Let’s stop repeating past Mistakes

Most people believe that COVID is over.  The danger has passed and we no longer need to assault people for being smart enough to know masks don’t work.


COVID absolutely should be over because it never should have started in the first place.  But it did start and fearful stupid people attacked and demonized anyone who would not drink the Kool-Aid.  So I guess what I am saying is that even though fearful stupid people have stopped using violence it does not mean COVID is over.

COVID restrictions were never about a virus or public safety.  Seriously, what kinds of safety regulations only apply to people who are not in government?  COVID policies were weapons government used against their own citizens.  Typically when some picks up a weapon they do not set it down until they are done using it or someone forces them to.  Our governments are not done attacking us and we have not fought back.  With the notable exception of Alberta, no one has been punished for what they have done.

This is not over because we are allowing it to continue.  If you give a bureaucrat an inch and they start digging mass graves.  We gave way more than an inch.  Now that winter has been arrived governments are discussing masks, lockdowns, and gene therapy masquerading as vaccines.  Stop giving ground; enough graves have been filled already.