It is not Possible to Reconcile with Government. At this Point it is not even Desirable

Yesterday was national truth and reconciliation day in Canada.  It is a new national holiday to acknowledge the victims of the residential school system.  The residential school system was a system of government sponsored boarding schools exclusively for natives.  The system ran from 1880 to 1996.

Government were concerned natives were not integrating or sending their children to school.  The decision was made to forcibly remove native children from their families and confine them in residential schools.  The human rights of natives were systematically violated by the Canadian Government for over 100 years.  This was justified because it was for the “greater good” of society.

Most Canadians now recognize this system to be evil and are ashamed of it.  There can be no reason to single out people and remove their rights.  We are so ashamed we have set aside a day to remember what happened and ensure it does not happen again. This would be ironic if it was not so tragic.

Yesterday 100% of Canadians are under some sort of COVID restrictions.  The Canadian Government is not restricting itself to only violating native rights this time.  They are systematically violating the basic human rights of every Canadian citizen.  Canadians are stupid.  We are unable to learn from our own history.  We have not learned a Damn thing since 1996.