A master class in how Evil People manipulate the Masses

A friend sent me this audio clip 2 days ago.  Michael Campbell normally discusses financial matters but on March 4th his opening monologue dealt with the COVID Pandemic response.


Michael Campbell is too charitable.  He thinks mistakes were made because we did not know enough.  That is not true.  SARS COV-2 is a new virus but it is still a virus.  We knew enough about airborne viruses to know that none of the mitigation measures would work.  We also knew that after decades of research no one had been able to produce a successful coronavirus vaccine which made odds of creating one in 2 months laughably small.

It is encouraging that people are finally willing to discuss what happened but most are still not willing to admit that this was a criminal conspiracy.  I think that most people can’t believe in a conspiracy because of the sheer size of this fraud.  The plandemic engulfed most of the world and people struggle to believe a conspiracy of that size could exist.  They just don’t realize that a crime this large can be committed by a relatively small number of co-conspirators.  All they need are thousands of unwitting accomplices.


This crime was made possible by harnessing the energy of thousands of people.  Stupid people who did not realize they were being duped or that what they were doing was wrong.  The sheer number of people who cooperated out of ignorance is the reason we still can’t speak honestly about what happened.  None of the people who cooperated want to admit they were fooled.  They would rather attribute it to mistakes being made.

The people who planned this made no mistakes.  The people who cooperated made many mistakes over an extended period of time.  This just adds to their embarrassment.  Not only were they fooled but they were fooled for long after they should have realized something was amiss.  Rational people understood that this was being orchestrated because simple mistakes could not explain why we persisted for so long with things that were obviously not working.  That is why I wrote this nearly 2 years ago.

The world had several data points disproving the lockdown hypothesis last summer.  Any “leader” who continued with lockdowns had to be willfully ignorant.  Incredibly, almost every western nation continued with their lock down policies.  This has gone way past the point of simple stupidity.  There is no way these people can be that stupid.  Trudeau level stupidity is quite rare.  

Whether people want to believe it or not, it is obvious that COVID was a planned event.  At times the conspirators even slip up and admit as much.


Ask yourself these 2 questions.  Why would Moderna spend money to produce a hundred thousand vaccine doses for a virus that had yet to be discovered?  And, how could they know production must be ramped up for this yet undiscovered virus?  Business planning is very easy when you are part of the conspiracy.

Many people are desperate to write off three years of tyranny as unfortunate mistakes.  That might work for now but the discussion of the mistakes will inevitably lead to the conclusion I drew more than 2 years ago.  This could not have been a mistake; not everyone is as stupid as Justin Trudeau.  I think Igor Chudov put it very well yesterday.

I agree with Eugyppius that the people in governments, such as Matt Hancock or Boris Johnson, who implemented useless lockdowns and forced people to take unproven vaccines, are dumb.

I disagree with Eugyppius’s saying that the lock-step implementation of lockdowns in all countries was an accident and a “fruit of shallow low-wattage government functionaries who have a planning horizon extending no more than two weeks.”

Instead, the events of 2020 were planned and implemented in advance by ruthless Covid Globalists, who implemented their plans via corrupt media that they paid off, social media giants suppressing discussions, and hijacked science and pandemic modeling to further their plans. That effectively controlled the dumb people in governments.