They know it is not safe

I saw this video on Twitter/X yesterday.

Again I don’t know if the Television broadcast is recent or not but I don’t find it at all surprising.  Israel had the most aggressive vaccination program in the world.  Israel cut an inclusive deal with Pfizer that gave them access to the jabs before other countries.  Then Israel made the jabs mandatory for all age groups.  Young people who were force vaccinated immediately started dying and developing heart damage.

The COVID Vaccines have already killed 3 times more young Israeli men then the virus.  

I wrote that line in June of 2021.  So in June of 2021 there were also clear safety signals that were being ignored.  We were also ignoring the science that said the Jabs would not work.

When cells in your body produce the spike protein they look like the virus so they provoke an antibody response.  But since there are no infected cells you get no T cell response.  You are not fully immune until you get a T cell response.  All the treatments do is give you a head start.  You will never be fully immune until you actually get infected.  That is why we are told the “Vaccines” only ensure that you get a mild infections and reduce the chance of death.

I wrote that a month earlier in May of 2021.  So by mid-year 2021 we should have known that the Jabs were unnecessary and deadly.  We should have stopped.  Had we stopped only 8% of the world would have been part of this deranged experiment instead of the 65% that ultimately took at least 2 shots.

But the jabs were financially lucrative to big Pharma and politicians who received kickbacks, so we did not stop.  Now more than 2 years later we have made the problem infinitely worse.  In his recent testimony before the European parliament Dr. McCullough stated that at least 4.2% of vaccinated people have suffered serious injuries including death.  That is nearly a quarter of a billion people worldwide.  It is no wonder Dr. McCullough doesn’t think much of the decision to force it on everyone.

“It was the worst idea ever to install the genetic code by injection and allow the unbridled production of a potentially lethal protein in the human body for an uncontrolled duration of time.

We should have stopped long ago.  We should certainly stop now.  But politicians are just not willing to give up the extra income.  Brazil has made the COVID jabs part of the early childhood immunization schedule and Canada’s Prime Moron is still advertising for Pfizer.


Did you notice a needle in that short video clip?  Justin Trudeau is trying to convince Canadians the jabs are safe by conspicuously not taking them.  Trudeau wants Canadians to take a treatment that he is not willing to take himself.  These bastards know the jabs are not safe.  Their eyes are on the profits and they do not care if you must die to increase their net worth.  Make it stop.