How Many Babies will Die before we Speak Up?

The same pattern exists in every western country.  The more wealth you have the more likely you are to have been vaccinated.  Vaccine passports put more pressure on wealthy people than poor people.  If you chose not to be vaccinated you were prevented from travelling or dining out; things poor people do far less frequently than wealthy people.  The number one reason anyone ever gives me for why they chose to be vaccinated is travel.  They were worried government would not allow them to spend their own money.  This is not of great concern when you don’t have any money to spend.

With this in mind Igor Chudov did a simple and interesting analysis.  He looked at who was having the most babies right now.  Spoiler alert it is not wealthy vaccinated women.

Any couple trying to have a child knows that the health of the mother is paramount.  It is accepted medical fact that the best way to ensure a strong healthy baby is to have a strong healthy mother.  The declining birth rate for wealthy women is a symptom of declining overall health.  How did that happen?  Why do we see declining health in a group that can afford the best of everything?

Of course everyone knows that answer but no one is allowed to say it.