working in a Winnipeg bio lab.  The story got very little media coverage because as Poilievre pointed out the Trudeau Liberals did everything they could to bury it.  This is just one more example of the Trudeau liberals supporting a Chinese communist agenda.  Trudeau’s unconditional support of the Chinese communist party is becoming so obvious even the media can’t help but notice a disturbing pattern.

The Trudeau government has an appalling record of failing to stand on guard for the security of Canadians in the face of China’s interference with our democracy.

Canadians really need to pull their heads out of their backsides and ask why China receives so much support when there seems to be no benefit to Canada for providing the support.  Why did we do any of this?

  • Allow China to open illegal police stations in Canada so that they could harass Chinese immigrants and dissidents.
  • Look the other way while China interfered with Canadian elections.
  • Give China a retired air force base in Alberta thereby giving China unfettered access to Canadian airspace.
  • Allow Chinese military to conduct cold weather training exercises in Canada.
  • Ignore the activities of 2 Chinese spies working in a top secret Bio lab until China received everything they needed to victimize the entire earth.

The sad truth is that under the Trudeau liberals Canada has become nothing more than a vassal state of Communist China.  Maybe that is why Trudeau claims that Canada is a post National state.  We are no longer an independent state just a Chinese colony.

By surrendering our sovereignty to Communist China Just Trudeau made Canada a COVID coconspirator.  The COVID plandemic is the largest crime in history and Trudeau placed Canada right in the center of it.  Every Canadian should be ashamed by what we have allowed that overgrown child to do to a once great country.

Fear + Division = Compliance

When the lockdowns were announced in March of 2020 I knew the government and health agencies were lying.  To me they were telling obvious lies and I was not the only one who smelled a rat.


But while there were people raising the alarm most of the public ignored them.  They blithely allowed themselves to be placed in a funnel that emptied out on mandatory vaccination.  Except the injections they received were not vaccines and were not at all safe.  3 years later some unfortunate people have discovered that Myocarditis is never mild and the only solution offered to jab induced paralysis is assisted suicide.


So how did it come to this?  Why did so many people take a treatment that they knew nothing about and that they did not need?  Unfortunately it turns out that manipulating great numbers of people is not that difficult.  All it requires is a little fear, a little division, and a sociopath in the wrong position.


We did not have a pandemic.  All we had was a handful of sociopaths in the right positions to profit politically and financially from our misery.  From the first day of the lockdowns COVID was a crime.  The largest crime in history and we are still allowing them to get away with it.  We should not have demonized the unmasked or the unvaccinated.  We should have saved our ire for the real demons; the politicians that were either evil enough or stupid enough to inflict this upon us.