Be frightened by abnormal not normal

We are now in cold and flu season in the northern hemisphere.  Now would be a good time to remind people that it is absolutely normal for some people to get sick during cold and flu season.  Sadly it is also normal for some people to die.  Typically the people who succumb to cold and flu season are in poor health, very old, or both.  It might seem odd that I feel the need to remind people of the obvious but 4 years ago almost everyone sudden became blind to the obvious.

In the 2019/20 cold and flu season the government used the media to convince us respiratory deaths during cold and flu season were not normal.  Not only that but we were told every one of those deaths could be avoided by forcing some people in to unemployment and hiding in our homes.  It did not work but we were blind to that as well.

I had hoped the mass hysterical blindness would pass but that does not seem to be the case.  Previously we were blind to the fact that ill seniors dying in cold and flu season is normal.  Now we are blind to the fact that excess deaths in young people are not normal.  Insurance companies are the exception to this blindness because they are in the business of predicting and betting on normal.  Lately those bets have been much harder to make.

“The numbers were naturally forecasted to climb during the pandemic, but some industry and health authorities are concerned the rates haven’t greatly diminished as COVID infection rates have declined,” InsuranceNewsNet reported

Insurance companies see clearly that something is not normal but still have a blind spot as to why.

Yet in its latest report issued in May, the SOA Research Institute found no connection between the historic U.S. death rates and insurance payouts starting in 2021 and COVID-19 vaccine mandates that rolled out the same year.

What is happening right now is definitely not normal.  The cause is also blatantly obvious but for those still suffering from willful or hysterical blindness maybe doctor Kory can help you see again.

“I will give you the only possibilities that could explain such a sudden rise: a series of terrorist attacks, wartime mobilization, or the proliferation of corporate vaccine mandates. As far as I can remember, only one of those events actually took place.”

Open your eyes.  Don’t let government fool you again this cold and flu season.