When is the Ottawa renaming ceremony?

Justin Trudeau has an unhealthy admiration for communist Tyranny and he is a very big fan of China.  Justin is such a big fan of China Beijing and Ottawa have become synonymous.

Who calls the shots in Canada, Ottawa or Beijing? It’s becoming harder to tell, especially after this week’s shameful performance by the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

So, just how close are New Beijing and Old Beijing?  It is really hard to tell but this story certainly indicates Trudeau’s close ties with China are hard to distinguish from Treason.

Michael Spavor has reached a settlement with the Canadian government over his detention in China.

Michael Spavor was one of the two Michaels who spent 3 years in a Chinese jail for espionage.  It turns out China did have a reason to detain him.  Spavor was not a spy but he did unwittingly divulge sensitive Chinese information.

The Globe and Mail reported in November that Spavor was threatening to sue the government and Kovrig. That report suggested Spavor was alleging he was detained because he unwittingly provided information on North Korea to Kovrig, who then gave the information to Canadian intelligence officials.

Don’t you find it odd that Canada is offering a payout to someone who did break Chinese law?  He may not have intended to but he broke Chinese law and the Chinese were well within their rights to imprison him.  So why are we compensating him for something the Chinese did?   Well, that is where the treason comes in.

Spavor gave information to the other Michael, Michael Kovrig.  Korvig gave that information to CSIS.  The minute the information got to Ottawa China somehow knew about the breach and arrested both Michaels.  Gee, I wonder how China got that information so quickly.

Spavor is not receiving a payout because of what China did.  He is receiving a payout because of what Trudeau did.  Like a good boy Trudeau let President Xi know what happened and where he could pick up both Michaels.  This explains why Trudeau did nothing to try and get the Michaels back.  Now that they are back he needs them to stay silent.

I wonder if part of the payout is VIP treatment at the ceremony when Ottawa is officially renamed New Beijing.  I am sure the ceremony will be well attended.  There will certainly be more liberals at the renaming of Ottawa than you could ever find at a Canada day celebration.