Higher education and lower living standards

Recently some students at Concordia University staged a show of support for Israel.  Any show of support for Israel in caring, multicultural, Canada will attract people who want to kill Jews and this demonstration was no different.  This delightful gentleman showed up to call the women whores.


“Go back to Poland, sharmouta!” says one man in a widely circulated video of the incident; “sharmouta” is an Arabic slur for “whore.”

I am sure you will not be surprised to discover he is a professor at another Canadian University.  Also not surprising is his field of study.

He was later identified as Yanise Arab, a humanities professor at the University of Montreal specializing in “dominance and resistance in the Arab world.”

What kind of job do you think a humanities graduate knowledgeable in the “dominance and resistance of the Arab world” can get?  What do you think it pays?  Any parent saving for their child’s education should know that if you send your child to a Canadian university this is the kind of useless nonsense they will be taught.  Canadian Universities are not centers of higher learning.  They are factories designed to produce useful idiots.

This is all by design.  Canadian Universities are government funded and the government needs armies of useful idiots.  It is way easier for the Canadian government to implement bad policy when people graduate University with no useful knowledge or critical thinking abilities.  Take net zero for instance.  Any Engineer could tell you that net zero will not work and will destroy the economy.  Even some non-engineers have figured out that net zero won’t just hurt those nasty Albertans.

The federal government is pushing an aggressive emissions reduction strategy that could devastate the Canadian economy and threaten our way of life. This isn’t just about the oil and gas industry. Port-related industries, transportation, infrastructure, health and education, and countless other sectors will be collateral damage. As will the standard of living of everyday Canadians.

That is why the government needs the degree holding useful idiots to shout down the engineers or anyone with common sense.  Destroying a country of critical thinkers would be very difficult.  Destroying Canada has turned out to be a cake walk.