A Hat Tip to Kamil Bachouchi

I have stated many time on this blog that COVID was nothing other than a bad flu.  I say this because in most countries excess deaths were not outside the bounds of normal for cold and flu season.  Below is another such example.

The great COVID plague failed to move Ireland off the established long term mortality trend.  When viewed on a quarterly basis you can see the impact of COVID in Q2 but again the impact did not exceed what should be considered normal.

The only countries that saw deaths outside the range of normal were countries that intentionally infected seniors or used ventilators to kill ICU patients.  In short government was responsible for excess deaths not COVID.

Despite the fact that we did not have an emergency our governments were able to stoke irrational fear in the majority; fear that still has not completely subsided.  Ontario’s chief medical officer has once again recommended masks and 53% of Ontario residents agree.  Even if COVID had been a real threat masks would still be senseless.  Masks have not worked anywhere for one simple reason.  Airborne viruses are too small to be stopped by masks.


In nearly three years the majority of Ontario residents have not learned a damn thing.  At this point we need to admit that most people in Ontario are incapable of learning anything.  I can’t say I am surprised by this but I do have a question.  Which came first the chicken or the egg?  Did we situate our federal government in Ontario because Ontario is full of mindless drones?  Or, did the mindless drones arrive later drawn to government like a moth to flames?

Thankfully even in Ontario there are glimmers of hope.  My hat is off to Kamil Bachouchi and his unique protest against his university’s mask mandate.