Awakening to where the blame lies

Once again I am struck by how much people are starting to sound like me.  In a recent Joe Rogan interview Elon Musk became another prominent figure to note that many COVID deaths were not COVID.

Twitter/X boss Elon Musk has declared that large numbers of deaths during the pandemic were actually caused by ventilators and not the virus itself.

This is a topic I have returned to multiple times on this blog.  It was clear after the first lockdown that people were dying from COVID Mitigation policies.  Stringent rules increased rather than decreased deaths.  Government was making things worse not better.

Any Country that reacted sanely did not have much trouble.  COVID amounted to nothing other than a mild flu year.  COVID was only a problem in Countries where politicians made it a problem.

Then in 2022 data started to come out showing that the SARS COV-2 virus was already all over the world in the fall of 2019.  Yet, it was not producing any excess deaths.  Excess deaths did not start occurring until after governments blundered in with lockdowns and “medical guidance”.  Given the evidence that COVID was relatively harmless without government assistance it is hard not to conclude where the problem lie.

Governments, not the virus, killed and this whole thing was intentional. 

Someday historians will correct the fraudulent COVID accounting.  7 million people did not die of COVID.  Most of those people were killed by their own governments.  Governments killed by banning effective treatments and providing financial incentives to use ventilators and other deadly treatments.

Historians will also come to the sad conclusion that none of this was by accident.  It is simply not possible for every decision to go the wrong way.  Every COVID mitigation measure increased rather than decreased the body count.  No one, not even people who choose government as a career, can be that stupid or that unlucky.  COVID was a carefully planned attack on ordinary people.  This attack has been planned for a very long time.  The play book was already written in the 90s.


The only reason this did not happen sooner is that they did not have the technology to pull it off.  Now they do and if we let them sweep it under the rug they will do it again.  Do not let them distract you with the next big crisis.  They will only use that time to plan the next big crisis.

The western world does need a reset but we don’t need to go all the way back to Feudalism as the WEF has planned.  We only need to turn back the clock a few decades to when government was small, taxes were low, the roads got paved, and the government was less concerned with killing their own citizens.  In my utopian world murderers are in prison not in government.   Is that too much to ask for?