Our Easy Acceptance of Evil

Wyoming issued a mask mandate today.  It is really hard to understand why.  See the plots below.

Infections in Wyoming peaked 2 weeks ago and are now declining rapidly.  Even if masks worked mandating them now is closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.  This makes absolutely no sense, but I can guarantee you in a few weeks the governor will credit the drop in cases on his great wisdom of forcing veils masks on the population.

It is not just veils masks that government tyrants want to force on people.  3 days ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford stated vaccines will not be mandatory 10 seconds before the health minister explained what will happen to anyone who does not get Vaccinated.

Colin D’Mello CTVNews on Twitter: “Premier Doug Ford says the COVID-19 vaccine will be optional, but urges everyone to get the vaccine. The Health Minister cautions that there could be consequences — perhaps travel restrictions she suggests — if you don’t get it. #onpoli” / Twitter

This is a kind of evil Abbot and Costello, good cop/bad cop routine.  Doug Ford may as well have said you do not have to take the vaccine but if you do not, we will not take the plastic bag off your head.  There is no doubt about it, even though Doug Ford tells you he is different, he is not.  Doug Ford is a leftist tyrant the same as every other Premier in the country.  Every one of these evil tyrants is pushing masks and vaccines on people who have no risk of dying from Covid 1984.

Evil will never change; politicians will never change.  It is not that surprising that these petty Tyrants want to intrude on our lives.  To them it is a big game.  They get excited when we show how much we will defer to them.  It is what they live for.  The truly sad thing is that we willingly defer for the illusion of safety.  In Canada 98.5% of all covid deaths have been in nursing homes.  If you do not live in a nursing home, you have a .0006% chance of dying of Covid.  99.4% of Canadians are not in nursing homes; the risk to them from covid is almost zero.  Canadians have much larger concerns than Covid yet they will line up and demand a vaccine.  Tyrants get away with evil because we do not recognize them as evil.  It is time to wake up and open our eyes.