The Evolution of Dr. Campbell

Dr. John Campbell regularly posts videos with COVID information.  I have reposted a few of his videos on my blog.  The video below deals with the pandemic control declaration that came out of the latest G20 meeting.  There are two things that strike me about this video.  The first is the clip of the Indonesian health minister discussing his view of how the next pandemic should be handled and the second is the growing cynicism Dr.  Campbell.


Let’s start with the Indonesian health minister.  He thinks the next Pandemic will be no big deal.  Society will not shut down.  People who get vaccinated will be allowed to move around.  That simple statement has incredibly evil implications.  It implies that unvaccinated will not be allowed to move freely.  He was not clear if this meant house arrest or concentration camps.

His statement should also be feared by people willing to be vaccinated.  His scenario cannot unfold unless the vaccine is available immediately.  This means in the next pandemic vaccines will be rolled out without any testing.  Millions of people have been injured because we rolled out a poorly tested vaccine.  How many will die when we do not testing at all?

Essentially the future he envisions is one in which rights are granted only to those who mindlessly comply.  Line up and take an untested treatment or go to prison.  The Indonesian health minister is either incredibly stupid for not understanding the implications of what he is saying, or, he is incredibly evil.  It is not just in Canada where the politicians are stupid and evil, the world seems to be infested with them.

I did not need to watch this video to understand that politicians are both stupid and evil; I live in Trudeau’s Canada after all.  Therefore, what I found really interesting was the transformation of Dr.  Campbell.  Three years ago Dr. Campbell was a reliable (and slightly boring) disseminator of good medical information.  He still remains a reliable source of information but he has grown far less dispassionate.

The conversion of Dr. Campbell started with the vaccine roll outs.  Initially he was a staunch supporter of the vaccines.  He trusted the authorities and the data they published.  He did not notice how incredibly fraudulent the Pharma companies and regulating agencies had been.  But Dr. Campbell is a good scientist and a good scientist always follows the data.  As data on vaccine injuries and vaccine ineffectiveness mounted Dr. Campbell changed his opinion.

Dr.  Campbell continued to follow the data and it took him to very uncomfortable conclusions.  There is simply no benign explanation for what our governments are doing.  The vaccines clearly do not work and are very dangerous.  Instead of reversing course governments are instead charging ahead.  Vaccines will no longer be tested and you will no longer have a choice.

Anyone who honestly follows the data as Dr. Campbell has will wind up in the same place he is.  What is going on has nothing to do with public health.  That is not surprising since, as Dr. Campbell points out, the decisions are made by people who have no experience in health care or science.  What we are witnessing is evil; the data simply does not support any other conclusion.