Do not accept any more lies.

Neil Oliver is on point with his latest monolog and it is simply too good not to share.

Some people are finally waking up to the fact that our governments are lying to us; about everything.  Politicians have broken the public trust.  They could try to rebuild trust by telling the truth for once, but that is just not how they roll.  Instead the government of Australia is testing the water with an obvious lie to gauge the relative impact of this slow public awakening.


Australians are being told to brace for another wave of COVID.  The people who believe this lie will identify themselves by donning masks and lining up for boosters.  If enough people believe the lie Australian Politicians and by extension politicians all over the world will know it is safe to continue lying.  If enough people refuse to comply the government will be forced to abandon the very lucrative COVID lie.

Make no mistake about it this latest COVID scare is an enormous lie.  COVID is a seasonal respiratory disease.  At least it was until vaccine injuries started to be blamed on COVID.  It is no longer winter in Australia.  They are 6 weeks away from summer.  Those sick people at sea and on land do not have COVID.  They are undoubtedly vaccine injured.

The Australian government is testing the water to see if they can still frighten people enough to line up for more of the mRNA that made them ill in the first place.  If Australians fall for this again the psychopaths in the northern hemisphere will bring everything back this winter.  We will see lockdowns masks and vaccine passports again.  This time will likely include digital ID.

They will never stop lying.  It is up to us to stop believing.