How many People do you need to harm before you go to Prison?

In September I posted information about how vaccine deaths seem to peak 5 months after vaccinations.  About a week ago a friend sent me another article dealing with the same issue.  The author, John Dee, did a very simple yet effective analysis.  He took the number of vaccines administered each day and compared those to excess deaths by sliding the curve ahead 5 months.  This is what he got.

Quite obviously the COVID jabs are killing people.  Some die immediately while others die much later.  For many people their injuries manifest over time.  I was reminded of this data yesterday when my wife got back from an appointment.  Yesterday my wife spoke to an acquaintance she had not seen for a while.  Her acquaintance quickly steered the conversation towards the Jabs because she had a story to tell.

When vaccine passports were introduced this poor woman had no choice but to take the jabs because her job at the time required travel.  2 hours after her first shot she developed a serious inflammatory reaction.  Her severe reaction made her very reluctant to take the second shot but she was unable to get an exemption.  The reason she was given was that her reaction could not have been due to the Jab because it did not happen in the first hour.  She was asked to believe that even if she had not taken the Jab her neck and face would have suddenly swollen up anyway because those kinds of things happen all the time, right?

So the official line of the Jason Kenny Government was that any reaction not seen within 60 minutes is not caused by a treatment that kills 5 months later.  I think by now you can guess where this story is going.  Because she had no choice (can you spell coercion?) she submitted to the second Jab.  Sometime after this her blood pressure skyrocketed and remains incredibly high.  A woman with no family history of hypertension is now dealing with high blood pressure.  Her blood pressure is so high now that she is at extreme risk of heart attack or stroke.  Essentially the jab killed her she just has not died yet.

Doctors have now reluctantly admitted that her condition was caused by the vaccine that they forced her to take.  Her severe reaction to the first Jab should have made a vaccine exemption a slam dunk but it did not.  Her doctors were cowards.  They did not protect their patient.  Instead they chose to protect their income.  People need to go to Jail; a lot of people.