It is not just COVID lies that Kill

The Canadian government is concerned that 36% of Canadian’s do not trust official sources.  Controlling the narrative is difficult if you can’t control the people so this is a serious problem for the Trudeau liberals.  They desperately need people to believe them so their response to this troubling poll was predictable.  They have hired consultants to figure out better ways to lie.

Justin Trudeau is using tax money he has taken from you to find more creative ways of deceiving you.  There is, of course, a very simple solution to this crisis of confidence which requires no tax dollars be spent.  Politicians could keep us off balance by telling the truth sometimes.  That would make it impossible to just assume that they are lying.  That slim possibility of truth would be a very useful weapon against us.

There is one serious flaw to my suggestion however.  My plan would require finding a Canadian politician that is capable of telling the truth even a small percentage of the time.  That would be a tall order in a country where the most successful politicians never miss an opportunity to lie.  The video below is the second most powerful politician in Canada lying again about the Ukraine.


What Chyrstia Freeland just said is an egregious lie.  The Canadian economy is almost completely untethered from the Ukraine.  Canadian trade with Ukraine is only 0.046% of Canada’s total yearly trade.  Economically it would be difficult for Ukraine to be any less important to Canada.  The outcome of the war will not change that no matter which side wins.

I have great sympathy for the ordinary Ukrainian.  They are victims in a proxy war between NATO and Russia.  But, if the Canadian government wants to use tax money to support the Ukraine they should convince Canadians without lying about the economic impact.  Chrystia Freeland is incapable of this because she is incapable of the truth.

The Truth is that this war would never have happened if NATO had not interfered with Ukraine politics.  Worse than that even; the only thing keeping the war going is more NATO interference.  NATO seems determined to fight Russia to the very last Ukrainian.  How many Ukrainians need to die before we question the morality of prolonging a war that the Ukraine cannot win?  Sending 4 poorly maintained tanks to go up against the thousands Russia possesses just gets more Ukrainians killed.

When politicians lie ordinary people suffer.  It is time to remove these habitually liars from power.