Justice is remote but still possible

Just a few days ago I posted about Andrew Bridgen giving up on parliament and going directly to the police.  Something similar is happening in Alberta, Canada but in Alberta the police are also being bypassed.  The case is going directly to civil court.  Rath and Company has kicked off a class action lawsuit against the Alberta government on behalf people injured by the COVID jabs.

Rath & Company, a law firm in Alberta, has initiated a Class Action lawsuit alleging claims of “unlawful, negligent, inadequate, improper, unfair, and deceptive practices” against both the province of Alberta and the federal government. The allegations are tied to the “warning, marketing, promotion, and distribution of the Covid vaccines.”

It is a smart choice not to bother with the police.  It would be a huge waste of time.  There is not a single police force in Canada that is actively involved in policing.  Officers are simply body guards for the regime.  Canadian courts are unfortunately not much better but the odds of success go up when you only need to deal with one corrupt institution rather than two.

The Alberta government Canada is being sued over their deceptive actions rather than the actual vaccine injury because Canada already has a vaccine injury compensation program but that program is a joke.  The maximum payout is only $275,000.  $275,000 does not even come close to the future earnings of a 40 year old with dependents who is killed by, or can no longer work due to, the jab.

The program is a joke that the government is trying to turn in to a tragic farce.  In the first 18 months only 50 cases were approved with an average payout of only $55,000.  At this rate it will take a century to compensate everyone they have injured.  By then thanks to Trudeau the Canadian dollar won’t even be worth the paper it is printed on.

The most encouraging thing about these latest developments is that people have finally stopped waiting for the government to help.  They are now willing to take matters in to their own hands.  With a little luck we might just see Nuremberg tribunals but this time they won’t be run by governments.  This time governments will be the defendants.