Democracy could save us, to bad we surrendered it in 2020

Denmark was one of the first countries to Ban the COVID jabs and it is easy to see why.

The great COVID plague of 2020 barely moved Denmark off their long term trend.  You can see this in almost every country.  COVID was nothing more than a bad flu.  Denmark had a worse flu season in 2018.  COVID was not an emergency; it was not even a particularly large problem until Politicians blundered in and made things worse.  The biggest blunder they made was the vaccines.  In Denmark the vaccines have been far deadlier than the virus.

There is no evidence the vaccines work.  There is a lot of evidence that they kill; so why haven’t more countries banned them?  The truth will not stay hidden forever.  What do politicians have to gain by continuing on and allowing more people to die?  The only answer I can come up with is that they are hoping to run out the clock.

When People finally realize that the vaccines are deadly and most COVID deaths were preventable they will be angry.  The longer this goes the more people die and the larger the anger grows.  The people who continue to push these treatments must believe they will never face that anger.  There are only 2 ways that happens.  Either these tyrants plan to steal as much as possible and then disappear, or it is something more ominous.  What if these people know they will never lose power?

COVID ushered in the era of mail in ballots and institutionalized election fraud.  Polls prior to the US midterm elections showed 80% of Americans thought their country was headed in the wrong direction yet nothing changed.  Exit polls showed that nearly ¾ of people who voted wanted change but then voted for the status quo?  They re-elected the governors that suspended their rights and put sick seniors back in to nursing homes?  That logic does not track.

The US midterm election results are possible but highly improbable.  With time I am certain more reports of fraud will surface; fraud that kept politicians responsible for egregious crimes comfortably in power.  What reason do they have to change anything?  As long as Pfizer continues to pay the kickbacks the shots will continue.