Are you going to let Pfizer have your Children?

Pfizer holds the record for the largest criminal fine in history.  On multiple occasions now Pfizer has been found guilty of misrepresenting their products and bribing doctors to prescribe them.  Pfizer is simply not to be trusted.  Any submission they make to regulators should be carefully scrutinized and held to the highest scientific standards.  So why didn’t that happen with the COVID vaccines?

To say that the Pfizer test data submitted for emergency authorization was incomplete is a gross under exaggeration.   The Pfizer trial did not use standardized testing.  Testing was at the researcher’s discretion and the researchers decided not to follow up on more than 85% of the suspected COVID infections split evenly between the vaccine and placebo groups.  The limited selective testing was a huge red flag that the study had been un-blinded.  The researchers knew who was in each group and carefully avoided testing people in the vaccine group for COVID.

The FDA should have rejected this study outright but instead they accepted Pfizer’s contention that the vaccine reduced infection by more than 90%.  To understand how complicit the FDA was in this fraud you need to understand that by their design mRNA vaccines cannot prevent infection.  A claim that they could prevent 90% was simply laughable and based on obviously fraudulent data.  The FDA had to have known this and they certainly knew that more people died in the vaccine group than the placebo group.

Pfizer should have been chased out of the room and sanctioned for such shoddy, fraudulent, research instead the FDA granted emergency use authorization.  They gave Pfizer, an organization with a reputation for corruption, a blank checkbook and looked the other way.  This was in December of 2020 when multitudes of weak-minded were in a full blown panic over a new flu.  The FDA succumbed to intense political pressure to help extinguish a fire that politicians ignited and fanned for personal gain.  Their exceptionally poor decision making could be excused as fear but it is no longer 2020, so how do you explain the authorization for Children?

We have 2 years of data that children were never at risk from this virus.  We also now have confirmed what should have been obvious 2 years ago.  Intramuscular injections of mRNA, or any other vaccine for that matter, cannot prevent infections that start in the respiratory tract.  So children are not at risk and vaccinating them will in no way slow down viral spread.  There is then absolutely no urgency or reason for an emergency approval.  I mean it is not like infants were dying due to lack of Baby formula.

Arguably there is no reason for any approval.  There is no emergency so the FDA was free to take their time to dot every I and cross every T, yet they did not.  The FDA issued an emergency approval despite the fact that Pfizer is still up to their old tricks.



After watching these videos I have 3 questions.

  1. Why a company with a fraudulent track record like Pfizer is even allowed to experiment on children?
  2. What Parent in their right mind would allow Pfizer to experiment on their Child?
  3. Is the FDA the most corrupt government agency on earth?

Every time I think I cannot be more disgusted with government along comes another bureaucrat.  This was never about a virus and it must stop.