A Crime too big to Ignore, so why are we Ignoring it?


There is a new study out that one in 757 people will have a serious event from the COVID jabs.  Over 5.5 billion people have been jabbed which means 7.3 million people were intentionally injured by government.  This is a stunning admission especially when you consider what is not in these numbers.  The researchers did not include the thousands of people who die suddenly months after their vaccinations.

Only days ago I showed that, in the 18 months since vaccinations began, an unusually high number of Canadians have died.  My crude estimation indicates an additional 38 thousand deaths.  That is one death for every 898 vaccinated people and this data is incomplete.  The real number is undoubtable higher than that.  Incredibly my crude estimation is right in line with a new American study that shows 1 death per 874 vaccinated people.

2 years ago the Jabs were 100% safe and 95% effective.  No one is making those claims anymore.  Even the CDC has admitted some people have permanent debilitating injuries and at this point all they can do is monitor the situation.


The deaths and injuries are far too numerous to ignore and as I predicted months ago countries will attempt to quietly back away from the Jabs.  Britain is the latest country to no longer offer Jabs to anyone under 50.  In 2 years we have gone from mandated to jabs no longer being offered.  All it took was millions of injuries and deaths.  The sad reality is that this does not end just because governments are no longer willing to force jabs in to arms.  The damage has been done.  No one knows when this epidemic of died suddenly will be over.

One death per 874 vaccinated people is 6.3 million deaths worldwide.  These are holocaust type numbers and this is not over yet.  The jabs have the potential to eclipse the death total from the holocaust.  Andrew Bridgen was suspended from parliament because he said the COVID jabs are the greatest crime against humanity since the holocaust.  Andrew Bridgen is 100% correct; the data supports his statement.

I am accustomed to politicians lying.  Up until now I thought this was a personal choice made by morally deficient psychopaths.  The UK parliament just indicated that telling the truth is simply not allowed.  Now when a politician lies I can’t know if they lied because they are a terrible human being or if they were just following parliamentary procedure.  Either way I don’t like it and neither should the families of Jab victims.

It is time to stop ignoring this and seek justice for the millions governments have already killed.