Don’t let their sacrifices mean nothing

Today is Remembrance Day.  The day set aside for us to remember tens of thousands of Canadians who fought and even died fighting tyranny in other countries.  I am not a veteran so I don’t know what those people must think now.  I doubt they can be happy about how things turned out.  They sacrificed a lot fighting for freedom elsewhere while their children and grandchildren have voluntarily given up freedom at home.

From a macro-historic perspective, the West is slowly regressing, and the ultra-rich are becoming “the globalist version of feudal lords, as the new Western slave class emerges beneath them.”

Brave men fought and died so that weak men could take over governments and destroy everything with their greed.  They have been cooperating with rich psychopaths to impoverish the average citizen and concentrate wealth in the hands of the new royalty.

We let this happen.  Every time we comply without complaint we lose more freedom.  Going with the flow is the easy choice but when the river ends at slavery it is time to swim the opposite direction.  So, today, when you remember past sacrifices maybe you should pause to consider every time you did what was easy rather than what was right.  Stop taking freedom for granted.