Judging Success

The G20 meeting just wrapped up.  The G20 is the 19 largest economies in the world and the European Union.  These governments get together regularly to discuss matters of common interest.  Lately their common interest seems to be the best way to cut ordinary citizens out of the decision making process.

Typically when the meeting adjourns the group publishes some sort of statement bragging about everything they have accomplished.  This is not an easy task when you consider most of the people in the group have never accomplished anything in their lifetimes.  This year they wanted you to know that they were eager to build on the success of the vaccine passports.

Vaccine passports were a systematic intrusion on individual rights that resulted in millions of deaths.  If killing millions of people is a success how do you build on that?  A cynic would say that means they plan to kill billions.  That cynic would be 100% correct.  They do plan to kill billions.

The G20 are committed to phasing out fossil fuels.  To the ignorant this sounds like a good idea.  To anyone who understands science and energy this sounds like genocide.  84% of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels and currently there is no viable alternative.  The earth cannot support 8 billion people without fossil fuels.  You cannot heat the homes or put food on the tables of 8 billion people without fossil fuels.  Eliminating fossil fuels is government speak for eliminating people; a lot of people.  If we do this, billions of people will die and that is not hyperbole.

The G20 leaders are not happy with millions of deaths.  They are aiming much higher than that.  It is time to admit they just don’t measure success the way we do.